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How to apply lipstick for that Luscious Lips

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How to apply lipstick is essential to be learned by beauties who want to enhance their natural good looks. Lipstick is one of the main features in your face that needs transformation for more confidence and self-esteemed.

How to apply lipstick for that Luscious LipsHow to apply lipstick is something that you need to learn. It adds some color to your lips. Wearing the right color gives you a more vibrant and fresh look. In some occasion, applying lipstick can only give you a look you need for the day. However, if you have chosen the wrong color, you will not achieve the perfect lip for your looks.

Your lipstick color for your skin tone

To choose the right lipstick just for you, it is a must to know your exact skin tone. Like other cosmetics, skin tone plays a big part in choosing the right shade and color. As you will read along, you will learn about your skin tone and how to put on lipstick color that complements.

Your lipstick color for your skin tone

For fair or light skin tone, you may choose from light pink, coral, peach, nude, and dusty red colors. These colors can work well with this type of complexion.

You may have the rose, berry, cherry red and mauve color for your lipstick if you have a medium skin tone. For tan skin tone, you can wear lipstick in coral, deep pink, and bright red. But skip the colors brown and purple if you have a tan skin tone. You can choose these colors if you have a deeper skin tone.

Set the perfect shape of your lipsSet the perfect shape of your lips

Other than your skin tone, you will need to consider the shape of your lips. There are different shapes of your lips. Each form needs proper shading.

For instance, top-heavy lips should carry the bright shade lipstick to your bottom lip. Then your upper lip can have a little darker shade of the same color in your bottom lip.

Bottom heavy lips can have any color with a light nude color in the center upper lip. Then if you have asymmetrical lips, you will need a lip liner similar to your lipstick shade. Lip liner will give an outline to your lips.

Size of your lips

Our lips have different sizes, thin and plump lips. Therefore, your lipstick varies from these sizes. For thin lips, avoid dark color. Instead, use lip gloss and lipstick with light colors. On the hand, plump lips can have little dark shades of lipstick.

Lip and Blush makeup is the perfect deal

Your blusher and lipstick should be in perfect harmony. If you are wearing those two, you should complement the color of each other. Not necessarily the same color of blush and lipstick, but you can have different shades in the same color.

Here is the list of blushes and lipstick colour that can work well together. Your candy pink blush can be paired with fresh pink lipstick. But your cheeks and lips can both have pink colors.

Rose blush and red lipstick can have a romantic look. You can play to have stained blush and matte lip, as long as it will work balance in your face makeup.

You can have sangria blush and deep wine lipstick. But this look is not well appreciated by many. So, you can try this at home and on some occasion which can welcome this kind of look.

If you want to maintain a natural but classy look, you can count on peach blush and neutral lipstick.

How to apply lipstick: The preparation

Since you are engaged in the world of lipstick, you will need to learn how to apply lipstick. Before applying your lipstick, you will need to do some preparation for your lips.

Your lips need exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and make it smooth for your lipstick. Exfoliation includes brushing of your lips with a soft toothbrush. You can use a cotton-made damp towel to rub off your lips for a few seconds. You can have essential oils and honey solutions for lip exfoliation.

Then you need to apply a moisturizer like lip balm that can soothe your lips after exfoliation.

How to use lip liner?

So, how to apply lip liner? Make sure you have your lip liner with you before applying your lipstick. Lip liner is one of the essentials products for your lip makeup as it prevents your lipstick from bleeding. Bold color lipstick will need a darker lip liner. You can have a neutral lip liner by choosing the same shades with your lips.

Lip liner can change the appearance of your lips. It can make your lips bigger, smaller, and broader. You can apply your lip liner by starting to outline your lips then you can add your lipstick.

Making your lip primer

After doing your lip liner, you can prepare your lip primer. Lip primer is the foundation of your lips so your lipstick can stay longer.

How to apply lipstick: the real deal

This is the basic lipstick tutorial. Your lipstick color should be that matches your complexion. We have mentioned earlier the skin tone and the perfect shade of the lipstick. Also, you need to know the texture of your lipstick before applying.

When applying your lipstick, start from the center of your lips and the lipstick outward. Make sure you fill the gaps and brush your lipstick for more precision. You can second coat your lipstick for more intense appearance. Then dust some translucent setting powder in your lips to make a lasting effect of your lipstick.

For the finale of your lip makeup, you can add lip gloss and some shimmer in your lips. You can also clear the outer edges of your lips with some concealer. Your concealer will keep off your lipstick from smearing beyond your lips outline.

Lip brush for precise application

When you need to apply your lipstick with precision, then you should use a lip brush. A lip makeup brush is also best when you want to blend your lip liner and lipstick evenly, or you need to apply lip gloss to add some shine to your lips. Be sure to clean your lip brush with warm water and soap, immediately after use to avoid flaking.

Try the new lip blushing!Try the new lip blushing!

If you are tired of repeating your lip makeup, you can have the lip blushing. Lip blushing is a treatment that enhances the natural color of your lips. This process involves tattooing your desired color to your lips.

According to cosmetic doctors, our lip color fades over time. So, you can have alternatives like lip blushing. Unlike traditional tattooing, lip blushing procedures only use organic pigments and modern tools that will not compromise your natural lip color. This procedure is only enhancement; therefore, it can only last for two years maximum.

Quick Tips to lessen Lipstick from Bleeding

Achieving the perfect lip makeup is a little tricky because of the bleedings. Sometimes it can cover with concealer, but later on, it needs to avoid for cleaner and less messy lip makeup.

  1. Make use of a moisturizer to keep your lips hydrated. Use lip balm for easy absorption of your lipstick.
  2. Lip makeup has lip highlighter. You can use a neutral highlighting pencil to line the outer rim of your lips. It will give some defined shape.
  3. Identify where your lipstick has more blotting. Most of the time, it happened to your teeth. So, after applying your lipstick, get a tissue, put between your lips, and press your lips softly together. The tissue will get excess lipstick.

Brief reminder:

Our lips are one of the sensitive skin on our face. Then, when we use lipstick, we need to check the labels first. There are beauty products with compounds that may harm your lips. You can select lipstick with natural and organic contents. More so, learn about lipstick with hypoallergenic compounds. You can never go wrong with hypoallergenic lipstick, especially when you have sensitive skin. Indeed, how to apply lipstick is a necessity, so it will be wise if you will consult first with your dermatologist for some medical advice. Keep your skin health first before looking more glamorous.

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