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How to Apply Makeup: Ultimate Guide To Fabulous Looks for Any Occasion

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How to apply makeup is essential to boost our self-esteem and confidence. Confidence makes us feel and look beautiful, and beauty gives us confidence. We add to our appearance the look of sophistication and elegance. Many have adopted the importance of wearing makeup, but still, preserve an attractive natural look.

How to apply makeup based on your skin tone? How do you consider wearing makeup if you have a dry or oily skin type? Also, what essential sets of makeup do you find to have? How about if you have acne-prone skin, do you always rely on your favorite concealer to cover up pimple marks and red scars?

The above are just the dilemmas of beauties who seek comfort in wearing makeup for occasions, at work, or just merely for an everyday look. Luckily, tutorials and steps-by-steps learning on how to apply makeup are the resorts of many who want to learn DIY makeup applications.

So in this article, you will find different ways on how to apply makeup. You will also get the chance to have the list of must-have kits and tools that you need to carry with you always. As you read along, there are tips on how to apply makeup for different styles. These tips are less complicated that will make beginners be pros at the end of the article.

What is the ideal makeup to flaunt inner beauty?

There are two types of makeup from which you can choose to achieve real beauty. You can try either organic or mineral makeup, or even have them both. For the record, these two sets of composition have different ingredients.

If you are thinking of the organic makeup, you should know at least a few things about it. From the name organic, it comes from plant-based materials and derived from natural ingredients. Meaning, the preparation of organic makeup does not involve mineral oils, artificial dyes, different types of parabens, and harmful insect repellant.

Further, if you’re opting for mineral makeup, the ingredients on this one come from natural minerals of the earth. Yes, you read it right! The procedures in making mineral makeup involve turning actual minerals into powdered form. Afterwards, it’s formulated solely in a natural process, without using chemicals like synthetic oil, waxes, and preservatives.

Organic or mineral makeup, how does it work?

Organic and mineral makeup have different components; therefore, their effect as beauty products are different. The commonality that they have is that both work beautifully on sensitive skin and provide essential coverage for your flaws. Also, there is organic and mineral makeup that can stay on your skin for about 10 hours maximum.

If you’re still looking for a great deal with organic makeup, then you’re reading it now. Organic makeup is toxic free, which comes with some skin health benefits. It contains vitamins, essential oils, and minerals that’ll perfectly protect your skin over time. You should also watch for the labels of USDA or Ecocert on the beauty products before trying to use it.

On the other hand, mineral makeup cannot promise you the prolonged effect of skin health benefits. But it can offer you promising selections of colors. The most famous range of mineral makeup is the natural hue. The natural mineral makeup brings out the mild sun-kissed filters. Given this, it’s the choice among celebrities worldwide including Hollywood celebrity stars. The effects can be seen in a long-lasting brilliant and clear natural sun color.

One of the false claims about mineral makeup is about its treatment to acne. It is because of the presence of the mineral Zinc in the makeup. This mineral is believed by many to treat acne, but actually, the only effect it can do against acne is to reduce the swelling. Acne and other skin diseases can be cured with the proper skin care products, not by mineral makeup.

SPF is another advantage of some mineral makeup as compared to organic makeup. However, you still need to put on your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen before exposing yourself under the sun. Then just add mineral makeup with SPF for more protection.

Know your skin tone to enhance the natural beauty inside

How to makeup as a beginner? There are different types of skin tone. Each type has a similar beauty product. So, the first rule is to identify what skin tone you have.

If you want to know your skin tone, figure out the color in the area of your collarbone. It can tell what type of skin tone you possess. With this, you can decide what beauty products will complement your skin.

Another factor is your undertones. In your pulse area at your wrist, the veins in green color imply that you have a warm skin tone. Otherwise, you have a calm tone if your veins appear in blue.

On this instance, below are the skin types and beauty products that can go along with it. You can consider the shade on each skin type to achieve a chic look.

Fair skin tone

If you have a fair skin tone and cool undertones, then the choice of your beauty products should be in the shades of porcelain and milky with a highlight of silver and lavender tones.

Light skin tone

In this skin tone, you should avoid red or orange undertones. The shade should be cream, vanilla, and ivory color with a hint of golden brown to add a little warmth.

Medium skin tone

This skin tone is in the middle of light and dark. So, the color should not come in orange or gray. You can have a shade of sand beige.

Tan skin tone

Makeup should come in yellow or orange to complement this skin tone. You need the shades of bronze or olive for balance.

