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Nike Kitten Heels – Going Crazy and Trendy Fashion

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Nike kitten heels have become one of the trendy footwear nowadays. But how it is accepted by society is still debatable. Some say it is bizarre, while others find it amusing. But what does it means when you wear the Nike kitten heels or other brands with the same styles?

Nike kitten heels are shoe fashion with a look like a sneaker-heel hybrid made by the designer Ancuta Sarca. But of all the fashion statement she could come up, why chose to create the Nike kitten heels?

Ancuta Sarca is a Romanian artist, and she always finds things to be re-used rather than dispose of. Given this, it is one main reason why Nike kitten heels have been made. It is because of the pile of discarded shoes in the back of her wardrobes. The shoes she never wore again are trainers. Seeing that those shoes can be made into something, she decided to make something that she loved to wear.

What is Nike kitten heels?

So, some say that Nike kitten heels are projecting to be footwear with athleisure look and feel. It means that it is like something sporty yet sexy look. The appeal of feminizing sneakers is what Sarca’s idea for the Nike kitten heels. At first look, it could be sportswear, but actually, it is a transformation of the sneaker to chic footwear already.

The idea of Sarca’s Nike kitten heels is a way of showing that anything can be re-use, depending on the creativity and ideas. Also, the market of Nike kitten heels depends on the cultural and economic landscape. For instance, Sarca is selling these kitten heels via Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. At this point, people are noticing this unusual design. Many gave a “wow,” but some say it’s a “Nah.”

Expect that this kind of fashion statement will not be readily accepted though there are different cultural and economic landscapes. It is a unique design that everyone will wear if it gets in their mood. It is like getting other stuff from bags to shoes, pants to shorts. But when we see the Nike kitten heels, it feels another level of footwear fashion. And it really takes some guts to wear it.

So why choose Nike kitten heels?

Sarca has always dreamed of making something different, with a new function, elegant and feminine. But she wanted something to be unique and can quickly identify as her own creation. Therefore, the moment she saw her old training shoes, she knew that it was the time to create something out of it.

And it was unexpected that her creation would be brought abuzz to social media influencers.

In my personal view, when I first saw them, I find them less attractive and more distractive. Well, I love shoes, and the most important things that I always consider are a comfort, quality, design and least of it is the price.


When we say pleasure, wearing shoes or clothes should be in your maximum comfort level. Keep in mind that if you wear the shoes, the shortest time you will wear it and bear the sole of it will be at least four hours.

Imagine wearing shoes that could cause your toes to get hurt and your ankle bruises. Does it satisfy you though you want the design, there is no comfort at all?

To emphasize the importance of shoes, always remember that footwear is not for fashion alone, but it is our protection while walking and running. Especially when you would love to walk along the streets with your favorite outfit of the day, your footwear should be ready with the long walk, I guess.

You can find some shoes that you can both benefit from its design and comfort. For instance, when you want the convenience of footwear with a good sole, you can try rubber shoes or training shoes. But if you want both, the good sole and a sexy look of footwear, then you can try wearing the Nike kitten heels.


Quality shoes are essential, like what you did in choosing your clothes and makeup. If you select the lesser quality of shoes, you should not expect to last it for more than a year.

Some choose quality over quantity. Meaning, some people are willing to invest in quality shoes that can last lifespan up to 10 years. But other shoes, running or training shoes to be specific, it could only last for 2 years.

Therefore, many are looking for high-quality shoes because they think of the long term that they can use the shoes.


Wearing shoes for many prioritize the design and look rather than the comfort level it will provide. The design depends on the trendy fashion in society, and one factor that contributes to the selection of many is social media.

If we ask you what affects your decision in choosing shoes, sandals or any footwear, it always begins with the design. How will it complement with your outfit of the day and even the casual everyday look of yours?

So what can you say about the Nike kitten heels? Is it a favor to your choice of look? Or you will just wear it just to blend with the crowd with the latest and trendy fashion?


Well everybody considers this when buying something. Who doesn’t? Many believe that the price measure the quality of a product. Especially when it comes to footwear, you will need to spend more dimes to get the best quality and the design you desire.

But have you not wonder that even with fewer prices you can enjoy the quality and design?

For instance, the Nike kitten heels, you can have it at an affordable price and a bit more comfortable compared to other kitten heels. But if you are not a fan of heels, you can ditch this out.

What can we say about it?

Nike kitten heels are indeed trendy and fashionable at first look. But the problem with that is – you will need to pair it with appropriate attire.

Indeed, the Nike kitten heels are only for those who want to discover other unique fashion. Otherwise, you should not consider wearing it.

As we have mentioned, quality and comfort will be your priority in choosing the appropriate footwear. Then you can consider the design and later the price.

As for the Nike kitten heels, if you can see that buying it will satisfy you, why stop? Make sure that what you pay is what you get for the quality and comfort for your sensitive feet.

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