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How to Contour: Creating the Perfectly Curved and Edged Face

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How to contour is the most loved makeup technique of many who always stood in front of the cameras. Contouring is the creation of lines in the face, which gives curves and edges. At the end of this article, you will become a pro makeup artist from a beginner contour artist!

How to contour is different in doing the highlighting. Although you can do both while applying full-face makeup, you will gain knowledge and learn how to contour as you read along. But let us learn to differentiate the contour and highlight makeup style.

We all know that contour is for curves and edges. But highlight makeup comes with a lighter shade that gives more power to the part of your face where light can reflect. Also, for contouring, keep in mind that you need to apply an opaque matte powder, liquid concealer, or cream foundation. On the other hand, for highlighting, make sure your highlighter complements your skin tone for perfect natural blends.

Right color in contouring

Indeed, knowing your skin tone is essential in contouring and highlighting. You can identify your skin tone by looking at your collarbone. Skin in your collarbone area shows your actual skin tone.

There are shades of color that complement each skin tone. Here are your swatches for different skin color.

a. For a fair skin tone, make sure that you skip shades of orange zest.

b. For medium skin tone, it can blend well with shades of bronze color.

c. For dark skin tone, you can go with more intense deep shades of any color.

If you have noticed, the shades of color in contouring are darker in one to two shades. But in doing highlights, it is always lighter than your foundation. Keep in mind that contouring and highlights are different from each other.

However, if you have doubted what shades to choose, you can always have gray tones in contour. Gray contours give you a subtle look with a dimension in your cheekbones, nose, hairline, temples, and jawline. These are the part of your body that needs most of the contouring.

Perfect tools for contouring

You also need to have the tools for that ideal contouring since you are a beginner. So, the first thing you need to have is the set of brushes for your contouring.

Angled brush or the Contour brush is one of the must need brushes for contouring. Of course, you need other quality brushes that can blend well during contouring. There are brushes specialized in the application of powder makeup. The bristles of these brushes have cuticles for comfort and precise application. You can have a kabuki brush, which is suitable for applying bronzers and powders.

Other than brushes, you also need the best-advanced contouring palettes that you can use. Here are the lists of contour makeup that you can use in any occasion.

Duo Contouring Stick

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