Deep skin tone

If you have the deep skin tone, you need shades of cocoa, chestnut, or cappuccino. Since you need more warmth in your appearance, you can use a bronze makeup highlighter.

How to apply makeup for different skin tone

Now that you determined your skin tone, you are ready to choose the right makeup. It doesn’t matter if it goes with the trends. The essential thing to remember is how it will blend to your skin tone. The texture and color are also necessary to achieve an elegant look.

Below are the tips on the proper selection of your makeup with different skin tone and color. These are essential guides for beginner beauties as well.

Know your skin tone and color

Skin Tone Tip 1: Before buying your makeup, you have to wear white clothes. White color is an excellent enhancer of your skin tone.

Skin Tone Tip 2: Skin color and skin tone have differences. But when choosing the right foundation, you need a foundation that is one shade lighter to your skin tone. Other beauty products have labels to what skin tone it can be applied.

Skin Tone Tip 3: For your eyes and lips, remember that for warm skin tones, you need to have warmer shades. But with calm skin tone, you need to have pink, purple rose and blue hues. You will not go wrong with any of these shades.

Skin Tone Tip 4: Makeup for oily skin should have powder-based products. With makeup for dry skin, you will need to have crème-based products. For intense allergic reactions, it is essential that you pick beauty products with hypoallergenic properties.

Skin Tone Tip 5: You need to have different brushes for powder, blush, and thick haired. These are essentials to show a perfectly natural look.

How to apply makeup with the essentials tools and beauty products

To complete your look, you can have the following tools and makeup. These tools and makeup are the most common necessities you need to have with you always.

  1. Moisturizer – You can depend on your face moisturizer to prevent breakage and clutter in your skin. You can choose a tinted moisturizer for protection against sunlight.
  2. Tweezers – This tool is essential in your eyebrows. Keeping the tweezers maintain the shape of your eyebrows.
  3. Eyelash curler – Using curler for your eyelashes can make your eyelashes stand out from others.
  4. Mascara – Most popular beauty products can add volume and personality in your eyes. Your eyelashes can look perfectly beautiful if you will only coat single mascara. There is a mascara that gives off the volume with a single application.
  5. Eyeshadow – You can have your neutral eyeshadow just to be perfect for day and night look.
  6. Bronzer – This necessity makeup will give your face a contour. It also provides a warm on your skin.
  7. Blush – A natural shade of blush will give shape and appeal to you. Remember to find the appropriate blush based on your skin tone and color.
  8. Lipstick – With the right shades of lipstick, you can add beauty and life to your face.
  9. Sun protection – Makeup cannot protect our face from the direct heat of the sun.
  10. Setting spray – The setting spray will let your makeup last longer and prevent it from fading, smudging and creasing.
  11. Cleanser – You need this if you are feeling irritated with your makeup. You can wear off your makeup using the cleanser and without taking too much time in doing it.

What you need to know about skin type before applying makeup

How to apply makeup if you have skin types like oily, dry skin, and acne-pro skin. Your skin type is vital to know before applying makeup.

Oily skin

Makeup oily skin: you should opt to used powdered-based makeup to have a matte look. A large fan brush can be used in the application. If you are doing some photo shoots, you can tone down your shiny areas with the use of translucent powder.

Dry skin

Makeup dry skin: facial oils are the best remedy. You can have concentrated oil for dry skin. This formula is less-greasy therefore you can put it in your face before your makeup. When you have troubles on how to apply makeup for dry skin, you need to have a moisturizer regimen. Other than facial oils, you can moisturize before the makeup application. Other stylists use some face primer with moisturizer to cover up dry skin parts in the face. You can also use foundation and concealers that can cover dry skin on your entire face.

In applying beauty products for dry skin, here are the quick tips.

a. Use separate brush applicators in concealers and foundation application.

b. Try to find a brush that has gentle and fine bristles, which will prevent flaking skin.

c. Avoid pressing too hard in the application of concealers and foundation. Soft application in downward strokes can cover your entire face.

d. Use liquid eyeliner if delicate cosmetics are needed around your eyes. Stay away from pencil or powder eyeliner to avoid flakes and wrinkles over time.

e. To keep your face hydrated, do not skip proper makeup removal. The first makeups you need to remove are the mascara and eyeliners. Then you can follow the rest using your facial cleansing with moisturizer routine. Follow through with some face mist.

Other than those tips on how to apply makeup for dry skin, keep in mind that beauty powder-based products should be avoided for dry skin. You should go with cream-based products. However, on any occasion, you can opt to use powder with hydrating properties. The application should be light and with powder brush applicator.

