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How to Apply Blush: Brush to Enhance Natural and Vibrant Colors

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How to apply blush properly is one of the essential face makeup skills that we need know to look younger. Blush brings confidence and color to our life as it will make the dull complexion look vibrant. At the end of this article, you will get the full package on how to apply perfect blush!

How to apply blush skill in the right way can make your look different. Without blush, your makeup will be missing one part. But putting on blush makeup should complete every composition you have, from the eye to lip makeup. Your blush should look natural and less complicated.

Making a blushing face may look simple, but when you are doing it by yourself, it has many complications. For instance, you need to prepare what type of blush you are going to use. You need to think of the best shades and color of blush that will complement your skin type and skin tone. Those are the only things that you need to consider before doing blush makeup.

How to apply blush that fits your skin type

How to apply blush that fits your skin type

Let us touch first the kind of blush that you are going to use. Your skin type is one of the factors that you have to settle before choosing the right blush for you. Below is the list of blushers that you need, as long as it is best suited to your skin type.

Powder blush

Powder blush can work well with normal to oily skin. As the most common blusher in the market, it has the versatility of usage. From peach to very pink are the natural shades of powder blush. Also, you can use it on any occasion.

Cheek stain/ Tint Blush

For lasting effect, you can have the cheek stain. Just a drop from the bottle can give you vibrant cheek. Rub it quickly before it settles permanently in your fingertips. Plus, it can be used for all skin types.

Cream blush

Oily skin will not complement with cream blush. With its heavy pigments, it will only give your cheeks too much oil. But for healthy skin, you can have a subtle shine effect afterwards. You can use your fingertips or a sponge-like applicator.

Cushion Blush

For a dewy look, you can have the cushion blush. It has a mousse texture, but you can spread it quickly. You can have a subtle and lively cheek.

Mineral Blush

You can be mistaken when you use the mineral blush as a powder blush. But the looks may be deceiving because mineral blush is highly pigmented. You need to use a kabuki brush to settle the blush to your cheeks fully. In another way, you can create your cream blush by applying a drop of aloe vera gel to your mineral blush.

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