Hanging Leg Raises – What you Need for Toned and Flexible Core?


hanging leg raises

Hanging leg raises target the core area of our body. With the necessary leg raise, it is a simple and effective e

xercise to increase strength and flexibility of your hips and lower back. This workout is favorable for people who do long hours of work at the desk.

Hanging leg raises, before attempting to perform, need enough strength from upper-body to support your body weight. You will also need to use the frame. When you become an expert in doing this routine, you can add it to your strength-training routine. It can work several muscles aside from your core.

Doing the hanging leg raises workout, will set up our muscles for isolation techniques and helps you avoid injury. It will improve your functional fitness level, prevent and reduce pain. As this workout enables our muscles to have coordination, you will have the opportunity to identify your body’s unique areas of weakness and develop an exercise to strengthen them.

How to do it?

How to do hanging leg raises

If you want to include hanging leg raises as one of your workouts, you will need the step-by-step routine and some of its variations. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Start by lying down your back on the floor or a mat.
  2. Then lay flat with your arms at your sides and legs stretched out next to each other, raising.
  3. Start lifting them pointing at the ceiling.
  4. Keep your legs in this position and make sure your toes are pointed.
  5. After that, they lowered them back down carefully.
  6. If you want to repeat the routine, make the same pace starting by raising your legs.
  7. You can have 10 reps or as many as you can.

Some Routines including Leg Raises

There are different types of leg raises that you can do and we have it for you.

Single-Leg Raise

For instance, you can lift one limb at a time. It does not always come with both legs. Raising a single leg is more natural to bend during the movement. Keeping one leg grounded will help stabilize your body as you increase the other leg.

Medicine Ball Leg Raise

Using a ball to do the hanging leg raises is useful and comfortable. By doing this, you can have an extra challenge to your muscles in your abs, hips and adductors. To start this variation of hanging leg raises, grip a ball between your feet. Then continue by lifting your leg going up.

Weighted Leg Raise

Aside from using the ball, you can have some weights while doing the hanging leg raises. Instead, place a dumbbell or any weights between your feet as you perform this exercise. Keep the weight light so that it will not slip when you are holding it with legs fully extended above your crotch.

Leg Raise on Dip Station

This exercise is almost doing the hanging leg raise. But what makes this unique is using the dip station. In this position, it will work to your core and keep your arms and shoulders get a workout as well. Your arms should be extended by your sides, supporting your body. Then, raise your legs straight out in front of you and lower them slowly. If this position hurts your legs while bending it, bring your knees up instead.

hanging leg raisesStrong Tips for Techniques

While doing the hanging leg raises, you will need to keep your back in a straight position and pressed against the pad. Also, your head and neck should be in steady form.

Then, perform hanging leg raises in good form as you engage your core before you lift your legs. If you lift your legs before your abdominal muscles are engaged, you will likely put yourself at risk of injury.

As you are doing the hanging leg raises workout, make sure that you are doing it momentously. Practice proper breathing while doing this workout.

Dos and Don’ts

Some of the essential things that might help you achieve the best results of doing hanging leg raises are pressing your lower back into the floor. While lowering legs, you can stop once you feel your back is lifting off the floor. Keep your legs together and inner thighs engaged.

On the other hand, what you need to avoid is arching your back off the floor. And your legs should not come apart. More so, avoid holding your breath.

In a Nutshell

Hanging leg raises one of the most straightforward workouts that you can do at home and the gym. You can never go wrong in doing this exercise if you want to increase strength at your core. Also, it will make your lower back in good shape. Like other workouts, hanging leg raises is crucial as it gives focus on certain parts of your body.

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