Winter skin exfoliation and rejuvenation

For winter skin hangover, you need to exfoliate your body to get off the buildup of dead skin or the scales and flakes. Try to look for alpha hydroxyl acids properties in your exfoliation beauty products. It has an acid that will exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.

After exfoliation, our body generates collagen that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For winter skin breakage, it will replace your scaled and flaked skins. There you have it for your winter skin breakouts.

Controlling of acne-prone skin

For acne prone skin, you need to have a perfect primer or makeup base. An excellent primer to your face before makeup is the key to have a smooth texture skin for makeup. Here are some of the primers that you can have.

Since acne is caused by the clogging of oils in the pores, you need to have a primer that can absorb these excess oils. A primer with oil-absorbing formula may prevent you to re-touch to cover up oils in your face.

You can try to use an oil-free foundation with salicylic acid as the main ingredient. It can break down oil-filled pores, which promote acne.

Get yourself a powder-based foundation with mineral formula. By using this, you can cover your acne marks and make a breathable covering for your skin as well. It also has salicylic acid to calm your irritated skin.

A primer with salicylic acid and tea tree oil is a right combination compared to your ordinary primer. If you have acne-prone skin, you should go for a primer with this soothing formula.

Aside from salicylic acid, you can have a foundation with beta-hydroxy acids to calm your pores. Foundation with matte-finish can have this formula. It also covers the redness from acne and breakouts due to dry skin.

Makeup beginners guide

Now that you have learned about your skin type and color, with a little knowledge about essential tools, you will need to know the steps of makeup for beginners.

1: Hydrate first

Before putting any beauty products for a full makeup face, you need to have the preparation by hydrating your facial skin. There are no issues whether you have oily or dry skin in terms of moisturizer. You may select moisturizers for oily, dry, or all skin types. You may also use a facial mist.

2: Conceal those blemishes

After you moisturize your face, you can now apply a concealer especially in the parts of your face that needs covering. The application of concealer needs to have a proper brush applicator. For areas under the eyes, you will need to have a pointed concealer brush. For blending, you may use your ring finger gently.

3: Perfect Foundation base

Applying foundation can be précised and fast if you will use the foundation stick as an applicator. Draw thick lines in different areas of your face – down the cheekbones, side of your nose and above your eyebrows. Blend it evenly to have a perfect base.

4: No more blemishes

When applying concealer, you need to use a sponge to make sure that flaws have the same color to your entire coverage. After application, let the concealer dry up for a little longer before you apply your next makeup.

5: Blush it away

If you got your perfect concealer, you would now need to put on your blush. You can use a brush and powder in blush on application. But you can decide on a cream-based or a liquid formula blush. Always smile when you’re applying your blush tint. Start the application from the apples of your cheeks towards your temples. You can use your finger as blush applicator. There are selections of blush based on your skin tone.

6: Defining Eye makeup

After making your cheeks with a natural look blush, you can now add eye makeup. You can have different eye makeup style. If you have stray eyebrow hairs, you can add an eye base to cover those hairs. You can also set the design of your eyeshadow based on the occasions. Make sure that your eyeshadow can stay longer and prevent from falling in your face.

7: Natural Mascara

After deciding with your eyeshadow, better do your eyelashes to make your eyes more expressive. Use your eyeliner in your upper eyelids and create a smudged effect. Then do your eyelashes with a lash curler and apply mascara afterwards. Make two coats of mascara for more eye definition.

8: Shaping up your eyebrows

When you are done with your eyeshadow and eyelashes, make sure you take care of your eyebrows. Brush your eyebrows to fill in the gaps. Keep in mind that eyebrows shape and style can make a big impression with your face.

9. Sweet-looking lips

Last, but not the least is to make sure you have hydrated and moisturized lips. Before putting color in your lips, make sure you applied clean damped cloth and lip balm. After a while, wipe it gently with tissue and use some of your lipstick. You can have lip tint for a more prolonged effect of lip makeup.

10. Make it last longer

Finish it off with a setting spray to let your makeup last longer. These babies would keep your makeup fresh for more than 12 hours. And nowadays, there are even vegan setting sprays out in the market.

From day to night time makeup

It is essential that you need to know how makeup works from daytime styles to nighttime makeup. By learning this technique, you can easily adjust to any occasion in one day using the same composition. Also, you will not get surprised for sudden announcements for evening occasions.

Here are the ways of upgrading your makeup to cap the nighttime occasions.

