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how to apply concealer

How to Apply Concealer: The Art of Facial Concealment

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How to apply concealer for newbies needs full guidance. As well as for those who are still working with shades of concealer, they need quick tips on that. On top of every makeup, concealer is essential to our full-face makeup.

How to apply concealer is necessary for us to learn so we can cover our facial imperfections. Eye bags, blemishes, and pimple marks are common types of these flaws. And what does concealer do? Putting concealer helps to build the confidence and self-esteem of an individual.

We need to know that there are types of concealer for each skin type. Knowing your skin type before applying concealer to your face is helpful to identify what kind of concealer you will need to use.

For instance, if you have dry skin, go for a liquid concealer with a matte finish. If you have enlarged pores, avoid creamy concealer. Then, if you are creating a natural look, get a medium coverage concealer. Make sure that the color of your concealer will match the color of your foundation. You should not choose other shades of concealer that are far from your foundation color.

A Handful of Tricks on How to Apply Concealer

Yes, you are going to know some tricks on how to apply concealer. Since you are familiar with what to do on your skin type, you will need to learn how to apply concealer. Here are the steps to applying concealer.

Step 1. Start with your eyes. Before applying some concealer, make sure you put on your foundation first. Then, you can put concealer to your dark circles under your eyes. Start the application of your concealer from the inner corner of your eyes. Apply your concealer in a patting motion and gently brush it. Afterwards, cover it with powder for the final touch.

Step 2. Next, you can do your nose. This is the part of your face, where makeup wears off easily. So, apply a moisturizer for proper preparation. Then, you can put your concealer. For the final touch, make sure you put powder to keep it longer.

Step 3. After that, look for blemishes and breakouts. After taking care of your eyes and nose, cover any breakouts and stains if you notice. Make sure you put your primer then follow by concealer and foundation. For blemishes and breakouts, it takes some extra steps.

Step 4. Focus on your scars. For some reasons, if you have thick scars, you need to use a creamy but lightweight concealer. It will make the portion of your scars even to your skin. But if you have flat scars, you might want to use a concealer with a matte formula. For the final touch, make sure that you put on powder to keep it longer.

How to Apply Concealer with the Proper Brush

So, if you want your concealer application messy and effective, you need to have these powerful brushes. It will keep you from refraining in applying your concealer.

  1. You can have a fluffy brush. This brush is the perfect tool for buffing and smoothing to conceal dark circles under your eyes. Make sure you sweep lightly to blend the liquid or creamy concealer for a natural finish.
  2. The other brush is the flat head brush. This brush works equally with the concealer. You can use it to pat and blend the concealer in your skin. It can cover large areas of redness and pigmentation.

Choosing the Right Way to Conceal

Holding the proper brush, you need the correct concealer to have a smooth and well-even looking skin texture. So what concealer to use? As you read along, you will learn about the different kinds of concealer and what will you prefer to buy and use. Here are the top listed types of concealer that made for your skin types.

  1. The liquid concealer has less coverage that works well with oily to normal skin. The less coverage means that you only need just a little to apply to your undereye circle and redness. On the other hand, if you are looking for a liquid concealer for acne-prone skin, make sure it has non-comedogenic and oil-free ingredients. For dry skin, liquid concealer will work after applying a moisturizer first.
  2. Balm concealer has more coverage that works from oily to normal skin. This type of concealer comes as color correctors. Color correctors are usually used under your foundation to cure blemishes. You will read more about color correctors as you read along.
  3. The cream concealer has less coverage for normal to dry skin. The texture of this concealer is thicker compared to other concealers. It will work perfectly to cover the dark circle under your eyes. As the surface is denser, it provides hydration to your skin.
  4. Stick concealer has more coverage from average to dry skin. The texture of this concealer is semi-solid, so it is not easy to spread out. You can have this concealer anywhere you go.

Techniques in Color Correcting Concealer

As mentioned earlier, color corrector concealer is a technique used for makeup to cover your blemishes and dark spots in no time. You can have any of the color correctors that will work for each skin tone. Here are the lists of the color correctors:

  1. Green concealer works well with redness and acne. It will provide base before applying foundation.
  2. Orange concealer is best suited if you have a darker skin tone with dark circles under their eyes. This concealer will go wrong with lighter skin.
  3. Pink concealer is the best for lighter skin tones, even if you have dark circles under your eyes. You can find the pink concealer in salmon or peach color; it is a combination of the color red, orange, and yellow.
  4. Yellow concealer is perfect for dark purple bruises and veins. It means that if you have blemishes with a purple tone, you can use this concealer.
  5. Purple concealer can be used for yellow skin tones and can perfectly work if you have a dull complexion.

