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Eyelashes Extension for More Flirtatious Volume and Curl Lashes

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Eyelashes extension becomes a necessity for most women nowadays. It started with false eyelashes until it developed into extensions. Since then, every makeup fashion includes eyelashes extension.

Eyelashes extension enhances the lashes with volume and length. There are different kinds of eyelashes extensions. You will see the variety as you read along. Also, you can have the tips and the basic rules in choosing the right extension.

Eyelashes extension becomes a necessity for most women nowadays.The length of eyelashes extension varies from 0.7 mm to .17mm. Having longer than this can become an overstatement to your makeup. On the other hand, the style comes in two ways—classic and volume. Traditional eyelashes extension involves a single eyelash applied to the natural eyelash, while the volume style includes a fan of three light lashes that were created by beauty artists.

Putting on eyelashes extension can only be done by a professional eyelash artist. The application involves a careful procedure using semi-permanent adhesive to glue eyelashes extension in your top eyelids. It can be applied to your lash line individually or in clusters.

Before deciding what eyelashes extension you will have, you will need to consider your eye shape and size of your eyes. Your eyelids and what orientation of your eyes should be in your list before deciding your preferred extensions for eyelashes.

Types of Eyelashes

Eyelashes extension has many shapes. However, make sure that it can go well with your natural eyelashes. Also, remember that it can be noticed easily if you wear it inappropriate. So, we suggest that you need to choose the right curls of extension, which is less obvious and complement your natural lashes.

Here is the list of eyelashes curl that you might want to try putting on.

a. J curl is not used by many. It has the least amount of curls and resembles closely to your natural lashes.

b. B curl is the basic curl, and given that, it is commonly used by many. It has the most natural look in eyelashes extension. Place it in the inner corner of your eyes.

c. L curl looks like the letter “L.” It is suitable for those who have hooded eyes.

d. C curl has a noticeable but not too much curl in your eyelashes extension. Aside from B curl, many opt to use this curl.

e. D curl is the most dramatic curl. So if you want to have drastic and most noticeable eyelashes extension, give it a try for D curl.

Different Types of Lash Extensions

Knowing the shapes of your eyelashes extension doesn’t stop there. You will still need to learn what the different types are. It is essential before planning to go to a salon and make your eyelash extension. So, we prepared a list for you to know what type of eyelashes extension you are going to have.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever wondered where your eyelashes extension originates? Well, for mink eyelashes, it comes from the tail fur of Siberian and Chinese minks. This eyelash has the most natural look and lightweight. Also, you can feel a fluffy texture. Is it affordable? Well, it is quite expensive.

Sable Eyelash Extension

If you want finer and fluffier than mink, you can have the sable extensions. It is the lightest eyelashes extension that you can have. However, the availability is not that often like mink. Sable lashes are recommended for those who have beautiful natural eyelashes.

Fox Eyelash Extension

Aside from the weight and volume, your eyelashes extension can have subtle color. If you don’t want to go black, you can choose the fox lashes. Fox’s eyelashes have a soft reddish tone, but the tips are in black. As fresh as it may seem, you will not get it to every salon.

Silk Eyelash Extension

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