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Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients are Safe to Use

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Skin care products that can harm other parts of your body should not be used in your face. There are many cases that skincare products are the leading cause of why there are skin disorders among women. Some of the skin disorders became viral because no attention was given. So what should we do?

Skin care products with natural ingredients and made for sensitive skin should be on top of other cosmetic products. There are many ways to prevent skin disorders. As long as you know your skin type and if you have sensitive skin, choosing the right skin products can help you to avoid any skin related problem.

So here are the products that are safe to use during daytime and night time.


Sometimes moisturizers give me heavy feeling, and that is one of the reasons why I use the cream as skincare products. I use a lotion that has moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, rosehip and macadamia oil. You can also use other lotions with same ingredients to easily absorb by your skin. And this kind of cream has no sticky feeling.

Tanning Drops

Tanning products are something to be watched out for when you want to have the look of a tan. When I decided to have tinted hues to my face without doing it carelessly, I looked for some tanning drops that easy to apply. Also, I used fresh-smelling, tanning skincare products. More so, I use tanning drops together with my lotion. By doing this, I can have the natural-looking glow.

Acne Cream

Fighting off acne is one of the problems that teenagers have. Products for acne become popular, especially the one formulated with pore-clearing and bump-smoothing acids. Some of the acne creams can also address fine lines, reduce puffiness and can hydrate your skin.


It is the popular skincare products that every woman has. And I own one of this. I look for a moisturizer that won’t break out and give intense moisture to my skin. Intense moisturizer is what I use during the summer season or when the temperature is humid. But I have another option of moisturizer during winter or when the temperature is cold. Also, to be safe, I choose a moisturizer for all skin types.

Vitamin C Serum

Why vitamin C? Many have forgotten that one way to fight skin-damaging free radicals is having an adequate amount of vitamin C in our body. And when I heard about the vitamin C serum, I checked it out, and surprisingly found it has a promising effect. When my first try of this skin care product, it gave me brighter, smoother and hydrated skin. From then on, I always make sure that I have this in my skincare products corner.

Night Cream

The night cream has been the favorite of everyone. There are lots of choices of skincare products, but night cream is one of the essentials. I use night creams, and it has been part of my before bedtime skincare. It is my favorite bedtime skincare products because it gives me firm skin, tightens fine lines and calm redness.

Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliation is used for cleansing the skin. But I seldom use exfoliator without natural ingredients. I use exfoliation cleanser to gently dissolved dead skin cells and clearing pores. The exfoliator I use has a mix of water-soluble oils which work together for breakouts.

Anti-aging Cream

Most women are conscious of their eyes, especially when they see fine lines around their eyes. Anti-aging cream has hydration properties that work with fine lines in our face. I tried some anti-aging cream and what works best for me are those with vitamins A and E. So, I advice using skincare products with vitamins A and E.

Face Wash

One of the most crucial skincare products is face wash, which I could not disagree more. I use a face wash with a pH-balanced gel formula that touts five super-hydrating skin conditioners. The cleaning agents of this face wash are the same as those found in contact lens solution. So irritation with your eyes is not an issue here.

Skin and Line Smoothing Treatment

No more questions asked here. The skin and line smoothing treatment should keep your skin look youthful and eliminate fine lines and dark spots. This treatment can also deal with your acne scars.

For my skin and line smoothing treatment, I use those with lactic acid that can exfoliate my skin and clear clogged pores. Of course, I choose the treatment that can work well with any skin types.

Oil-based Skin Care Products

Most skin care products contain oil which is kind to our skin. For instance, you can use skincare products with argan oil. It is my favorite because it balances the sebum levels in our kin. It’s lightweight and won’t feel greasy on your face. Other than that, it works well with vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids. It also helps repair and protects your skin barrier from damage.

Aside from argan oil, camellia and rice bran oils can be used for makeup wipes. These oils can dissolve waterproof mascara and long-wear foundation in no time. So, this is my best choice to remove waterproof makeup.

Not only for facial skin can oil-based skincare products be used. You can also apply for taking a bath. Using some essential and natural oil for taking a shower can give your skin a boost to moisture.

Micellar Water

Micellar water manages to calm even the most irritated skin, without drying it out. What I love about this is the mild formula.


Alcohol-free toner is the skincare products that you can use safely, meaning it will not harm your skin. What I used as toner is with high-quality ingredients like aloe vera, ginseng and botanical extract. It leaves my skin extra glow.

Another toner of my choice is toner that traps and blocks free radicals from damaging the skin.  Aside from that, toner should leave hydration to your skin.

Healing and Oil Mask

Masks became trendy. But why do we need masks? For me, I prefer to use a mask to prevent breakouts and blackheads. It also leaves my skin to look matte and smooth. Using a mask is my favorite to control the overproduction of oil in my face.

And also, after days of exposure to free radical damages outside, I use healing mask to brighten and soften skin.

Our Advice

Skincare products are safe to use if you know the ingredients that you can find in them. For instance, the following skincare products that we provided have some formulations that for sure, it will be safe to use.

Some products can harm your skin. But what we have here are the skincare products which can give you ultimate results.

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