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Pair of earrings

Pair of Earrings Based on Your Face Type and More…

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Pair of earrings, are always exciting to perk up the female beauty, and a great way to accessorize that can add some life to styling.  There are different sizes and types of earrings accessible in the market. However, many girls have no idea what kind to purchase, and the best earrings for their face shape.

Earrings are a wonderful way to make a statement and give you classy look. Conversely, you must be careful about making any mistake of wearing it. Maybe, you are choosing earrings that are trendy but don’t suit your face type. To select the right pair of earrings, you have to consider many things. Earrings can enhance your best image if you can choose them sensibly. Just picking out a pair of earrings will not always bring you into the limelight. Here are few tips to choose the right earrings that will flatter your personality.


Large and colorful earrings are fashionable. Nevertheless, there are numerous situations where wearing this sort of earrings may be off-putting.  Especially if your workplace is corporate, you have to think twice about what to wear and what not to wear.  A simple rule is, the more conservative the workplace, the more conservative styling.

For a situation like this is to choose classic styles in simple studs. Picking smaller gold or diamond studs can be appropriate for the workplace. You can forget about wearing them after work.

Face Shape

The most fabulous way to pick up the right pair is choosing them according to your face shape. If you have a round shape face, consider getting long hanged earrings to give your face a thinner look. Avoid round shape of earrings; it will make your face look fatter.

If you have a long and narrow face, choose medium to large sizes of earrings. Hoops, studs, short dangles, and any round shaped earrings will make your face look wider. These types of earrings will also go well with square face shape. If you have square face shape, avoid earrings that are square shaped.

Girls with the oval shaped face are the luckiest. If you are one of them, you can pick up earrings of any shape.


Experimenting with the earrings is quite impressive. Earrings are the best way to draw out your personality. Always experiment with your earrings to find the best one that can tell who you are.

If you are the romantic type and love to wear feminine outfits, rounded earrings will be the best option for you. Square, straight edges and rectangular shapes of earrings will go well with city chic types of girls. Purchase colorful dangle if you are a creative girl. Simple studs of gold, silver, and diamonds are best for classic types.

Hair length, Hair Color, and Hairstyles

Earrings have much to do with hairstyles to make a statement. Choose dangles if you have pixie crop cut. Also, dangles will go well with an updo. Use clusters if you are going for a hair down style. Flower cluster will be perfect for this hairstyle. You can choose any types of earrings if you are wearing braids and ponytails. Choose the subtle drop down earrings with a sleek bun.

Choosing earrings according to your hair length is always a wise decision.  Girls with short hairs can wear any size of earrings.  Selecting larger and longer earrings will be great for long hair.

Though there are no specific rules for picking up earrings according to hair color, it is a significant factor while choosing earrings. Gold, diamond, and platinum are always stunning with any hair color. Gold earrings are cheering for golden or blonde hair color. Pick platinum if you have black hair. Gold and rose gold are striking with red hair color. If you have bright hair color, dangling earrings are an excellent choice for you.

Next time you are confused with plenty of options, consider the things listed above to pick the best pair for you.

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