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Best shoulder workout: Your Top Picks Easy Exercises

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Best shoulder workout can be performed by using the right equipment and by following the proper sets and repetitions. Shoulder Muscles are the foundation of your arms and chest as well as your back to perform the daily functions efficiently. So here are the top picks for your shoulder exercises!

Best shoulder workout includes exercises that improve your strength and endurance. Since you can move your arms in full rotation, you will need full shoulder workout. For some people, lack of shoulder exercises can lead to their shoulders to become stiff. Upon waking up or doing heavy chores at home, many observed painful limitations in their movement. As people have felt this, they tend to use some muscle pain relievers from time to time. Many don’t realize that little shifts in your shoulder muscles cause the pain.

Before starting to do the best shoulder workout, you have to ensure that your body is prepared. When doing these exercises, either at home or your local fitness centers, you should always be in proper workout attire. The perfect attire when doing your workouts will be the following: sports shoes, preferably those cross-training ones, dry-fit or sweatshirts and gym shorts for men.

Women can wear yoga pants or cotton leggings, gym shorts, cross-training shoes, sports bra and comfortable shirts. Also, make sure you wear socks, carry a face towel, and bring hair ties or bandanas to the gym. Further, never wear jewelry and accessories that may harm you when you do your workouts.

Always remember that you’re not there to do a fashion show but do your routine workout to get a well-defined, sleek and fit body.

Best Shoulder Workout using Dumbbells

Like other workouts, you can use dumbbells for your best shoulder workout. For instance, you can do various shoulder workouts like front dumbbell raise, dumbbell lateral raises, seated dumbbell overhead press, and dumbbell incline row.

Front Dumbbell RaiseFront Dumbbell Raise

For front dumbbell raise, you will need to get hold of the dumbbells. In standing position, make sure your palms, while holding the dumbbells, are facing your thighs. Then lift your dumbbell to the front with a slight bend in your elbow. Make the full stretched of your arms until parallel to the floor. Move your two arms simultaneously and complete the repetitions for better result.

On the other best shoulder workout, you can do the later raises. Of course, you will still use dumbbells for this one. This exercise will make your shoulder movements more at ease. You can have defined shoulders in no time. So, you can start by making your feet apart equivalent to your hip width while in standing position. Grab the dumbbells in each of your hand and place it by your side facing your thighs. Raise your both arms until shoulder level and lower it after a while. You can do as many repetitions as you can. But make sure that you have warm up your shoulder and arms muscles before the workout.

You can also do exercise your shoulder while seating on a bench or chair. Hold your dumbbells with your two hands and place to your side. Rotate your wrists outwards before lifting your dumbbells to your shoulder height to both sides. Then you can lower your dumbbells slowly. Complete the recommended repetitions for best results.

Aside from seating on a bench, you can also do dumbbell incline row. Use a neutral grip for dumbbell in each hand. Straighten your arms, retract your shoulder blades, and bend your elbow to row the dumbbells to your side. Complete the recommended repetitions and go back to your starting position.

Barbell for the best shoulder workout

Barbell for the best shoulder workout

If you can handle more weight, then you can use a barbell instead of dumbbells. Some best shoulder workout using barbell are push press, upright barbell row, and barbell standing military press.

In barbell push press, you will begin your movement by lifting the barbell from the floor to your shoulder level. Then, make a slight bend to your knees and start moving the barbell from your shoulders above your head. You can lower the bar slowly to your shoulders. Make sure to perform this exercise with the repetitions needed. It will strengthen your muscles in your shoulder, arms and to your back.

The upright barbell row is another exercise to improve your shoulder muscles. Your starting point is to get a barbell with an overhand grip that is less than your shoulder width. The bar should be resting on top of your thighs with your arms extended and your elbows slightly bent. Make sure your back is in a straight position while raising your elbows to the side. The barbell should be in the level of your chin so you should keep the bar close to your body as you raise it. To get into your starting position, you will need to lower your back down slowly. Complete the repetitions.

If you can only raise the barbell to your chest level, you can do that as well. The barbell standing military press is lifting the barbell against your chest before lifting it over your head. Before doing this exercise, you will need to choose the right weight for your barbell. So, if your barbell is above your head, your shoulder and back muscles will make some pressure. Bring down the barbell slowly to your chest level and the necessary repetitions.

Machine Rear Delt FlyMachine Rear Delt Fly

Other than barbell and dumbbell, you can use the machine rear delt fly. You can do the best shoulder workout with this machine. Before seating on the bench facing the machine, you will need to adjust the weight selection first. Also, change your seat and the handles. Once done, sit on the bench and get a hold of the handles. Pull out your hands to your side and back, contracting your rear delts. Move-in semicircular motion with your arms slightly bent. In this movement, your shoulder muscles will be the focus of the exercise. You can slow down in your rear action and return to your original position. Make the necessary repetitions for best result.

Thoughts to Ponder:

Doing the top best shoulder workout can have modifications as long as you seek advice from your trainer. While doing each exercise, you need to have proper breathing. Breathing is essential as proper pacing in your workout. You need to follow the recommended sets and repetitions to each exercise.

Your workout plans also depend on your capability and health status. Before getting into a workout program, you will need to prepare yourself. Getting the body shape you want cannot be achieved in a single workout or one-day exercise. You will need a routine or workout plan to have an excellent form of your muscles.

Furthermore, you can maintain the excellent body shape you desire by eating the right food and doing some routine exercise. Making yourself fit both mentally and physically can make a difference in your life.

To wrap up, best shoulder workout with proper skills and equipment can help you achieve your goals to have perfect and well-toned muscles.

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