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How to Put on Mascara: A Guide for Natural yet Trendy Look Eyelashes

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How to put on mascara that will look natural and trendy every day? You might find yourself looking in the mirror and thinking of how you will make yourself presentable. With all the shades of color, you need to be careful about what will suit you best.

How to put on mascara for several occasions is a challenging role for beauties. Well, we all care about how we can always look natural yet trendy. Typically, we do not like to overkill our makeup, especially the mascara.

We all consider mascara as one of the essential beauty products that all beauties must have. Also, aside from choosing the eyeliner and eyeshadow, we should always plan and prepare ahead on wearing it.

As you read along, you will find some tips and styles on how to do on mascara. You may feel a bit awkward in your first try. But later on, putting on a mascara will be less messy and hassle-free for you.

How to put on mascara: Tips in getting the perfect flicking eyelashes

To achieve the perfect eyelashes, you need to avoid these shortcuts when doing your mascara.

In applying mascara, you need to start from the bottom eyelashes. You have to angle your head forward. Make sure that you have enough space for it and to your eyelashes before the application. Because it is very important for you to avoid smudges when you are just starting with your top eyelashes.

Another tip for your fashionable eyelashes is to make sure you only dip your mascara once in its bottle. There is no need for you to plunge the entire wand in and out of the bottle. In doing so, it will dry faster. Dried mascara is the same as your old one. In that state, it will only just become a part of your throwaways.

Also, try to have different types of mascara. Later in this article, you will find a wide variety of mascara choices that you may choose for your various occasions. Knowing and learning about it can make your eyelashes more dashing.

However, you need to remember, that when it comes to applying on your mascara, you have to wipe first and curl — wiping off your eyelashes before the application can take away the excess mascara that may cause too many smudges. Then, curling is another part of the eyelashes preparation. Your starting point in curler is from the eyelashes’ roots, near the eyelids, going to the end of your eyelashes. When you curl your eyelashes, make sure you avoid your eyelids get into the curler. Also, a 10-second press of your eyelashes is very much needed to have the perfect flick. Remember to do this before the application of mascara.

What to avoid in your first attempt of mascara application?

Many suggest that waterproof mascara should be the first coat of your eyelashes. Well, it is actually effective in holding the curl of your eyelashes. But, you need to avoid these waterproof formula every time you are doing it. As the name suggests, waterproof mascara involves a lot of cleansers to wash it off. Aside from that, it needs a bit more rubbing to take off some residue in your eyelids.

Aside from that, you are applying the mascara direct to your eyelashes. When putting it, you need to avoid the clumping of your eyelashes. Make sure you comb your eyelashes with a special brush after applying the mascara. Another way to prevent the clumping is to try to wiggle the mascara wand while applying it to your eyelashes. Move your wand in ‘Z’ shape direction while stroking upward.

The most frequent denominator to lose the style of it is when you give up the quality of your beauty products for the cheaper ones. In a way, top of the line beauty products has a more glamorous effect than regular ones. Always remember to consider quality to keep off negative results over time.

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