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Best Ways to have the Perfect Natural Makeup Look

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The natural makeup look is everyone’s dream of wearing for an everyday look. Most women prefer this look because it has a subtle look, but real and natural beauty is enhanced. So you will not worry if your outfit matches your makeup or not.

The natural makeup lookNatural makeup look reflects the real beauty and enhances the best feature of your face. On many occasions, wearing a natural makeup look is also the key to be the real you. Yes, wearing makeup to cover your flaws in your face can add confidence, but the feeling of wearing natural makeup is another level of confidence.

Why it is another level of confidence for women if you wear natural makeup look? Well, traditionally, makeup look with different styles are trendy. However, coming out of your comfort zone, wearing only natural makeup, it will need 100% of confidence.

Imagine some celebrities who chose to wear light makeup and coming out into the spotlight with a natural look? It takes a lot of confidence and embracing your flaws.

Making the best natural makeup look will need some tricks and makeup products to give you that subtle yet head-turner look.

Moisturize your skin in the right way!

The good moisturizer comes with reliable sun protection. So if you are going to use a moisturizer, choose the one with a sheer effect. Also, there are some foundations with a moisturizer that you can use to protect and make an even complexion to your skin. Just a little touch of foundation to warm up your appearance, so you do not need to have it covers too much foundation.

Try to conceal naturally.

Concealer is every woman’s top choice when it comes to makeup products. But to conceal, you will need to have the right amount of concealer so it will not make a finish effect of uneven skin tone and texture. Make sure that for blemishes, you need only to dab, blend, and build up the coverage in thin layers. And for dark circles, you will need to swipe the concealer under your eyes using a wand brush. Then don’t forget to pat with a finger to blend.

Use powder to control excessive oil.

Excessive oil in our facial skin is annoying. If you have excessive oil in your skin, you need to skip the moisturizer. That is the rule to get the best natural makeup look. You need to use concealer and powder to control excessive oil on your skin.

Get a warmer cheek color for a natural makeup look.

The natural makeup look does not have to be pale skin. You can still use warm shades of makeup. We suggest peach or pink colors add a natural and subtle cheek color. Wearing this color will define a natural makeup look.

Complement your Eyes and Lips

To highlight the natural makeup look, you will need to have your eyes and lips to be in lighter shades of makeup.

For instance, your eyelids should be in natural shades. You can choose brown tint in lighter shades to come up as natural. But the shades should be a little darker to your skin tone. Make sure there are no edges in your eyelids, so you have to brush into the creases and along the lower lashes.

Your eyelashes, on the other hand, can define a little bit for a natural makeup look. To enhance it, you will need mascara with darker to your skin tone and the application is from roots to bottom lashes. Avoid coating the entire lashes, so no spidery effect.

For your lips to make it a natural look, you will need to have a shade that matches your eyelids and eyelashes. Grab a tint that goes with the color of your lips. Yes, you do not need to apply shades of lip tint that lighter or darker with your lips. The color of your lips is the most noticeable makeup you will wear.

Few Things to Prep for your Natural Makeup Look

Tip 1: Before starting your natural makeup look, get your facial skin prepared.

Make sure that you have a well-hydrated skin and no excessive oil. You have to use a facemask to ensure that you have a hydrated face with no excessive oil. After applying facemask, see to it that your facial skin is ready for your makeup.

Tip 2: To get your dream skin base for makeup, you have to use a primer.

The primer will surely give you the smooth base you dreamed of. Choose a good quality primer that will make your skin pores no build-up. For instance, you can try wearing an illuminating primer that has light from within glow effect. It will make you feel hydrated.

Tip 3: A natural makeup look needs to be in full coverage.

You can have moisturizers and creams which will give your skin some extra hydration. But the good in these makeup products, you can still show more freckles, redness and imperfections to shine. Just make sure you have a buffing foundation brush to cover more areas. You can use a sponge for a more dewy effect.

Tip 4: Do not get annoyed if your face has a dewy effect.

Dewy skin has a natural effect but still glows. For a natural look, skip using a shimmery highlighter but opt for a cream with a clear base. It will give you a natural dew look to your skin. Also, if you blend it right to your skin, you will have an even smooth texture.

Tip 5: Your brows have to be in a place like your eyelashes.

Do not forget this because eyebrows define the shape of your eyes. To have the perfect eyebrow, use the gel with fibers and brush them up in the right place. Make sure the finish will look natural.

Our Insights

Indeed, a natural makeup look is the favorite of most women, especially those who work at day but still want to have that perfect makeup look. If you have noticed, the shades use to have the best natural look are lighter to your skin or a little darker to your skin. In this makeup look, using bright or dull colors are not advisable to use if you are going to get the natural styles.

On the contrary of other makeup styles, the natural makeup look will reveal the beauty in simple ways without using too many hues.

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