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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions: Your Dos and Don’ts

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How to remove eyelash extensions without harming your natural lashes? After successfully wearing eyelash extensions, the next question is how you will remove it. Here are the many ways of removing your eyelash extensions.

How to remove eyelash extensions can be done through many methods. You can try it at home using DIY remover. You can also use glue remover. But we think the safest way to remove eyelashes is with the help of a professional in your salon.

Before taking a step to your salon or making a DIY remover, you should know those eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lashes. So an abrupt removal of your eyelash extension can damage your natural lashes as well. Who would want to see it removed and eventually have no lashes at all?

So, we prepared easy-to-follow steps on how to remove eyelash extensions. It is essential to remove your eyelashes carefully and gently to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

What can you use to remove eyelash extensions?

Here are the necessary steps on how to take off eyelash extensions. As you read along, you can find the nitty-gritty on how to remove eyelash extensions. And you will be able to choose the method in removing your extensions.

You can use glue removers or beauty products that can remove your eyelash extensions.

For instance, you can use a solvent remover. Solvent remover can be used with a cotton ball or swab. First, pour some of it and gently rub to your lash extensions. Then, to protect your eyes from this chemical, you have to use small cloth for coverings. Place it under your eyes, below your eyelash extension before applying the solvent remover. For your safety, you can check first if you have a chemical reaction with this solvent.

One option you can also use is cream and gel remover. Cream remover is a lotion-type with the consistency of a cream. You can apply this to your eyelash extensions without the burning sensation. The gel remover, on the other hand, comes in the form of cream remover. But it has a thicker consistency than a cream. You can use this safely to your lashes.

Another form is oil-based remover. You can find this in beauty product outlets. Look for the ingredients with natural oil. The most common oil-based remover comes from grapeseed oil. The consistency of this remover can be compared to a cream remover.

But if you want to remove your eyelash extensions, you can use olive oil or coconut oil. Knowing that you have sensitive eye skin, you will need to avoid chemical-based remover. Unlike chemical removers that contain strong properties, you can use olive oil or coconut oil. Some other eyelash extension remover contains olive oil and coconut oil as their based ingredient. So you can also have those.

DIY at home is one method on how to remover eyelash extension.

You can make the steam and oil method to remove your eyelash extension. Just follow these steps to remove your eyelash extension smoothly.

First, remove your eye makeup. Use makeup wipes or a cotton ball and light oils to remove your makeup gently. Don’t try to remove your eyelash extension using a makeup remover. You might pull off your natural lashes.

After removing your face makeup, you can start steaming your face. It will help unclog pores and provide treatment to your skin. It will also loosen the adhesive that holds your eyelash extensions. Place a towel over the back of your head to help keep the steam to your face. Add some essential oils to your steam to give an aromatherapeutic effect. Remember that it will need some time to break the bonds of eyelash extensions from your eyes because the glue used at professional salons is hugely made for a long-lasting effect. So patience is the key to this part.

Then if you feel like the base of your eyelash extensions are soft enough to be pulled off, you will need a cotton ball or some cotton buds with olive oil. It is the safest oil to use in removing your eyelash extensions. Make soft and gentle rubbing to the base up to the tips of your eyelash extension. Continue this until the lash extensions are falling out. While doing this, you can observe that your eyes are a bit blurred. It is reasonable since some of the oils can get in your eyes unintentionally. You can reverse the effect by using eye drops to make your vision clear again.

After your lash extension fall off, wash your face with facial cleanser. Check your eyelash if some extensions were left behind.

How to remove eyelash extension using glue remover?

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