For eyeliner, upgrade it to bigger brush applicator. You can start tracing the eyeliner from the base point going to the outer area of your eyelids. Also, you can blend the eyeliner for better result.

Perfect eyelashes with mascara can make your eyes stand out many features. So to give more highlight, make an additional stroke in the middle of your lashes.

You can also add some shade and effect to your eyeshadow that will complement the eyeliner and eyelashes. Nigh time makeup needs to be more dramatic.

The chiseled face can be achieved by using makeup. For your cheeks, choose another shade that can give a contour. You can have a darker shade but gives off natural effect.

Capturing the nighttime looks

To get hold of more makeup styles suited for nighttime, here are some of the makeup looks you can try.

You can have a look with orange eyeshadow, which complements the peach shade on her cheeks and lips. The colors must be blended across the eyes that are layered with luminous shades of gold and copper. The cheeks should be sculpted with a peach blush.

Make sure you have perfect eyebrows that come with a precise line of the back, liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelids. Your mascara has been defined that will perfectly fit with the nude lipstick.

With a look that focuses on the eyelashes, it involves the use of false lashes and few coats of mascara for your bottom. The cheeks and lips must be maintained simply for a chic look.

If you want to emphasize your lips, you need some preparation. It should be crafted to look elegant at night. The outline and filling around your lips must be ensured to keep the dark pigments slip out. For instance, a gold shimmery eyeshadow would complement the kind of lips in this look. The eyes will be set with deep brown color with mascara that gives off the volume.

You can have your lips in red to look fuller and lush. Red lipstick can be paired with clean skin and little blush plus a casual hairstyle.

How to apply makeup for a subtle look

After getting your nighttime look, you can use a natural makeup effect that has been a trend for those who prefer to have a subtle look. You can achieve it by simply following the basic rules on how to achieve the natural look.

  1. Make the necessary preparation by using a facial cleanser and give your face some exfoliation to wash out the dead skin.
  2. Choose a moisturizer that can work well with your beauty products. You do not need to consider the color of your moisturizer.
  3. Then, fave a concealer that will match your skin tone. Use the applicator to prevent excess deposit. You can have enough concealer to cover dark circles around your eyes and other blemishes and other flaws.
  4. If you have trouble with your skin type such as oily or dry skin, you can have moisturizers and concealer that will go perfectly with any skin type. Make sure you use a proper brush with soft and gentle bristles.
  5. For your cheeks, you can have a natural blush like fresh pinks. It will go along with the natural makeup you need.
  6. Afterwards, choose a soft brown tint for your eyelids. Make sure that there are no hard edges around your eyes. You can make it a little brighter if you will start to the centers of the lids then in the brow bones to the inner corners of the eyes.
  7. The shades of your lips should complement the color of your eye and cheek makeup. To apply, just press your fingertip in your lipstick, and use it to the center of your lip and blend thoroughly.
  8. Natural eyelashes can be achieved with naturally glossy mascara. It has a transparent color, which only gives volume to your eyelashes. The application of mascara should start from roots to tips.

How to apply makeup: Career Appearance

Your subtle look makeup is the ideal style when you are going to work or attending a job interview. It is imperative that we will always put first our best impression to our employer and co-employees. Loud makeup can make a negative impression especially to those who admire the face value of a person.

Here are the lists of office makeup styles that can enhance your simplicity and elegance at the same time.

Better use creams over a foundation that can cover your face without looking chalky. In other words, by combining cream with pink blush and brown shade color, you can have a flawless natural look.

Also, your eyes makeup will always give an impression to those people who look at you. For office makeup, thick and black eyeliner with glittery shadows is not appropriate. If you are going to wear it, make sure that you have some occasions to attend afterwards. For more formal and casual eye makeup, you can try soft brown or plum cosmetics for your eyelids and crease. I will enhance your eyes.

On the other part, if your lips are one of your best features, red lipsticks are okay in the office. But you can try to wear neutral or matte tones that will match to your office attire. Vivid colors like blue, green and red in the office are too dramatic. It will also give an image of your personality while working.

Further, you can have a lip gloss that will make your lips hydrated always. Lip gloss is best suited if you use shades that are neutral and much better to have colorless. It will not add to layers of color to your lips if you are keeping it hydrated.

The importance of wearing a makeup

So why do we need to learn about the techniques and tools of applying makeup? There are many reasons why people are doing it. Different looks in wearing makeup affect our personality. Sometimes we tend to go for a natural look. Then we sometimes switch for more defined and vibrant makeup styles.

