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Glamorous Makeup Tips and Tricks – Top 10 Easiest Ways for your Look!

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Glamorous makeup tips and tricks are not only for teenagers. These tips and tricks are for all women who struggle to look more fabulous with their makeup. You can find countless ways of getting prep and beautiful with your makeup, but what we have here are simple tips and tricks.

Glamorous makeup tips and tricks must be tried by women and learning how to do it is the key. How can this be done? Well, read on to discover simple ways on how to achieve an exciting look that you are dreaming about.

Top 10 Glamorous Makeup Tips and Tricks

When you practice these simple glamorous makeup tips and tricks and make as your habit, it will surely give you the look of a celebrity.

Trick no. 1: Soften your Pencil Liner

A pencil liner can easily be used when you melt it before gliding. Remember that creamy makeup product is more natural to use and apply. How can this be done? Hold the tip of the liner under the flame. Make sure that only the tip should touch the flame. Let it cool a bit then apply it softly. Look for the consistency around your eyes with your soften pencil liner to follow the glamorous makeup tips and tricks.

Trick no. 2: White liner emphasizes eye shadow.

Are you looking to emphasize your eyeshadow? It merely uses white eyeliner or bright shade of liner. It will make your eyeshadow appear more vibrant, especially on your eyelid. How can you achieve this? Blend the white liner over your entire eyelid then put eyeshadow right on top. It will make an opaque coverage that will intensify your eyeshadow and make it pop.

Trick no. 3: Do the cat-eye before anything else!

It is one of the crucial glamorous makeup tips and tricks – making the cat-eye first. If you are making eye makeup, you need to set the look first. For instance, when you want the winged eyeliner, make the cat-eye before doing so. Then decide the thickness you want for the wing and trace the top line from the end-point of your flick to your upper lash line. If you are done with the shape, mapped out on both sides to look symmetrical. Make sure you fill the open space.

Trick no. 4: Use the magic spoon!

But if you want the perfect winged liner, you can use the spoon as the stencil. Hold the stem of the spoon against the outer corner of your eye then use a liquid liner to draw a straight line. Then flip the spoon, making it like hugging your eyelid. Make sure that the round outer edge will create a perfect curved winged liner.

Trick no. 5: Use a hashtag for the perfect smoky eye.

Are you looking for the perfect smoky eye makeup? To make it one of the glamorous makeup, the tip you need to do is use a creamy eyeliner to draw a slanted hashtag symbol on the outer third of your eyelid. Then blend it using a smudge brush or sponge. In this way, you will make your eyes symmetrical, but at the same time, you will prevent your makeup from getting a little crazy with the eyeliner.

Trick no 6: How to get the perfect mascara makeup?

Mascara makeup is one of the necessities in eye makeup and takes note that this is the last of the eye makeup you will apply. So if you are going to do this, you will need to use a spoon in a position of hugging your eyelid. It will keep off your mascara to touch your eyeshadow. Is it wonderful?

But if you want to make your mascara last longer than its expiration, you can use a saline solution. This solution can make the flaky to be more consistent. Make sure to add only a couple drops to your mascara solution.

Trick no. 7: Getting the voluminous eyelashes.

Are you looking for the easiest way to curl your eyelashes? Well, you can use a hairdryer. How will you do it? Hold your curler and heat it with your hairdryer, next cool it slightly then clamp down on your eyelashes to curl them. It will give you the voluminous eyelashes.

To add up for the glamorous makeup tips and tricks, you can plump some translucent powder. It will make your mascara to have some grip in between coats.

Trick no. 8: Make your lip color last longer.

If you want to get a lasting lip color, you can use the tissue and powder. Lay a cloth or fabric over your mouth and put a translucent powder over the top to set the tone from bulging and bleeding. This trick can consume some of your time, but this is worth it. It can make the color of your lips last longer.

For other glamorous makeup tips and tricks, you can mix your lip color with petroleum jelly to have another shade of color. Of course, it will not change by just using petroleum jelly. But it will give your lip color glossy.

Then you can define your cupid bow by creating an X that lines up with your natural lip line. Then you can fill the bottom three sections of the X to complete the perfect lip.

Trick no. 9: Perfect concealment under your eyes

In every makeup, you will need a concealer. It will cover the dark circles under your eye. To achieve it correctly, make a triangular shape under your lash line and tip toward the apple of your cheek. Aside from covering, you can create an illusion to brighten under your eyes.

Trick no. 10:  Use your brush handle for a contour guide.

How about contouring? Remember that contouring depends on your face shape. To find the perfect contour, you can use the handle of your brush to apply the contour powder. Finding the right angle is one of the challenges, so know the correct placement. Then you can finish with your bronzer.

Our Makeup Techniques

The glamorous makeup tips and tricks can make a big difference with your look. Learning and applying it with your daily makeup can spare you some time to do more tasks in your schedule. What we have here are the basics, but this is fundamental for you to save time while doing makeup, which is a necessity, especially for women.

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