You can use each concealer, knowing what kind of blemishes and skin tones you have. By following what concealer is best for your skin tone, you will have the complete concealment of dark spots and stains.

Things that Need to Avoid in Applying Color Correcting Concealer

Tired of the mistakes in concealing your blemishes and dark spots? Here are the things you need to prevent in doing color-correcting concealer:

  • Avoid making thick layers because it will show through your foundation.
  • Do not use shades that will not match your skin tone.
  • Do not use color corrector if you have minimal blemishes. You can only use color correctors if your scars are strong in appearance.
  • Do not use a brush to cover your face with concealer. Make sure that you have a makeup sponge for blending in small areas.
  • Do not overuse color corrector only use it to cover every pigmentation and blemishes in your face. You can use a regular concealer that will show off your natural beauty.
  • Try to find the best color and texture to use a color corrector for under eyes.

Let us make easy the application of concealer

So, how to put on and where to apply concealer? There are many techniques to make life easier in doing your concealer. Different skin tones and skin types need different ways of using concealer.

For instance, if you have dry skin, make use of your moisturizer before concealer. Then, dust it with powder, unless you are using a matte concealer which you can skip the powdering part. Make sure that you blend the edges at the end of the line. Don’t forget to use a highlighter under your concealed your eyes.

Moreover, there are things that you need to avoid so that you can achieve the perfect concealing. Make sure that you are using separate concealer for dark circles and pimples. Color correcting for dark circles must need a different concealer. Each concealer has a different formula for dark circle and pimples. Also, keep in mind the correct color for your concealer. The shade of your concealer should match your skin tone. When the application of concealer, it is practical to use your finger to apply the concealer. However, use a concealer brush for blending because this would make your concealer blend evenly to your skin. By doing so, you will get rid of the lines.

Most importantly, always check the expiration of your concealer. No one wants to use an expired concealer. But if you missed out the expiry date, check the color of your concealer. There will be some changes in the color of your makeup, as well as its odor. These are signs of expired cosmetics.

How to Apply Concealer under your Eye

How to apply undereye concealer? In some occasions, you will need to use eye concealer to cover dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes. Not to mention the blemishes and pigmentation sometimes become visible in your facial skin. These are signs of aging.

Therefore, to apply concealer under your eyes, make use of correct concealer brush. Gently tap and dap your concealer in the center by using the flat part of the brush. Then use the bristle tips to blend the edges. Then add some foundation afterwards. If you notice some uneven texture, use a sponge to remove excess concealer or foundation.

Using sponges or beauty blenders will be very handy in blending your concealer and reducing the edge lines. Gently dab the narrowest part of the sponge to the concealer and tap it to the area than rubbing. Rubbing it against your skin may result in irritation.

Tricky Ways on How to Apply Concealer

The skin under your eyes is the most sensitive and delicate part of your face. So, you need to take care of these areas in your eyes as well as your entire face.

One of the most common problems that many addresses is the puffiness of the eyes. Puffiness and the dark circles under your eyes can be a result of allergies or thinning of the skin. To minimize these problems, you can place ice to the area for about 20 minutes. You can also try a cucumber slice. Place a slice of cucumber to your closed eyelids.

If the puffiness and dark circles are gone, you can apply your concealer and have the effect of concealing your flaws. The proper way of putting concealer in the area is color corrector, foundation, then concealer. Remember that you can use your finger for application of concealer. Then you can use your brush and beauty blenders for a smooth texture and perfect concealing.

If you have eye bags, avoid putting concealer in the areas. Otherwise, the concealer will accelerate the puffiness of your eyes. Just put concealer below the eyebags. It will help flatten the area.

Brief reminder:

Beauty products have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. Make sure that you will consider natural and organic makeup. You can also have those beauty products that contain hypoallergenic compounds if you insist on using makeup. However, the most important that you need to do is to consult first your dermatologist for some medical advice. No one wants to sacrifice your health just to look more glamorous.

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