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Abs Workouts to Get your Ab Muscles in Less than 10 Days

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Abs workouts are the exercises that most of us do for slimmer abdominal muscles. And if you want to focus on being fit and sexy, here are several abs workouts you can do.

Abs workouts have different routines. Each routine has a separate target muscle area. In the following types of abs workouts, you can select which you need for your ab muscles.

How will abs workouts work for you?

Since there are many sets of abs workouts, you can choose one or two, which will give you the best results.

Abdominal Hold

The abdominal hold is one of the ab workouts. It is the exercise wherein you will look like wonky. Wonky is a move while you are in an L-sit, a gymnastic move for your core and upper body.

To begin, you will need to sit on the edge of a sturdy chair or a step with four risers. Then place your hands on the side with your fingers pointing toward your knees. After that, tighten your abs and bring your toes between 2 – 4 inches off the floor. Lift your butt off the chair while doing this. Hold of this position for about 10 seconds. Finally, you can lower yourself down and repeat when necessary.

Side Crunch Abs Workout

The side crunch is one of the problematic workouts for your abs. This move will test your balance while teases your oblique muscles.

To begin, kneel on the floor while leaning over to your side. You can start either on the left or right side. Then place your one palm on the floor. In this position, you will need to keep your weight balanced and extend your one leg slowly, and your toes in pointing position. While doing this, make sure one of your hands is placed behind your head. The elbow should be pointing towards the ceiling.

Your next move is to lift your leg. Make sure your palm is facing forward while doing this. Then look out over your hand while moving your rib toward your hips. After that, you can go back to your starting position. You can repeat for about 6-8 times and two sets by switching sides.

Opposite Arm while Raising your Leg

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