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Classic Men Hairstyles – The Timeless Look for All Occasions!

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Classic men hairstyles can be acquainted with your personality. But some of the excellent haircuts which men should have are those that can go with every occasion you will attend.

Classic men hairstyles are the favorite of most men since you will have no worries about what you will look like. For instance, if you are about to go from formal to casual, classic men hairstyles will suit your outfit. You will not be bothered with the styles of your hair.

So what are the classic men hairstyles we have for you? There are primary and everyday hairstyles that you can choose. These are simple, yet you can have it as your hairstyles most of the time.


Here are your classic men hairstyles:

French Cop

Classic-Men-Hairstyles-01If the shape of your face cannot be easily matched with your hairstyle, the french cop is best suited for you. This hairstyle is low maintenance, which is suitable for those who always need the on-the-go hairstyle. Just a little spray and you are ready to go.

Buzz CutClassic-Men-Hairstyles-02

The buzz cut is a timeless style, and if you get the right cut, it will give your head a great shape, especially when you have a square jaw. Otherwise, you can still have this by making a little more length on the top. Make sure that your barber knows how to give you the classic men’s hairstyles.

Slick Back

Slick Back01And we mean to be classic by the slick back hairstyle which was made in the 1920s. It is one of the famous men’s hairstyles that your hairstyle will not be messed up even if you wear a hat literally.

Side Hair PartingSide Hair Parting01

The side hair parting is one of the popular classic men hairstyles that has been revived last decade and more natural to achieve an alternative to slick back. The style for this one is a simple short back and side with a versatile that will suit your hair types and face shapes. Then you can use a styling product that will make your hair thicker and add some denseness to your hair.

Hi-Top Fade

Hi-Top Fade01One of the classic men hairstyles is the modern hi-top fade. This look is fashionable, like an afro shape, which gives variations and interpretations. If you choose this, you can get a “Will Smith” hairstyle.

Pompadour HairstylePompadour Hairstyle01

It is a 1750s haircut that can be labeled as one of the classic men hairstyles. It was initially a women’s hairstyle and imagined if you are looking for this style, then you really want to have a vintage look. This hairstyle will need to grow from the front to out. If you have three inches of hair at the front, then you will be able to create the front length for this hairstyle.

Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff Hairstyle01If you do not want to carry the pompadour, you can have the quiff. It is an iconic style that can have any age, faces shapes, and personal styles. So this is the ultimate classic men hairstyles. You can choose from contemporary and traditional. The classic has a softer back and sides, which are short length, while contemporary is a dramatic contrast between long hair at the top, which creates a disconnected effect.

Textured Cut with FringeTextured Cut with Fringe 01

If you are looking for dramatic classic men hairstyles, you can try the textured cut with a fringe. When you want to get your hair done, you should know the texture of your hair. With this hairstyle, it is wise to know what will fit your face shape.

What can we say?

When we say classic men hairstyles, you will need to know how long you would love your hairstyle? These haircuts can be achieved once you know how long and what hairstyle you want to have. One important thing you should get ready is your hairstylist. They will suggest what haircut is suitable for your face shape and texture of your hair.

Classic men’s hairstyles are not always short length. You can try a more extended cut and add some layers. It is like a beach-ready textured look. Remember, when you are decided to cut your hair and regret it in the end, you cannot bring back the length. So you should know that before deciding what haircut you will have, look for some styles with range and how you will manage it later on.

So to prevent any regrets, make sure that you mention with your hairstylist what your limitations are. You can have messy and choppy, but when you manage it to work together, this is the hairstyle suitable for you.

The style depends on your hair texture. If you are curly or straight, you can choose a hairstyle suitable for you. Straight hair cannot be styled easily, and in curly hair, it will be challenging to smoothen.

Also, when using styling products, you will need to get the strongest that can support your hairstyle. You can try to add some softness and keep your messy hair aside. Make sure that your face shape will go along with the hairstyle you will have. Otherwise, your hairstyle will be awkward.

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