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What is Toner? Simple Tips to Obtain Beautiful Skin!

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What is toner, and how can your skin benefit from it? It is essential to our facial skin if we know when to use a toner at the right time. The proper way of using it can bring an impact to our face.

What is toner, many are asking their dermatologists about the effects of using it? Previously, it has a negative connotation among the cosmetic products in the market. It was believed that it contains harmful ingredients, including alcohol, that makes our skin dry.

However, nowadays, facial toner is used to remove the dead skin cells in our face. It also promotes hydration because of the advanced ingredients it contains. You can see the difference in your skin. And you will notice your skin will have that glow and lasting radiant complexion.

Compared to previous formulations, toner for the face has been improved to match the various skin type. Using the wrong formula, it can result to damage our skin complexion. So, we are giving you a full house about the toner. You can have everything you need to know about it as you read along.

What does toner do for different skin types?

First, make sure you know your skin type. Toners can make a total difference if applied to the correct skin type. If you have oily, dry, and sensitive skin, you will need different types of face toners.

There are ingredients that you might need to look for a toner. For hydration, you can search for rosewater, and vitamin E. Soothing effect can be produced by chamomile. If you have oily skin, you can use a toner with tea tree oil. You can use a toner with aloe vera to calm inflammation and redness of your skin. Then there’s witch hazel, which is more of an astringent type toner, suitable for skin with acne and irritations.

Toner Active Ingredients for Different Skin Types

Are you still looking for the best toner suitable for your facial skin? There are various toners in the market right now with specific properties such as soothing, tightening and balancing of oil production in our face.

You can say that the perfect toner is only useful to your skin if you know the active ingredients are suited for your facial skin. You can also observe the appearance of your facial skin over time. There is no toner makeup.

Here are examples of toners that will make better of your skin type:

  • Toner with Salicylic Acid for Acne-Prone skin

With salicylic acid, as an active ingredient, your toner can reduce the excess oil produced by your skin. Through gentle exfoliation, this toner removes the dead skin and increase the collagen production in your face.

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