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Casual Style

Casual Style, your Everyday Fashion in any Occasion

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Casual style is our comfort zone when it comes to fashion. What we decide on our style and on how we project our personality every day is very significant. Casual style is more likely our basic fashion statement.

The casual style mirrors our soul as we go out and face people. People often judge our personality and characteristics of how we carry our fashion. However, it is unfair to be criticized only by your looks. So you should not let this happen to you!

Focus on how people want to treat you and transform yourself to what you want them to see. You can have the confidence and self-esteem if you know that you are doing the casual style in the right path.

Walking down the street to the car park or in the hallway to your office can be noticeable to many. And you don’t want to be the blind item around the corner. So, check out your wardrobe and look for clothes that will suit your personality in a casual style.

What can you wear for your casual fashion? We have this best fashion statement of a casual outfit for women. But look for your personality to make your own style. Trial and error with you are okay while knowing what fits you better.

Casual Style in Different Point of View

Casual style is similar to dressing semi-formal attire. It is like a fashion style that can be ready for formal invitations and informal gatherings. It may be the reason why most women choose casual styles for their everyday look.

Business Casual Style

If you suit up for more formal meetings, you have to adapt the business casual outfit. Commonly worn at the office by people who want to break the rules of formality a bit. Well, for many, business casual attire is dressing dark denim jeans paired with plain tee or blouse. Outerwear such as blazers or a coat will do the final trick, and you will end up both in formal and casual attire in a single outfit.

Smart Casual for Women

Smart casual is more of a business casual, but it has less restriction on style. You can find most people wearing smart casual as they find their comfort level in this outfit. It has details of elegant and day-to-day style. For stylish casual, you can add accessories that will make your outfit lively and include vibrant colors.

Street Casual Style

Are you tired of your fashion statement in formal or semi-formal? Then street casual is what you need. This style has no boundaries and limitations with how you project yourself. You may have the liberty to express yourself with sophistication and elegance.

Casual Sport Outfit

With the name it carries, the outfit comprises of clothes that will look sporty. Sneakers, rubber shoes, knitwear, and caps are some of the garments to wear for your casual sport style. Paired it with your denim jeans and a simple tee can make a fashionable sporty casual.

Casual Chic Outfit

Do you want to dress effortlessly with elegance and sophistication? Casual chic fashion is your alter ego for business casual. It is the time that you will flaunt the simple you in the street but with a touch of style and glamour. You can have the outfit with jeans and a quality tee for your top. You can pair it with shades and some jewels to match your style.

Highlights of Casual Fashion

Your wardrobe in casual style will keep those tops with bold and unique colors. You can do mix and match for an exciting casual fashion statement. You will not worry about your wardrobe to be out of style. Casual fashion is more likely freedom of choosing your existing clothes and makes a sophisticated look and feel comfortable.

Since you have the liberty of what you can wear, you can choose the best clothes for your body figure. Each body figure has characteristic curves and edges that either your clothes can cover up or flaunt.

Accessories are essential in casual style like your denim jeans. Your accessories, like bags and jewelry, can make the casual outfit more presentable. With your denim jeans, you can pair it with any designs of your blouse and tees.

With your simple yet elegant tops, casual style can add outerwear like coat and jackets that will give you a sassy look. You can wear flat shoes and stilettos for your casual fashion style. Make sure when wearing a leather jacket, it has a slicker look if you pair it to classy tops and bottoms. Well, you have to learn how to mix and match your tops and bottoms with your footwear and outerwear. Then add accessories to give the final touch.

Best Tips to keep your casual fashion style Wardrobe to Look Always New

Best Tips to keep your casual fashion style Wardrobe to Look Always New

Your fashion sense will tell your personality and character. Therefore, your investment in your wardrobe is essential. If you bought quality garments, then you will need to maintain it for the coming years that you are going to wear it. The types of styles that you will choose to preserve needs enough keeping of your wardrobe. Here are the most valuable style tips to keep your clothes look new.

Tip # 1:

Know your limits and capabilities in maintaining your wardrobe. Think of dry cleaning, ironing, and doing proper washing of your clothes. Just limit yourself to quality clothes if you are not capable of maintaining it.

Tip # 2:

Find the clothes that need to be folded and to be hanged. Fabrics that tend to wrinkle easily should put in the hanger.

Tip # 3:

Spare buttons and threads should be kept in a case that you need it. Keeping it to your clothes has a tendency to be lost while doing the laundry.

Tip # 4:

The use of cold-water detergents will remove the dirt easily. Aside from helping your energy bills to go down, it also helps certain fabrics to hold itself together more than less heat.

Tip # 5:

The color separation will have a significant effect while and before doing laundry. It is given but also, in your wardrobe, color separation will help you identify what types of styles you will be wearing.

Tip # 6:

Before doing your laundry, it is best to keep your jeans and jacket zipped up. By doing so, it will not get tangled with other clothes during washing and drying time.

Tip # 7:

To keep other garments to be tangled, you will need to keep your intimate wears separated. Also, cotton and nylon should stay away from heat dryer. Best way to dry them is to air dry instead. Your brassieres also need a mesh bag to avoid deformation.

Tip # 8:

Your footwear also needs maintenance. Leather shoes need polishing from time to time. Your rubber shoes need a unique cleaning formulation to take away the dirt. Also, dress shoes should not be worn while driving. The heels tend to rub in car mats, which leave marks on shoes and mats. So, always bring appropriate driving shoes.

These are only a few style tips to level up your casual style.What we see in Fashion

These are only a few style tips to level up your casual style. Your fashion reflects your personality, and that is important before getting a makeover. Make time to know what fits you perfectly.

Casual fashion style has more touch of denim and simple tops. You can choose different colors that can match your personality. Business casual style and smart casual styles are our favorites. It can be used in any situation, like business invitations and informal meetings. In a relaxed fashion, you will still keep your accessories toned down. Overkill accessories can jeopardize your style.

Just like what we said, imitation of someone else’s style is a big no-no! You cannot do the same fashion to yourself, knowing that you have different body shape and figure.

In conclusion, remember that doing your style is like expressing your character and emotion to other people. It is another way of saying that this is about me. No one can make me feel intimidated. If you dress smart and confident, then you have no worries about other people’s opinions.

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