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How to Apply Makeup: Ultimate Guide To Fabulous Looks for Any Occasion

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How to apply makeup is essential to boost our self-esteem and confidence. Confidence makes us feel and look beautiful, and beauty gives us confidence. We add to our appearance the look of sophistication and elegance. Many have adopted the importance of wearing makeup, but still, preserve an attractive natural look.

How to apply makeup based on your skin tone? How do you consider wearing makeup if you have a dry or oily skin type? Also, what essential sets of makeup do you find to have? How about if you have acne-prone skin, do you always rely on your favorite concealer to cover up pimple marks and red scars?

The above are just the dilemmas of beauties who seek comfort in wearing makeup for occasions, at work, or just merely for an everyday look. Luckily, tutorials and steps-by-steps learning on how to apply makeup are the resorts of many who want to learn DIY makeup applications.

So in this article, you will find different ways on how to apply makeup. You will also get the chance to have the list of must-have kits and tools that you need to carry with you always. As you read along, there are tips on how to apply makeup for different styles. These tips are less complicated that will make beginners be pros at the end of the article.

What is the ideal makeup to flaunt inner beauty?

There are two types of makeup from which you can choose to achieve real beauty. You can try either organic or mineral makeup, or even have them both. For the record, these two sets of composition have different ingredients.

If you are thinking of the organic makeup, you should know at least a few things about it. From the name organic, it comes from plant-based materials and derived from natural ingredients. Meaning, the preparation of organic makeup does not involve mineral oils, artificial dyes, different types of parabens, and harmful insect repellant.

Further, if you’re opting for mineral makeup, the ingredients on this one come from natural minerals of the earth. Yes, you read it right! The procedures in making mineral makeup involve turning actual minerals into powdered form. Afterwards, it’s formulated solely in a natural process, without using chemicals like synthetic oil, waxes, and preservatives.

Organic or mineral makeup, how does it work?

Organic and mineral makeup have different components; therefore, their effect as beauty products are different. The commonality that they have is that both work beautifully on sensitive skin and provide essential coverage for your flaws. Also, there is organic and mineral makeup that can stay on your skin for about 10 hours maximum.

If you’re still looking for a great deal with organic makeup, then you’re reading it now. Organic makeup is toxic free, which comes with some skin health benefits. It contains vitamins, essential oils, and minerals that’ll perfectly protect your skin over time. You should also watch for the labels of USDA or Ecocert on the beauty products before trying to use it.

On the other hand, mineral makeup cannot promise you the prolonged effect of skin health benefits. But it can offer you promising selections of colors. The most famous range of mineral makeup is the natural hue. The natural mineral makeup brings out the mild sun-kissed filters. Given this, it’s the choice among celebrities worldwide including Hollywood celebrity stars. The effects can be seen in a long-lasting brilliant and clear natural sun color.

One of the false claims about mineral makeup is about its treatment to acne. It is because of the presence of the mineral Zinc in the makeup. This mineral is believed by many to treat acne, but actually, the only effect it can do against acne is to reduce the swelling. Acne and other skin diseases can be cured with the proper skin care products, not by mineral makeup.

SPF is another advantage of some mineral makeup as compared to organic makeup. However, you still need to put on your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen before exposing yourself under the sun. Then just add mineral makeup with SPF for more protection.

Know your skin tone to enhance the natural beauty inside

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