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How to apply eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner: Creating a Gorgeous Eye Makeup Transformation

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How to apply eyeliner is a skill that needs the practice and discipline to become master with sophistication and elegance. Your hands need to be delicate to come up with the artistic stroke for your makeup. If you have mastered the techniques and proper tools for your eyeliner, surely everything will be easy for you!

How to apply eyeliner technique can be learned over time. You can practice the different styles using the various eyeliner brushes. Also, you will get many chances to get different looks from different shades of eyeliner. The shades of eyeliner should complement your eyeshadow and skin color.

There are different eyeliner types. But the most popular among them are pencil, liquid, and gel eyeliners. For beginners, you can start with pencil eyeliners. It is the traditional eyeliner of many. You can use as many of the best pen eyeliners out there. It is easy to use, and you can have fewer smudges while using it. Then you can also try the liquid eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners are best suited to make a wing effect at the outer area of your eyelids. Most liquid eyeliners come with brush applicators. For the last one, you can still try the gel eyeliners. It comes with the darkest shades, but thankfully, you will not get any smudge while using it.

The next thing you need to do with your own eyeliner makeup is to have the appropriate brush for every type of application. You need a set of brushes that can help you in creating any styles of eyeliner makeup.

How to put eyeliner on using the right brush?

First, you need to try the basic eyeliner brush. It is has a slim tip that is useful for fine lines only. Although, you cannot use it for layering lines, curved, or winged eyeliners.

If you are already a master of using the basic brush, then it is time to move on with the dome-shaped semi flat brush. The dome-shaped semi-flat brush is ideally for gel eyeliners. You can use it to make a moderately thick line in your eyelids. As an effect, you can have the winged eyeliner shape by using the dome-shaped semi-flat brush.

Brushes like angled bent and flat-angled tip are useful to have a slick eyeliner makeup.

For angled bent eyeliner brush, you can create a thin line that gives you a more natural look even wearing eyeliners. It is your choice to have curved edges or curved wing because of the bent side of the brush.

On the other hand, the flat angled tip brush is perfect to create cat eyeliner brush strokes. It has several sizes that you can use. Your selection starts from small, medium, and large angled brushes. All these brushes can be used to create slant or tight lines. You can also add solid lines in your cat eyeliner utilizing this brush.

The last brush that we can recommend you is the flat tip brush. Because like the basic eyeliner brush, this brush also has a flat tip to create an accurate straight line. It can make eye shadow on the eyelid to make a straight line.

What is its importance?

Now, you might ask why we need to select and understand the importance of every eyeliner brush and does it make a difference if you will use other brushes like the ones you have been using for your eyeshadows?

The benefits of using different eyeliner brushes are to maintain a free line and precision eye makeup. With the perfect brush and styles for your eyeliner, you can show the true meaning of sophistication and elegance.

How to apply eyeliner: four easy steps for beginners

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