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Makeup Disaster

Makeup Disaster Can Make You Look Older, Avoid These Makeup Mistakes

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Look older makeups should be kept away from your makeup kit. Why? Though, makeup enhances a person’s beauty. Now a day going outside without wearing makeup is hard to imagine. People wear makeup to enhance their beauty, but sometimes end up with a makeup blunder.

Makeup can transform your look instantly, as it can help to look elegant or it can ruin your look if not apply correctly. Sometimes you want to look younger with your makeup but end up with look older than your age. Have you ever faced this situation? Awkward of course! Many of us have encountered this type of situation. It happens because of some makeup mistakes. You don’t have to be a victim of makeup blunder if you know how to avoid these errors. Here are some common makeup blunders that people do and end up looking even older.

Avoid these Makeup that Make you Look Older

Applying Makeup to Dry Skin

Makeup to Dry Skin

It is the most significant mistake people do when applying makeup. Before applying makeup cleaning and using moisturizer is a must. You should always avoid using makeup in dry skin.

Wrong Shade of Foundation

Wrong Shade of Foundation

If you wear a wrong shade of foundation that will make you look even older. Don’t choose a foundation that is lighter or darker than your tone. There are different types of foundation available in the market. Choose the right one that goes well with your skin tone.

Also, using too much foundation is responsible for makeup blunder. Always use a decent amount of foundation in your face.

Over Contouring

Over Contouring

Contouring is the backbone of perfect makeup. If you want to achieve a youthful appearance, then the proper contouring can instantly do that for you. However, if you use too much of it, then it can do the opposite. Make a contour line where it is necessary and blend the edges properly.

Wrong Shade of Concealer

Wrong Shade of Concealer

Most of the time girls pick the wrong shade of concealer. Choosing the right shade of concealer is significant, and you cannot go wrong with that. Also, do not use too much concealer under the eyes.

Powdering the Wrong Area

Powdering Wrong Area

The powder is used to set the cream for a long time, but it can dull your complexion. Don’t apply powder in your entire face that can make you look older. Just dub a little amount of powder in the needed area.

Not Blending Properly

Not Blending Properly

Blending is the most prominent secret of beautiful makeup. Many people forget to blend makeup properly. Proper mixing can give you a young and fresh look that you are expecting to achieve.

Blushing the Wrong Area

Blushing Wrong Area

Blushing in the wrong area will make your face look unnatural and older. You must blush from the middle of your eye through the end of your cheekbones. It will give you a much younger and natural look.

Using Wrong Makeup Brushes

Wrong Makeup Brushes

Makeup is an art, and you need the right tools to create beautiful art. Only using makeup product is not enough for proper composition. You have to use the right makeup brushes for a better look. Also, you need to clean them properly otherwise you will not get your expected look.

Wrong Color Lipstick

Color Lipstick

Wearing lipstick that is too dark for you is another mistake. Darker color make your lips less plump and less highlighted. Use lighter color lipstick that matches your skin tone.

Wearing lipstick that is too dark for you is another mistake. Darker colors make your lips less plump and less highlighted. Use lighter color lipstick that matches your skin tone.

Final Words

If you still cannot avoid these makeup routine, then you should stay on what color matches your skin tone and undertones. Also, don’t forget to look out for your skin type. Like, if you are oily, dry, or combination type of skin – these are important to identify what you should need to wear makeup that will not make you look older. Instead, you can look few years younger than your age.


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