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Coffee Mends the Broken Heart and Gives Life Some Meaning

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Coffee, aside from it is the world’s most popular beverages, has impressive health benefits. Ditch out the ancient beliefs that coffee affects your health negatively. Instead, consider a cup of coffee daily for more energy!

Coffee, in a recent study, is considered as the healthiest beverages around the world. In a recent survey, it shows that drinking coffee provides our body with enough amounts of antioxidants. Coffee drinkers show signs of having a lower risk of several serious diseases. Given this, drinking becomes a habit of many.

Like other foods, eating in moderation is the best key to become healthy. In other words, food intake should be according to the recommended daily serving. For instance, drinking coffee has different servings, which depend on the amount of caffeine it has.

Yes, coffee contains caffeine, and with that, we need to know how many cups you can drink in a day. The amount of caffeine intake of an individual depends on your gender and age. For instance, women can only drink an average of four cups in a day. It will be equivalent to 400 milligrams of caffeine. Take note that a proportion of the 8-ounce cup has 95 milligrams. But, caffeine intake for pregnant or breastfeeding, the rules are not the same. We cannot suggest because the consumption of caffeine for pregnant or breastfeeding depends on the diet.

While others have a natural barrier for caffeine, and that is why they are called caffeine tolerant. It is because our body has different reactions against caffeine, and that is why following the recommended intake of caffeine daily is significant.

Too much caffeine in our body can result in some health problems. And this is why it has been associated with different health issues. But thanks to further research that disapprove the claims related to some ailments, especially when it comes to hearth health.

Why is coffee good for our heart?

Previous studies concluded that coffee is not suitable for those individuals with a heart problem. But, this study did not take into account the factors of heart diseases, thus the result. Therefore, heart problems related to drinking coffee is a myth, and no proof shows drinking; it negatively affects our health.

But the problem of this belief has been going around for decades. It will be difficult to convince that coffee helps in regulation of blood pressure, lower the risk of heart diseases and normalize the cholesterol level. Just make sure drinking it in moderation should be practiced by each individual.

Drinking is also associated as one of the factors of what we called the heart arrhythmias. Heart arrhythmias or called by many as palpitation pointed out drinking too much caffeine as the trigger point. But are there any studies about this? Yes, there are studies about how coffee affects our heart health and it disregard that drinking it causes palpitation. On the contrary, coffee causes fewer incidents of palpitation according to a study.

Aside from arrhythmias, coffee reduces the risk of stroke. Coffee drinkers who consume up to three cups per day minimize the risk of stroke according to the study from Japan. Imagine a 20% reduction of chances of having a stroke over drinking of coffee. That’s a significant advantage against stroke.

Well, of course, if drinking it can reduce the risk of stroke, you might consider the fact that it has nothing to do with your cholesterol. Unless you are drinking unfiltered coffee, an instant mix, for example, it will increase blood cholesterol levels. The presence of cafestol substance in coffee causes the increase of cholesterol levels.  So, we suggest that drinking it in brewed form is the best way to enjoy the health benefits of it.

Why in moderation?

Drinking coffee in moderation should not exceed above four cups daily. Otherwise, health benefits will be lost. And too much caffeine is not right in our health, especially to our heart.

In some point, our liver cannot process too much CYP1A2 enzyme. Our body will become caffeine sensitive, which means we can experience adverse effects like palpitations, insomnia, jitters and other health conditions related to too much caffeine. Now you will understand why people, especially working at night, need caffeine to their body. Caffeine keeps its body alert and hyper.

Going back, an enzyme in our liver that promotes caffeine insensitivity of our body is affected by different factors, making our body sensitive to caffeine. Some elements are age, gender, contraceptives and genes.

If you can observe in a coffee shop, older people can only drink one regular cup of it. On the contrary, teenagers and young professionals can consume more than one daily cup of coffee.

And women should take it slow in consuming caffeine because, unlike men, women have lower CYP1A2 enzymes in the liver. Also, when you are taking contraceptive and pregnancy pills, you might need to cut caffeine intake. Combination of caffeine to oral contraceptive or any pills can increase the sensitivity of our body to caffeine.

What can we say about it?

Indeed drinking coffee has many health benefits. But when consumed over the recommended daily intake, you can have a caffeine sensitivity. Caffeine is something that you should avoid, especially when you are taking pills. And if you drink coffee, make sure you drink two glasses of water afterwards.

Like other foods, you have to consume coffee with the recommended daily serving. But in any case that you have caffeine sensitivity even a small amount, you might need to be careful in drinking it. Based on a scientific study, coffee provides health benefits as long as it is taken in moderation.

The true essence of drinking it is without adding creamer, sugar or any sweetener. Plain and just black coffee is more than what you need if you want to enjoy the true meaning of drinking coffee. Avoid drinking instant one. An instant composed coffee has lots of sugar and creamer, which is not suitable for health. So set aside those and start to have some black one. So, we suggest drinking brewed can complete your day.

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