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Types of Styles: Wear your Own Impressive Fashion Statement

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Types of styles when it comes to fashion, are a big deal to us. Many of us always look for the right fashion statement and the details of what is trending and what looks good on us. But for others, the types of fashion styles are brought about by traditions. It is also another way for many to express their personality and emotion.

Types of styles evolved in a way that we can now actually appreciate it. We have adapted to each method that becomes a trend in every given time. As long as we can see the beauty in it, most of us will go with the direction of fashion. But what are the categories of style?

The categories of fashion are Ready-To-Wear or Prêt-à-Porter, and Haute Couture or Made-To-Measure. Ready-to-wear and Prêt-à-Porter have the same meaning. These are clothing lines that you see in stores; you can wear them immediately after purchasing. As long as it fits your body size, you can buy it right away.

On the other hand, haute couture, also known as made-to-measure, is a French word for ‘high sewing’ or ‘high dressmaking.’ Opposite of ready-to-wear, haute couture is made to order clothing style. It needs more time before getting your choice of styles. For some, they prefer to wear a fashion style in the haute couture.

Types of  Styles: 1920

So, let us go back with our types of styles during the 1920s. There are many fashion changes from the 1920s until our present time. We can see how people have changed their style of dressing. The most common fashion statement at that time is cloche and flapper. That was the beginning of the variations in fashion. The cloche hat is a snug fit hat that is worn tilted, covering almost your forehead. There is only a small room for your eyesight. Also, the covering of cloche hats includes your ears. Flapper style is a straight cut dress. It has a loose style and is just calf length.

Men’s wear during the 1920s included cuffed trousers. Casual shoes in this era had a two-toned color, either a combination of white and black or white and tan.

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