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Weight Loss with Coffee has Absolutely No Side Effect

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Weight loss with coffee has been the talk of everyone lately. Does drinking coffee really play a part in reducing weight? How do coffee and weight loss correlate?

Weight loss with a coffee may be possible. According to a study, you can drink coffee and begin losing some weight if you prefer no additional cream and sugar. How be a coffee a factor as a weight loss drink?

You can start pointing out the possibilities of caffeine. Coffee contains caffeine, and there are good and bad effects of caffeine on our body. As I was trying to understand caffeine in coffee and how it contributes to weight loss drink, I came up with the nutritional facts of caffeine and the dangers it caused when over-consume.

Caffeine Nutritional Facts

A cup of black coffee contains antioxidants more than what raspberry, blueberry, grape or orange juice can offer, according to studies.

Aside from getting weight loss with coffee, those who are drinking coffee are revealed to be fewer probes to have type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, caffeine in coffee is said to reduce the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease, another study revealed.

Why should caffeine be avoided?

Though weight loss with coffee is reportedly effective, you should keep the 4-6-hour interval of drinking coffee before going to sleep. Otherwise, you will end up having disturbed sleep.

I also experienced some gastric reflux and heartburn after drinking coffee. Only then I found out that according to studies, coffee contributes a high amount of caffeine that can increase blood pressure.

Other than that, too much caffeine can increase urinary excretion of calcium, which makes you prone to osteoporosis.

Coffee for Weight Loss

After I revealed the caffeine in coffee, how about weight loss with coffee? In a recent report based on the study of Professor Michael Symonds from the University of Nottingham, he discussed the brown and white fat. Brown fat is charged by coffee, while white fat occurs as a result of excess calories. And the effects of brown fat works differently compared to other fat in our body, he explained. The brown fat produces heat by burning sugar and fat, often in response to be cold. In this way, the tendency is coffee creates heat in our body that can burn calories and fat in some ways.

In my point of view, weight loss with coffee is really happening. For instance, coffee can increase your body temperature. Higher body temperature causes your metabolism to work harder and to speed up the time it takes your body to process some fat and calories. With the right amount of caffeine, coffee can speed up your metabolism.

Aside from metabolism, weight loss with coffee accelerates the distribution of fats in our body. Caffeine in coffee helps to process fat more efficiently.

I observed one thing while drinking coffee. It can suppress my appetite. I tried drinking coffee at mid-morning, and my next food intake is lunch, which saves me from eating in-between meals. Isn’t it great?

Some Side Effects of Weight Loss with Coffee

Of course, while doing some research and based on my experience, drinking coffee to lose some weight has some side effects. Adverse effects of weight loss with coffee are a natural thing since coffee contains caffeine. And too much caffeine in our body is unhealthy.

The time you feel irritable and grumpy, rather than calm and in control, it is time you need to stop drinking coffee. In a study shows that after drinking coffee, a sudden release of sugar into the blood occurred. This process will make you crave more sugar than getting a firm on your weight loss meal plan.

Understanding Caffeine for Weight Loss with Coffee

Caffeine in coffee has many variations, and thankfully; we have a list of the amount of coffee in each type of coffee drinks. Caffeine in these drinks may have different effects on you and your weight loss with coffee.

Brewed Coffee

Since brewed coffee is prepared by keeping the hot water in contact with the coffee beans or grinds for a lengthy period, it tends to have higher caffeine content, and in some cases, an over-extracted taste.

There are distinctive methods of brewing coffee. For weight loss with coffee, each process has different caffeine content.

  1. Drip or filter has an equivalent of 115 to 1,175 mg.
  2. French press or plunger has 80 to 135 mg.
  3. Percolated provides 64 to 272 mg.
  4. Boiled has 160 to 240 mg.


Stronger than brewed coffee, this type of coffee is prepared by forcing a small amount of hot water through finely-ground coffee beans.

The caffeine content of a single shot is about 30 to 50 ml, equivalent to 53 mg of caffeine. Double it, and you will have about 125 mg of caffeine.

Instant Coffee

The preparation of coffee drink using instant coffee is different from brewed or espresso. It is made by adding one or two teaspoons, depending on the flavor you want, into hot water. This one has lower caffeine, which equivalent between 30 to 90 mg.

The powdered coffee comes from spray-dried or freeze-dried coffee. It can be subtle or rough in texture.

Decaf Coffee

Still insisting for weight loss with coffee? Go for decaf coffee. This coffee variation has the least amount of coffee, about 0 to 7 mg of caffeine per cup. However, the average is usually 3 mg.

What can we say about it?

Caffeine intake depends on how your body will process it. Given that, other alternative drinks will avoid the adverse effects.

Some of your choices are green tea or peppermint tea. Aside from no caffeine, it is said to be more helpful in losing weight. Additionally, the calories it contains are only minimal.

Even so, if you really cannot avoid drinking coffee, you can still lose some weight. Just make sure you drink coffee, not beyond your limit of caffeine. Keep in mind that losing weight cannot be achieved right away. It takes discipline, and you will need to have one when choosing to lose weight.

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