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How to apply highlighter: Light Up Your Best Facial Features

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How to apply highlighter is one of the essentials in face makeup. Highlighter application gives you a glow, not a bronzer, to emphasize parts of your face. As you read along, you will learn the full package of what you need to know about highlighter.

How to apply highlighter can bring out your facial features. Parts of our face that you can highlight are the arch of your brow, inner corner of the eyes, bridge of the nose, above your lips or the Cupid’s bow and the tip of your apple cheeks. You can have your highlighter in these parts of your face.

At this point, you are wondering how you can achieve the perfect highlighting after makeup. There are chances that your first try will not succeed. Alternatively, perhaps, what you have imagined will not be the outcome. Nevertheless, that is not an excuse to try it.

Most beauty experts have many trial and errors when it comes to makeup. You have to learn the techniques and essential details about highlighter.

What is highlighter?

What is highlighter in makeup? Highlighter is not an illuminator. If you can see the shimmery effect of these two, they still have differences.

For instance, the coverage of your highlighter focuses only in certain areas of your face. The areas should have direct exposure from the sun. You can make intense glow to your skin with a bone structure like under your brow bone and tip of your cheekbones. While illuminators can give full coverage of brightness to your face, meaning, you can let your entire face glow by using illuminators.

When it comes to highlighter, the colors that it offers are usually lighter in the shade. Keep in mind that highlighter makes certain parts of your face to be recognized. Therefore, you should choose lighter shades than your foundation or overall face makeup. You can have gold or other with gleam shade. On the other hand, illuminators can combine with your foundation or primers. Make sure you want the full coverage of glow in your face if you are going to mix it.

Highlighter is more intense than illuminators. It is a fact that you want to remember when giving your face a highlight. Make sure that you apply enough amounts of highlighter. An extra shine in your face can hurt anyone’s eyes. When using illuminators, you are making a natural glow to your skin. The combination of illuminators with your foundation and prime can create this effect in no time.

How to apply facial highlighter with your skin tone

So, how to apply highlighter to face? Like other cosmetics, your skin tone should complement with your makeup and highlighter. For highlighters, it is essential that you have the right shade for each skin tone. The following can be your guide to achieve the perfect highlight to your skin tone.

Fair to Light Skin Tone

You can have silver or lilac toned highlighter. As this tone tends to have a dull complexion, you will need highlights that accentuate certain parts with a natural glow.

Light to Medium Skin Tone

For your medium skin tone, peach or rose gold tones can work well with it. Those shades can make your skin glow with its warm color.

Medium to Olive Skin

Make sure you avoid silver or too cool tones if you have medium to olive skin. You can have more warm shades like pink or champagnes. So, these colors can make good highlighters with your olive skin tone.

Olive to Dark Skin

For dark skin tone, make sure you still have your warm highlighters. Like bronzer, warm shades can make your dull skin look glowing. It complements well with your skin tone.

How to use highlighter makeup in different forms?

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