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best ab workout

Best Ab Workout: Techniques to have Irresistible Ab Muscles

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The best ab workout is essential in bodybuilding exercises of an individual. Ab or abdominal muscles need intense workouts and training to reveal proper shape. For best results, you can do the following workout techniques as you read along!

Best ab workout can be done at home or in any training facility. You can use different equipment and tools for your workout. So it will be easy for you to attend in your workout plans.

Many are giving priority to work on their abs. Ab muscles are what most people are looking in good body shape. Also, we dubbed a fit individual if he or she has slim waistline or right ab muscles. To achieve this, you need to divide your abdominal muscles into four core groups. It is a fact; it will be easy for you to identify what exercise you are going to do. As well as the equipment you are going to use.

You can have the best ab workout for your upper abs or truck flexion, lower abs or hip flexion, and obliques, either rotation or lateral flexion. The movement during your workouts will contribute to the enhancement of these parts. Of course, you will need some equipment and tools for the best results.

Basic ab workout equipment

Some ab workouts equipment has been in the market for a while. Those equipment offer fast result for your abs. Sometimes you are persuaded by the advertisement for the machine. But the results are really dependent on your eating habits and determination to be fit and healthy!

Buying the equipment for your best ab workout depends on what exercises and training you will be doing. So, here are some of the essential equipment that you can consider for your ab workouts.

Stability Ball

Before doing any strenuous exercises, always start with some warm-ups and stretching. For ab workout, you can have the stability ball to do a good stretch. The stability ball is best used if you want to do some self-therapy for your injuries.

Abdominal Bench

You will need the abdominal bench to have a proper form in your exercise. It will balance how you work out your abdominal muscles. By doing so, you will have no regret if you will start with this equipment.

While lying down with your back on the bench, you can do several straight crunches and oblique sit-ups. Aside from your abdominal muscles, your hips muscles will begin to move as well.

Wall Ball

There is simple equipment that can give you the best ab workout you need. For some extra movements, you can have a wall ball by doing your regular sit-up. Throwing the ball against the wall and catching it will surely improve your focus and reflexes. It also enhances your routine for your ab workout.


Dumbbells are one of the most versatile equipments for bodybuilding. Just choose the best weight for your exercises.

Ab Rollout Wheel

The ab rollout wheel targets the main and side abdominal muscles. This simple looking wheel gives your ab muscles a flexible workout, just by adjusting the angle and direction of the bike.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a versatile exercise tool. What makes it so versatile is because of its finishing material. Given this, you can use the mat even when you are not doing yoga routine. For exercise and training warm-ups, your yoga mat can be used.

Mythical Glorious Beliefs to avoid

Before jumping into a conclusion that you are not going to use that equipment, think twice. Making your abs in good shape will not happen on its own. There are no short cuts in achieving your body goals. Unfortunately, you have read or heard about the following beliefs. Then, you are living long enough in a fantasy world.

Skipping your carbohydrates intake

Eating carbohydrates and protein while doing your workout will give you more energy. So you do not need to skip your carbs intake. Make sure that you consume enough for your exercise.

Supplements alone are not enough

Dietary supplements will not form muscles in your abs. It will not work on its own. Therefore, do not rely on your best ab workout, just taking supplements.

Doing your exercise daily

Some may say that you can do exercise daily to achieve your body goals in no time. But your abdomen has muscles that need rest. And overworking your muscles can give it some real damage. Only do the recommended sets and repetitions for your abs.

One exercise that surpasses all

There is no such thing as a single exercise for your abs or any part of your body. That is the main reason why you need workout plans with sets and repetitions. You will have to sweat it out for your best ab workout.

Making those abdominal muscles in good shape

Now, let us move on to the perfect core muscles through bodybuilding workouts abs. You can do some of the workouts like superman plank, hollow body rocks, side plank, and dead bug.

For superman plank, this workout can make your body go to an advanced level core exercises. You can start in a plank position and begin to raise your left and right foot off the floor simultaneously.

In hollow body rocks workout, lying on your back is the first step. Then you can raise both your hands and feet. You will need your head, chest and legs off the ground, forming like a human rocking chair. Your movement should be back and forth to create pressure in your abdomen muscles.

Moreover, you can do side planks on your left and right. This workout leg involves with your hip and knee on its side position. Your motion will be compared to as one who is doing cycling. Your body should be in a straight line when you begin to raise your top leg. You can do this both to your left and right positioning.

Lastly, you can still have in your list, this abs workout bodybuilding technique—the dead bug. To do this, you should be in a lying position with your heel barely tapping the floor. Performing this exercise, you need to extend your arms and legs alternately. If you will reach your right arm, the opposite goes with your left leg. If you continue your left arm, then the right leg will do the opposite as well.

