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Toner vs Astringent: Defining their True Forms for Best Facial Skin Result

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Toner vs astringent, like concealer or foundation, these two have been a source of confusion to many skincare enthusiasts. Toner is one of the beauty routines that we use after wearing makeup. But why not use astringent?

Toner vs astringent should define the importance of knowing what each can do. But before that, let us check first the details about toner and astringent. The ingredients of toner and astringent differ from each other.

The ingredients of toner vs astringent are precisely opposite. Toner is a cosmetic product that is water-based. It is made of antioxidants and cell repairing ingredients, which makes it essential after wearing makeup. Then what is astringent? Astringent has alcohol for cleaning your face.

Also, the benefits that we can get from toner vs astringent are more valuable. When using toner, it helps our facial skin maintain its pH levels. Also, it prepares our skin for moisturizers and serums. Since makeup tends to dry our skin, toner provides hydration to our skin. It also removes excess build-up of dirt in our skin after using a facial cleanser.

On the other hand, when using astringents, it removes oil from the skin, but too much application may dry out the skin. Astringent facial application is best for the skin type that excretes too much oil. Also, it is used for acne breakouts. The alcohol content in astringents includes anti-bacterial properties.

Toner vs astringent – what you really need to know?

Team Toner

When taking off your makeup, you use toner to complete the cleansing of your skin. Sometimes, facial cleanser is not enough to remove the impurities build-up in your skin. Most of the toner contains oils as one of its ingredients that help moisture our skin.

There are different kinds of toner, hydrating, calming and soothing toners. You can also find astringent toners. Most toners are water-based liquids that are composed of active ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils. It helps balance pH levels. Speaking of astringent toners, you can use it for oily skin. Make sure you use the right amount of toner. Otherwise, it will cause dryness in the skin.

When using toner, you should know your skin type and the impurities of it like oil, wrinkles, dark spots and dryness. While having large pores, use a toner with glycolic acid to remove dead cells that accumulate around the pores. Toner can be your ally if you have sensitive skin, but you need a good relief and deep hydration. If you have oily skin, use a toner that will sweep away excess oil without drying your skin. Also, you can use toners if you want to brighten your skin.

What is toner used for?

Other than that, toners have roles in cleansing facial skin. Many use toners to make their pores smaller. Skin with big pores tends to hoard more dirt and other impurities. So, applying a small amount of toner in your skin can remove excess oil and make your pores smaller. Use a cotton ball or pad and gently blot or wipe on your face. With this, toners add protection to our skin, reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants.

If you will choose between toner vs astringent, balancing the pH levels in our skin is the job for toner. Make sure your application of toner is only in a small amount to keep the pH balance in your skin. Our skin tends to lose its balance due to the alkaline nature of soap. So, using toner will restore the pH balance.

Also, using toner provides our skin moisture and refreshes our skin at the same time. Many toners are humectants. It means that toners can bind moisture to our skin. And while giving moisture, it refreshes our skin by revitalizing after using toner.

Now, toners vs astringent to prevent ingrown hairs? Of course, it will be the toner because it contains glycolic acid that helps prevent impacted hair.

Team Astringent

Knowing the things that toner can do, what’s left with astringent? Thinking about toner vs astringent, astringent can be beneficial to our skin if used properly. To know what astringent can do to our skin, we are giving you the fundamental reasons why astringent.

Unlike toner, astringent consists of alcohol, cider vinegar or witch hazel. Witch hazel is a plant-based medicine to reduce inflammation. So it makes astringent to be harmful if used more often. Many opt for astringent because it tightens the skin in the face. But, over time, it can make the skin dry.

Containing alcohol to remove excess oil can be useful with astringent. But what makes it harmful is when your skin does not require it, and you are still using it. Our skins usually are producing oil, but some may have too much oil in their skin. And this skin type needs to oil at bay by using astringent. Toner vs astringent in oily skin, astringent can do better. Otherwise, healthy skin can use toner.

While toner makes the pores smaller, astringent shrinks the pores, by closing the pores, our facial skin will minimize the production of oil. But before using astringent, seek professional advice from your dermatologist. Some results from using astringent are dehydrated skin, and others experienced exfoliation of their skin when they don’t need it.

What are the dos and don’ts of astringent?

This will be a quick reminder when to use and avoid the astringent. But if you already have your dermatologist’s advice, you may still want to know our helpful tips.

  1. Astringent is for those with excessively oily skin. Those with dry skin, you don’t need to use this. Toner vs astringent for dry skin? Look for the labels with alcohol-free so you will not do more harm than good in your facial skin.
  2. Make sure you are already allowed to use cosmetic products like toner and astringent facial products. If you are a teenager, it is natural to experience anti-acne facial wash with green tea extract. Also, you can try salicylic acid, which is milder on the skin.
  3. Toner vs astringent – any of these two cleansing products should be followed by moisturizer after used. As they have cleansing properties, it will make your skin dry sometimes.
  4. Commonly, you can use astringent once a day. More than that can make our facial skin thinner and can be damaged easily.
  5. Be gentle in applying astringent. Small amounts and wiping it gently across your skin is the proper application of astringent. In a circular motion, you can prevent the speed appearance of wrinkles. You don’t need to rub it or wiped it hard on your skin.
  6. Toner vs astringent, it will always need to be followed by sunblock. Using a moisturizer with SPF can help protect your skin. There are other formulas for a sunscreen that can work with your skin type. You can have gel-based sunblocks or other lightweight sunblocks.

Toner vs Astringent: Let us settle the Difference

Why will you choose toner vs astringent? Both toners and astringents are used for cleanser, and both men and women can use it.

For the difference between toners vs astringents, you should take note of the components and their usage, as we have discussed earlier in this article. Also, the benefits that you can get from using toner differ from using astringents.

Toners have no alcohol content and only used for deep cleansing while astringent is made of alcohol content and used to fight acne because of its healthy properties.

When to use a toner? You can use toners daily. But astringents are not recommended for everyday use because it can dry out our skin. For oily skin, you can use astringent to minimize the oiliness in your face. But when you have dry skin, toner is the best for you.

While astringents tighten our skin, you can use toners to make your skin hydrated, and it provides nourishment. But before using either toner or astringent, you will need to have some test if your skin has no allergic reaction. If your skin has irritations, redness or rashes after application, you should stop right there and then. To prevent this from happening, know what the trigger points of your skin sensitivity are. Then, check the labels of cosmetic products.

Your Style, Your Image

So now, you have an idea what’s best for your skin—toner vs astringent. You will know the difference between the two and what are the benefits of using each. But before using any products to your face, make sure that your dermatologist recommends it.

The oil in our skin is essential to maintain healthy skin. So the total eradication of oil in your skin can be unhealthy. To keep it clean and maintain the natural oil, you can opt for alcohol-free toners that will benefit our skin, especially the dry one. Also, healthy skin will just need toner vs astringent. Otherwise, you will have dry patches, flaky, and scaly skin.

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