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Preppy Style – Your Ultimate Guide and Top Picks Outfit Ideas

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The preppy style is your love for fashion of several colors, prints, and garments. This fashion style more likely to be compared in seasons. Well if you do like to get in preppy mode, you can start with following the four seasons!

Preppy style can be seen with floral, neutral, layers, plaid and more on bold colors. If you can imagine, you are mixing and matching different designs and styles to flaunt what’s your personality going to be. Trying a new look, especially each day, is challenging when you are a beginner.

Doing a preppy style might be mistaken doing a chic style or classic style. So you better get some tips and guide on how to slate the preppy look. For instance, floral and bold colors are fabulous during the spring and summer seasons. Then you can wear neutrals, plaids, and layers in fall and winter. If you continue mixing matching, you can be familiarized with everything for preppy style.

But before giving you the ultimate guide and tips, the whole idea of preppy style is to have the look of young professionals. In other words, get the look of college students with a kick of formal attire. Preppy style fashion needs to have quality garments that can last over a year or two. But if you want to try for the moment, raid your wardrobe for clothes that can do a preppy makeover.

Wardrobe in Preppy Mode

So, whats, preppy? First thing, you might want to check your wardrobe if you have the basics—neutral colors and bold patterns and designs. Make sure you have stripes, plaid, and floral.

To be in detail, your main directions for your wardrobe makeover are the four seasons. Imagine yourself walking the street during spring and summer. What are your options on that day? For sure, you need bold and vibrant colors and floral patterns in simple silhouettes. You can feel the elevation of your mood and personality along with spring and summer.

How about fall and winter? You cannot go wrong with cream, black, gray, navy blue and camel-like colors for fall. The vibe of fall is more on a dull personality. For the winter season, take your plaid and stripes ready. Outerwear is also essential in this season.

These are your basics for the preppy definition. Have all these in your wardrobe; then you are ready for the preppy look in no time.

How to dress preppy?

Intrigued with what are the ideas of preppy outfit styles? Here are the top picks to ace the classic preppy style:

Your Tops

  1. White-collared blouse can be useful for preppy style. Put on top a black short sleeve over your gown paired with an asymmetric skirt. Pointed-toe pumps will be great on this preppy.
  2. Then, you can have striped tees. It is your preppy look that you can pair it with your favorite jeans and red pumps.
  3. Also, try Red stripe tees that can go perfectly with dark blue trousers. Add the denim jacket and white trainers.
  4. Likewise, give a try for the preppy style dress—knitted long-sleeve dress atop with tees and paired with your brown boots.


  1. A pair of black leather loafers are just right with a rib-length knitted sweater in charcoal color. It will look fantastic if paired with a plaid skirt.
  2. Try also slim fit riding pants with blue-white striped tees to give you a yay preppy style. Just add a white knitted sweater, red blazer or trench coat in white color.
  3. High waist skinny bottoms in white color then paired with printed tees – can this be a preppy look in country style?
  4. What else could go wrong with white tees and black denim shortalls? It can be your favorite preppy style! Just don’t forget the print brogues.


  1. Printed sleeveless dress and dark blue blazer are best paired with heeled sandals. Orange clutch completes your preppy outfit.
  2. Sweater with camouflage designs and a leather beige skirt with pleats will look fabulous with ankle boots.
  3. Knitted sweater in pastel fuchsia color paired with white tees and black neck-tie underneath is a combination preppy style. Your bottom can be printed or in pattern designs mini skirt.
  4. For another twist of a classic preppy style, you can choose outerwear between a collarless coat and a navy blue dotted sweater. Then a striped skirt with prints paired with your favorite top.
  5. Can you appreciate nature? Well, you do love green then your khaki green trench coat will be the stylish cover. Black and white stripe tops are classic. You can pair it with beige short and black brogues. Your complete touch is the camel fedora hat, and you have your preppy style on the go!
  6. Preppy style can be retro-inspired fashion. You can have the short-sleeve sweater in mustard-yellow color paired with a yellowish tartan skirt.
  7. Camel coat over white sweater paired with black trousers and black leather ankle boots is your preppy look for the winter season.

What to Wear and What to Hate in Preppy Style

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