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makeup Smudges

Suffering from Makeup Smudges? Know the Secret of Long Lasting Makeup

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Now a day, makeup becomes an essential part of a daily beauty routine. Most of the girls wear makeup before going outside. If you are going outdoors for a long time and find out your makeup starts melting down how you would feel?

It is annoying when makeup starts to smear. You cannot fix this blunder easily. For makeup correction, you need to take off your makeup and then re-makeup yourself which is quite a time to consume and not possible always. To overcome this situation you need to wear makeup in a way that will last long.

You might think that only experts can do this sort of long-lasting makeup. You are not right then. You can also do long-lasting makeup if you follow some tricks. Here are some go to techniques for last long makeup.

Wash Your FaceWash Your Face

Before applying makeup, it is necessary to wash your face thoroughly. Use a cleanser that suits your skin type. Exfoliate your skin. It will help remove dead skins. Thus your skin will be soft.

After that, use hydrating cream. It will protect your skin from dehydration, and your skin will look fresh and young.

Use PrimerUse Primer

Using primer is a great way to help makeup last longer. It keeps your makeup looking fresh all the day.  There are different types of primer available in the market. Choose the appropriate one according to your skin type.

Good quality of Makeup ToolsGood quality Makeup Tools

Use good quality of makeup brushes. Using quality brushes to apply makeup product will ensure your makeup last longer and blend properly.

Use Set PowderSet Powder

When you want to seal your makeup, you need set powder. Use brushes to apply the powder. Don’t apply them to your entire face. Just dab the power on your face.

Foundation First, Concealer laterConcealer

Applying concealer before the foundation is a wrong process. Never do this. Applying concealer after foundation will ensure your makeup last all day.

Choose Waterproof ProductWaterproof Product

Another important thing is to a waterproof product. Waterproof eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow is essential for oily skin. If you sweat excessively, you should use a waterproof product. It will prevent your makeup from smudges.

Long-lasting LipstickLong-lasting Lipstick

There are different types of lipsticks available in the market. Choose the long lasting one. If you are using traditional lipstick, try to use a little bit of powder on your lipstick. So that it will not fade so early.

Choose Appropriate Productmakeup

You have to choose the product according to your skin type. If your skin is oily, choose powder type and dry product. If your skin is dry, then try the creamy product.

Facial TonerFacial Toner

If you want long-lasting makeup, spend on facial toner. Use it before applying makeup products. Also, you can spray it over your face several times throughout the day. It will make sure your makeup stays on along.

With these easy tips, you will get a perfect long-lasting makeup look. You do not need to go to an expert for that. Apply makeup before going outside for a long time without having any fear of makeup smudges.

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