Move your Ab Muscles in Advanced Workout

You can also add to your list of best ab workout the following routines.

Cable Crunch

Your starting position with this exercise is at a kneeling below a high pulley with a rope. Get hold to the rope and put in next to your face. Make sure that your hips are slightly flexed and put your weight to your lower back. Then carefully flex your abs until your elbows reach the middle of your thighs. Hold this position for a second and slowly return to your starting position. You can do cable crunches up to 4 sets with 8-12 repetitions. You can also do a kneeling cable crunch.

Reverse Crunch

Your starting position with the reverse crunch is to lie down on the floor while your arms rest to your sides. Bend your legs into a position that your thighs are raised to a 90-degree angle to the level. Make a deep inhale before you move your legs towards the torso as you raise your hips off the floor. While doing this, make sure you roll your pelvis backwards. The final form you should get at the end of the routine is your knees touching your chest. Carefully move your legs to the original position, exhaling. You can do reverse crunches up to 4 sets with 8-12 repetitions.

Ball Pull-in

In this workout, you will need to make yourself in a push-up position as your starting point. However, your legs should be on top of the stability ball. Move your knees towards your chest carefully. Let the ball roll to your ankles. This routine allows other movements of muscles in your body except for your abdominal muscles. You can do ball pull-in ups to 4 sets with 8-12 repetitions.

Dumbbell Side Bend

You can do this routine either while standing or in a sitting position on a bench. So, your starting position will be one of your hands holding a dumbbell, and the other is holding your waist. Make a bend to the side where you are holding your waist. When doing this, make sure your back is straight and your head in an upward position. Repeat to the opposite side. However, you need to take a closer look at your obliques, which might take away your symmetry. Otherwise, you can do dumbbell side bends to 4 sets with 8-12 repetitions.

Oblique Crunch

Your starting point in this workout should be lying flat on the floor while your feet are elevated, approximately above 2 feet on the ground. Then, your one hand should be beside your head, and the other is at your side against the floor. Slowly lift your shoulder where your hand is holding your head. Your goal is to touch your knees with your elbows. After doing this, you can go back to your original position slowly. Always support your lower back when doing this routine. You can actually do oblique crunches up to 4 sets with 8-12 repetitions.

Medicine Ball Full Twist

In doing this exercise, you will need someone to assist you throughout this routine. Stand apart from each other with 2-3 feet away. Get a ball and hold in front of you. Pass the ball to your partner by making a full rotation. You and your partners should twist in the same direction. You can do medicine ball full twist up to 4 sets with 8-12 repetitions.

Decline Oblique Crunch

The oblique decline crunch requires you to use a decline bench for best results. Make your lower body to have 35 to 45 degrees while raising off the bench. The positions of your hands are on the side of your head, and the other is on your thigh. If you are in this position, raise your upper body and continue your crunching until your elbow touches your knee. After you completed one side of your body, you can now do it to your the other side. You can do decline oblique crunches up to 4 sets with 8-12 repetitions.

Half-kneeling band-resisted Pallof Press

If your upper body is restrained from movement, the impact goes to your abdominal muscles. The exercise band’s elasticity adds restraints and difficulty to the actions of your body. Therefore, in this routine, you need to be in half kneeling position. While in this position, place your band at about your chest height. Make a 90-degree angle while holding the band with both of your hands. As you extend your arms outwards, you will release your force in your abdomen, hips and glutes. Before bringing your arms in the original position, make a stop to your elbows in your sides. In this exercise, you need to make sure the alignment of your arms and body. Your head, hips and upper body should be in proper position while your knee should maintain its steadiness. You can do this exercise up to 3 sets with 5-10 repetitions per side.

Thoughts to Ponder:

Doing ab workout has many alternatives, aside from what have we discussed earlier in this article. Those are just examples of exercises that you can perform at home or in a training facility. If you are planning to do some modifications on the routines, please get the advice of your trainer, before doing so.

Please do know that sit-ups are different from crunches. Sit-ups usually target the psoas muscles and not your abdominal muscles. Sit-ups are still a great routine to strengthen your core, but crunches are for isolating the abs. You can also do machine crunch.

Alternately, add some squats in your crunches as squat exercises not only target your legs and glutes but your abdominal muscles, as well.

While doing each exercise, you need to have proper breathing. Breathing is vital as adequate pacing in your workout. You need to follow the recommended sets and repetitions to each exercise. Another thing, your workout plans depend on is your capability and health status. Before getting into a workout program, you will need to prepare yourself. Getting the body shape you want cannot be achieved in a single workout or one-day exercise. You will need a routine or workout plan to have an excellent form of your muscles.

Lastly, always do some stretching, and warm-ups like hanging leg raise, cardio exercises before doing repetitious strenuous activities.

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