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Black Coffee Reclaims its Throne as one of the Best Weight Loss Foods

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Black coffee is one of the leading beverages around the world. It recently has gained a spot in the list of weight loss foods.

Black coffee gives you a kick in the morning to complete your day. It also helps you to lose some weight. While adding things like sugar and cream can send its calorie content through the roof, black coffee can speed up weight loss and offer you some other great benefits too.

Caffeine is not only a stimulant; it is an appetite suppressor. That means your cup of coffee could make you less inclined to get the urge to start munching before lunch.

In addition to defeating your appetite, black coffee also offers some health benefits like slowing down glucose production, because of its chlorogenic acid, fights water retention, boosts your metabolic rate, and serves as antioxidants in your body.

If you are a coffee drinker, then have no fear, just hold the sugar and the cream. Black coffee is one of the lesser-known weight loss foods that can boost your energy levels and your weight loss results.

If you decide to keep it on your list of diet meals, you need to know everything about coffee. First, let us discuss about the coffee bean.

Coffee Bean

Coffee bean comes from two known varieties, Arabica and Robusta. Among the 100 species of coffee plant, these two are quite famous and commonly used for making black coffee. The color and shape of coffee beans are almost the same. Only the fruit trees are different if you notice the shape of the leaves.

A coffee tree can bear fruit after four years. It is the maximum growth years before the harvest and processing of its red fruit. Inside the red fruit is the seed, and if you hulled, polished, graded, and sorted out for quality control that grain is what makes the coffee bean.

If you see a coffee bean in green color, it is still a milled coffee bean. It only has undergone a slightly roasting procedure to make a lighter coffee bean that has weight loss properties.

Coffee bean processing

They believe that the processing of a coffee bean has an excellent effect on the nutrients it provides and the aroma it produces while brewing. In roasting, you can choose three categories from light, medium, and dark roasts.

Light roasts give off a delicate taste when brewed but more acidic than other roasts coffee beans. You can use high-quality beans for during roasting to retain their original flavors and taste. On the other hand, medium roasts coffee beans are commonly known as ‘American roast’ because of the color and taste it provides. Most people choose this type of roasting. Why? In this type of roast, you can have a black coffee with less acidity content, and the color of the roast bean is medium brown. The last kind of coffee bean roasting is the dark roast. The dark roasted coffee bean has low acidity but has a strong taste. The types of coffee bean that are being roasted in this state are beans of low quality.

It is essential to identify the types of coffee beans before the process of coffee bean roasting.

Type of Coffee Beans

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