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Curly Eyelashes – A trendy or just viral eyelash fashion?

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Curly eyelashes are not what we think as the natural curl of our eyelashes. If you can see the picture of it, curly eyelashes are not what you imagined, right? You can simply call it like a “puberty eyelashes.”

Curly eyelashes are the latest lash fashion trend of Sofie Petersen. But does it actually become trendy? Makeup artist Petersen is also known as social media influencer who loves to post bizarre makeup trends. And in her latest Instagram post, she created the curly eyelashes.

When I first saw it on her IG, I cannot believe that she actually did it again. Of all her fashion look on eyelashes, the curly eyelashes are a big no-no for me. So, others may think that it is not a trending look for eyelashes after all.

For some, curly eyelashes are Bizzare makeup but not trending. No one tried the look of Peterson because they found it awfully awkward to have. Though maybe some people tried it and afterwards, decided to keep for themselves what do they look with the curly eyelashes. In other words, no sharing even a word through social media.

What does it truly look like?

Well if you have seen it, it will be forever in your mind. We avoid comparing it, but internet spoke of it – curly eyelashes look like pubic hair.

You can see it on the internet or in a person and will notice that both up and down eyelashes look too much curled and seems like a disaster. Imagine you have thick, dark and fully curled eyelashes from upside down, but thankfully it is not natural.

Yes, these curly eyelashes are just extensions. And thankfully, it is! Can you imagine having these eyelashes on your eyes permanently?

Pushing the limits of eye fashion is okay. But with the curly eyelashes, it went a little too far. We don’t blame makeup artists on doing that, but hey some things are meant to keep out the internet. But since it is a bizarre thing, it went viral. But not a trendy makeup fashion and we’re glad it did not go that far.

Curly eyelashes: Trendy vs Viral

Anyway, what is the difference between trendy vs viral?

If something wild happens or out of ordinary ideas that came to your mind and you start posting it on the internet, for sure it will go viral. For instance, these curly eyelashes went viral after Petersen posted it and labelled as “puberty isn’t over.”  Many gave their witty comments, but others leave dismay remarks on it.

Does it go trendy? No one dares to fashion it outside their comfort zone. The beauty of eyelashes comes in with the natural look, the style and length that complement your eyes shape. So wearing the curly eyelashes, it does not make any sense. It is just like putting some random eyelash extensions and never bothers to check if it looks right.

Well, since it is a bizarre fashion, it will just go viral but not trendy after all.

What are your choices for your lashes?

If you want something trendy, you can check other eyelashes makeup. There are sets of eyelashes makeup that suits every eye shape. You don’t need to wear something unusual to go with the fashion trend.

What important is wearing every makeup fashion comfortably? Ditch out the bizarre eyelashes and other makeup fashion. Instead, stick to natural look eyelashes extensions.

What are curly eyelashes?

Additional eye beauty and capturing everyone’s attention – these are what eyelashes for. Lucky are those who born with curly eyelashes. But don’t lose hope for those who got straight eyelashes.

Nowadays, there are techniques on how to curl your lashes. Just with a little curl to enhance and brighten your eyes, you can create something beautiful naturally. If you are unlucky to have short and thin eyelashes, you can opt for eyelashes extensions.

Eyelash extensions come in many shapes, size and length and wearing them follow the same procedure. If you want to have permanent eyelash extension, you will need to be attended by professionals. But if you wish to just an extension for a day, you can wear fake eyelashes and put it by yourself. Just expect to fall it anytime though.

What about eyelash perm?

We understand if you are not into eyelashes extensions or the fake ones. Women disregard wearing eyelash extensions because of the fear of it falling anytime.

So, they try to undergo eyelash perm. Eyelash Perm is a semi-permanent treatment to curl your natural eyelashes upwards. The process makes your eyelashes look much more extended than straight ones. It will make your eyes look attractive.

How to do it: Eyelash perm is not a DIY. You should go to your favorite eyelash salon to do the perming. The procedure for this one will take about 45 minutes. First, your eyelash perm will be coated with adhesive and wrapped around mini foam rollers or equally diminutive heated clips. While holding your eyelashes in the curled position you desire, a perming solution or cream will be applied to your eyelashes. After that, your eyelashes will be covered with rolled-up lashes in a plastic wrap. After five minutes of waiting, they will apply neutralizer and conditioner to your eyelashes. Then you can enjoy your perm eyelashes for three months.

What can we say about curly eyelashes?

Building up confidence or self-esteem to someone is essential. And many depend on the way they dress and how to fashion their makeup.

For eyelashes, you have your choices if you want the curly eyelashes, the bizarre or the natural. Or you want to try the no messy eyelash perm rather than eyelash extension. Which one is for you?

Of course, you are not considering the bizarre curly eyelashes, so we are setting this straight. If you want low maintenance and more natural-looking eyelashes, then eyelash perm is for you.

Since perming is only for long eyelashes, this won’t help those with short eyelashes. Therefore, you have to go with wearing eyelash extension. It can transform your sparse lashes into more voluminous looking eyelashes.

Indeed, eye makeup, which includes your eyelashes need to be seductive yet natural-looking lashes.

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