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Perfect Eye Liner

How to Apply Perfect Eyeliner and Reshape Your Eye like A Pro

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Eyeliner is a perfect beauty product to reshape eyes and also to make a statement. However, it is always difficult for many girls to make it perfect.

Perfect eyeliner is one of the basics of ideal makeup. Sometimes you get flawless eyeliner look and sometimes it goes all wrong. It is challenging to afford poor eyeliner look when you are going to a party. Sometimes it takes time to get a perfect eyeliner shape. Lousy eyeliner look can ruin your complete makeup look, and nobody wants that to happen.

I was in your place a few years ago. Fortunately, I overcome this annoying situation. Here, I will be sharing some secret to apply eyeliner like an expert. I always follow these steps to wear eyeliner and trust me I continuously get perfect eyeliner look.

Step 1Cleaning Face

At first, you will need to prepare your eyes before applying eyeliner. Cleaning your face is necessary, and most of the times girls do overlook this process. After that, apply a moisturizer on your face and use eye cream around your eyes. It will soften your skin around the eyes.

Step 2Apply eye primer

Now it’s time to make a base. Apply a decent amount of eye primer on the eyelid and under the eyes. It will help you to get clean and even support. This process is significant. It will make your skin smooth so that applying makeup will be more comfortable. After that, apply concealer on the top of the eyelid and under the eyes. Blend it properly. Use powder to set it correctly.

Step 3Inner Eye liner

You are all set to apply eyeliner now. Start with the line the corners. Applying eyeliner to the inner side of eyelid will give you a sharper look. To get complete look apply eyeliner to the inner side of upper eyelid also. Many girls do not use it in the top eyelid. It is the typical mistake of not having proper eyeliner look.

Step 4brush eyeliner

Use a brush to apply eyeliner. Make a line above your lashes. At first, make a small range and stroke. Do not make it thick at once. Firstly make a thin line and then make it thick. If you are happy with one eye, then repeat this process for another sight. Try to keep them as similar as you can.

Step 5add pizzazz

Your eyeliner is already done. If you want to add pizzazz to it, find the right angle of the lower lash line. Once you figure out the right corner, start filling it. Take time to fill this line.

Step 6Pencil liner

Now line your lower lash line with a pencil liner. After that, lightly smudge it. Apply mascara on your eyelashes. You are done with complete eyeliner look.

If you want to complete your lower eyelashes with eyeliner, use brown color for a better result. Always use brushes to line your eyes. Always look down while applying eyeliner as looking up will make you get the inappropriate shape. Follow these tricks, and you will not have bad eyeliner look anymore. These will help you to wear eyeliner as an expert.

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