One of the reasons people wear makeup is to enhance their most beautiful features. Also, they want to cover imperfections like blemishes and freckles. But most people use makeup to cover dark circles under the eyes. By doing so, makeup can give us a fresh look all the time. It helps us feel refresh every time we see our self in great and glamorous looks.

Also, wearing makeup gives us confidence every time we are receiving compliments on how we look. It boosts our self-esteem knowing that you did a great job in transforming your beauty into a beautiful appearance.

While doing your makeup, you will feel accomplishing something that significantly affects you directly. It makes you feel relax and contented with excitement to the results on how to apply makeup.

Indeed, doing makeup gives off the feeling to relieve stress. It is a way to put the mood for the rest of the day. So, makeup is essential not only giving us the appearance and covering the flaws, but it also affects our personality in the right way.

How to apply makeup: Beautiful tips

When doing your makeup on your own, you need all the advice you need to learn everything by the book and thru experience. By practicing and applying makeup steps, you can achieve the looks of your dreams and imagination. Of course, you need great patience with that.

Beauty tip #1: Use the point of your brush to get fine lines. Avoid rubbing or brushing to your makeup, instead of pressing the brush in your color palette.

Beauty tip # 2: If you want to go natural all the way, you need to apply moisturizer to have a blend of a perfect finish.

Beauty tip # 3: It is seldom that eyelids can be oily. So, before setting your eyeshadow makeup, put primer beforehand. It will help your eyeshadow makeup lasts.

Beauty tip # 4: Avoid using darker shades under your eyes. Make sure to use color with shades of gold for a more luminous effect. It will cover dark circles under your eyes.

Beauty tip # 5: For your eyebrows, thick lines are not the solution to create full and natural brow. You only need small strokes to fill the gaps.

How to apply makeup: What to consider

Yes, makeup has given us styles and trends that help our personality to grow. And you can learn the makeup how to step by step, but we must always consider what we must do in putting on makeup. So, here are some reminders that we need to follow on how to apply makeup.

  1. You need to start with the liquid foundation then you can have the powder foundation. The effect of powder foundation gives off a velvet look to our face. You can have the final touch with a brush.
  2. When doing your makeup, you should start first with eye makeup down to lip makeup. In this way, it would be easier to clean the residue from the makeup.
  3. For your mascara, you can do this trick to create your lashes longer by making a zigzag motion. You should first do your lower lashes.
  4. Application of lipstick should start from the center of your lips. Then you can blot it with a tissue.

What to avoid

On the other hand, certain things need to watch out in most beauty products. It is essential that we know how to care appropriately for our cosmetics. Here are the things that we need to avoid, for us to have fresh and safe beauty products.

1. Never use expired beauty products. Each product has its respective expiration. The expiration date starts from the moment you first opened your cosmetic products. For instance, your mascara can last about three months. Your foundation, concealer, blusher, and color palettes can be used up to one year. You can enjoy your lipstick and moisturizer for about a year if stored properly. The lipliner and pencil can last up to two years.

2. Avoid direct exposure of your beauty products under sunlight.

3. Avoid sharing brushes and make it a habit to dispose of makeup if its odor has changes or more likely smell like used oil.

4. Avoid keeping your makeup tools unclean. You should make sure that your make up tools are cleaned after each use. Baby soap or hypoallergenic soap can be used for cleaning.

5. Make sure you avoid the following chemicals that may be in your beauty products. According to the Food and Drugs Administration, there are chemicals that you need to keep an eye in our beauty products’ ingredients. Such chemicals are parabens, retinol, and hydroquinone.

6. Never sleep with your makeup. Make it a practice to remove all your makeup before going to bed. The first thing you need to clean is your eyeliner and mascara if any. Then, you can use a facial wash, makeup remover or face toner to have comfortable and comfort. Also, you can even use a face mist.

Our Insights:

You can make a list of how you can improve your appearance. But the most common and most comfortable to learn on your own is for you to do makeup on your own. How to apply makeup for your day-to-day look is essential to learn and know.

Indeed, makeup at work helps define your personality. It gives you confidence with makeup transformation creating a drastic change in your appearance. It enhances your natural beauty.

Also, your best features will be uplift while your flaws can be concealed and covered. Wearing proper makeup for according to your skin tone and skin type, you can achieve the best makeup for you.

Therefore, with patience and practice, a beginner in doing makeup can achieve to set basic style that can display the talents. Skillfully, makeup application affects the behavior of people around you. Proper wearing of makeup with appropriate hairdressing provides an image

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