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Leggings at Work or Office Fashion Statement? Pick your choice!

Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Leggings at Work!

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Leggings at work are the most comfortable to wear aside from dress, which gives no limitations to your legs. Another thing when it comes to leggings, you can pair any tops with it. 

Leggings at work, however, for many is not favorite to wear, especially when they have to attend some meetings. The look and impression at work are essential to portraying, so people will know you mean business.

Nevertheless, wearing leggings at work is an option. There are lots of leggings that you can choose from. Most leggings are worn when people do yoga, but some also select to wear them when going to the office.

Leggings for Yoga

Leggings for Yoga

Some leggings for yoga have pockets that can hold things even if you are doing many routines. But most of us are looking for leggings that give comfort and softness. Remember that leggings are tight when being worn, so you have to consider the fabric being used. Do not look after the brand, but take note of the quality.

Quality is essential above all because leggings should be durable so you can stretch without worries. The length should also consider because you can have leggings that high waisted. It is the right choice if you want to cover your belly. But some leggings make your stomach look more prominent, and you should not fall for that leggings.

There are leggings like capris. These are the most comfortable and stylish leggings. It will keep you warm so better try this kind of leggings for summer fashion. Look for leggings that will look great under your dresses and tunics. Leggings are a good pair with the silhouette. Your style will not impress to be heavy and hot.


When you decide to wear leggings at work, you have many fashion styles to choose from, among others. Here are some of it.

Make sure you have one coat or blazer to mix and match.

Choose the most versatile piece of coat and jacket. Having the perfect jacket can create an ideal layer for your work fashion. Imagine that you have the most versatile jacket and coat that you can match with different outfits you want to wear each day. Go for the jacket or coat that comes in neutral colors and hues.

Choose the right tops.

When you are working five times a week, you will need different tops that can pair with your skirt and pants. Choose tops in silk and high necklines. It is a classic and straightforward tank that will give you a simple look. It will elevate the elegance in you. 

Then you can choose a white shirt. A white top is the most classic item you should have in your wardrobe. You will have an easy match with your coat and jacket and to your footwear.

You will also need a short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops with designs and prints. Button downs and sweaters can be your choice with a neckline that is not too revealing. Remember that what you wear at work will reflect what your personality is. Then make sure that you have a good pair of leggings to match it with your tops.

A Skirt and a Reserve One

You probably wonder if you are not able to get with your leggings at work sometimes. Well, because at work, you will need to be in business attire. Aside from pants, you will need to have two skirts that you can mix and match with your tops.

A skirt in pencil cut with mid-length is the right choice. Then you can also have a longer length one that is more directional and perfectly fit with your top. To sport your tops and skirt, you will need to tuck in your shirt. You will have to consider a neutral with patterns and colorful versions. These work fashion can give a good impression to the people around you because your attire will speak of your personality.

Do not forget the dress.

If you want to skip pants and skirts at work, and like to wear leggings rather then, you will need to get a dress that will show your curves and emphasise your shape. You can have a shirtdress if you want to have a more casual work fashion. Also, the leggings will work best with your shirtdress. It is a little bit more of a winter style. Then you can pair with pumps. Do not forget that you can have your sleeves rolled up if you choose a dress with long sleeves.

Classic Pairs of Pants

A pair of pants is not enough if you want to be more fashionable at work. Because leggings at work are more casual and informal, you will need another pair of pants. You can have a straight cut or distinct shapes pants that can emphasise the shape of your legs.

Versatile Footwear

Footwear is essential if you want to be comfortable and relaxed. Stilettos, pumps, slip-on shoes and doll shoes can be your best friend if you’re going to complete your work fashion. Leggings at work are okay, especially when you pair it with pumps. Getting ready with any of your outfit should be matched with your footwear.

What can we say for leggings at work?What can we say for leggings at work?

Work fashion will need to be presentable, comfortable and reveal your personality with confidence. Therefore, it is best not to stick with leggings at work only.

Leggings at work can be worn when you are going to have a laid back day at work. But when you know there could be some business to attend, you will need to be prepared, such as wearing the right clothes. 

The quality of the clothes you will be wearing is the key to be more comfortable and presentable. The kind of fabric is also important to give you a classy look. Make sure you wear the footwear that will complete your work fashion statement.

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