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Unicorn Makeup, Your Dazzling and Artsy Fashion

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Unicorn makeup satisfies those unicorn-loving hearts with dazzling and shimmering colors and all things fun. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can do a unicorn makeup. This eye-catching style can be learned by anyone as long as you know the composition and steps on how to slay this unicorn makeup.

Unicorn makeup can look like rainbow makeup. Using rainbow highlighters, brushes, eyeshadows, lip and shimmery makeup, you can have this style. Many have attempted this look and have resulted in glittery gorgeous.

Wearing unicorn makeup is not for all occasion, though. Sad but true, it is not a versatile makeup style that we can fashion anytime. But the event where it is most enjoyable to wear is when it has to be fun and creative such as music festivals, Halloween, unicorn-themed party.

So what is unicorn makeup idea? You can have many unicorn makeup ideas, and we can give you some of it as you read along. Also, there are sets of makeup that you can use to have that glittery look. The unicorn makeup seems to be complicated at first look, but on the contrary, it is just some techniques of color combination and blending.

The makeup you will need for this look is more on pastel shades with shimmery in the form of powder, cream, and gloss. You can add glittery blush and highlighter that you can use creatively. Sometimes, overdoing the unicorn makeup can have a result in comparison to the mythical creature.

The Unicorn Makeup You Need

Rainbow color palettes encourage you to experiment. There are no rules, but you have to be creative and playful with the colors. So here are the sets of makeup you need to pull off the rainbow-makeup.

Unicorn Essence

As a starter, you will need this serum. It acts as a primer for the makeup to keep it long-lasting. Made from fruit berries extracts, it has anti-aging properties. It will protect your skin.

For Glittery Eye Makeup:

Glitter Eye Shadow Palette

Choose this eyeshadow palette, which contains shades that can be blended and layered. You can finish it from matte to shimmer. Also, you can find some eyeshadow makeup which comes in satin, matte, and shimmer to create a various eye makeup look. Eyeshadow can be used as highlighter or brush, depending on your need.

Eye Topper

Still, for your eyes, you can have the eye topper makeup. It includes a small wand for a more controlled application. Also, it can create the visual illusion of new dimensions in your eye.

Eye Gloss

For unicorn makeup, you will need this to have a dewy sheen look. This is an eye-tricky eye makeup because of the looks like a dripping of appearing greasy. You can use the eye gloss if you want to add some hint of shimmer on your eyelids. It could stand out from your eye unicorn makeup.

Sparkly Lips Makeup

Look for lip color that looks like crushed diamonds with a lip color that complements your eye unicorn makeup.

Lip Topper

Unicorn makeup demands each look to be sparkly or shimmery like a diamond. So try the lip topper that makes your lips look shimmer without getting gritty.

Unicorn Lipstick

Your lips need to have a lipstick that can go smoothly and gives a natural look. With the high-impact of a matte finish, it still got the balance for your makeup.

Lip Cream

The cream lipstick, at first application, has a soft and creamy texture. Then when it dries, it will have an effect of velvety matte. It is advisable to use for chapped and dry lips in colder months. Also, even with matte shades, it still has a touch of a natural shiny look.

Shimmery + Glittery for Highlights:

Rainbow Liquid Mineral Highlighter

You can use a highlighter for more sparkles. You can have more than a single shade if you want to add some electrifying highlights to your unicorn makeup.

Rainbow Highlighter

Try different shades for more versatility and buildable unicorn makeup look. You can have different hues for creating a diverse spectrum. Using five or more different highlighter shades, you can mix and match to create different unicorn looks.

Multi-purpose Shimmer Stick

Aside from using a highlighter, you can have a shimmer stick. At first, it is like a cream and dries into a smooth powder. You can apply the shimmers in some parts of your face to catch some light.

Glitter Gel

For an additional dazzling effect, you can have the glitter gel. You can use it to your hair and body, aside from face makeup.

Quick Tips for Rainbow Makeup

There you have it, your unicorn makeup. But it cannot be helpful if we don’t have enough knowledge on how to do the unicorn makeup. So, before we go to the nitty-gritty of putting on the unicorn makeup, get these quick tips.

Tip # 1:

Make sure you apply a neutral base or primer before you start putting on the makeup. Focus on the areas near your eyes because it will be the highlight of the unicorn makeup. So, other than eye makeup, the contour, blush and bronzer should stay subtle to balance the colorful composition of unicorn look.

Tip # 2:

Highlighting the crease is essential in every makeup. You need to make sure that your crease has a distinct color from your eyeshadow. You will need to work on your eye makeup color for a gradient look. The technique is to blend the colors from the inner corner to the outer edge of your eyelids for the perfect crease in your eyes.

Tip # 3:

Put some glitters. Choose a waterproof formula when you want to apply some glitter makeup. Silver glitter can make a dazzling impact on your eyes. Then use some of it in the center of your eyelids and a few at the bottom of your eyelash line. Don’t overdo it and keep the balance of glitter and shimmers for elegant and alluring unicorn makeup.

Tip # 4:

Don’t forget to brighten the inner corner of your eyes. After putting on your crease, pay attention to your inner corner of the eyes. Get a little shimmer and place it to your inner corner of the eye. By doing so, this part will not be overshadowed by other makeup.

Tip # 5:

For a more dazzling unicorn makeup, you will need to enhance your eye makeup using mascara, false eyelashes and eyeshadow makeup. The most preferred eye makeup look that you need to do is the winged liner or the smokey eye effect. Use different pastel shades of eyeshadow and give more blending on it. Putting on false eyeshadow is optional. But if you want to try this, look for false lashes with more curls and length but less volume.

Tip # 6:

The perfect and glittering eye makeup will need just enough lip makeup. Choose the lighter shades of your eye makeup to enhance its color. Then have a matte crème to finish the balance in your eyelids.

What will be your look?

Blending the color from bright and colorful eyeshadow going to perfect glittery makeup, this is what excites us the most when you have to do the unicorn makeup. If you think that it is complicated, well, here is the amusing yet straightforward makeup. You need to prepare your glittery, shimmery, and different eyeshadow palette. Also, don’t forget your lipstick to slay the unicorn makeup.

Step 1:

Primer, primer, primer. Like to other makeup, you will need a primer before makeup. This is essential to minimize the pores of our skin and makes the makeup lasts longer. Since you are doing a rainbow color makeup, you will need your face to be a pale canvass. So you have to this trick—prepare a mixture of pale shade eyeshadow with your primer or moisturizer. See to it that your combination has a pale shadow, enough to serve as the base of your makeup.

Step 2:

Next is eyeshadow application to your eye. Choose the color of your choice. You can have more than three shades but make sure that those are not opposing in the color wheel. These three shades should blend well with each other. The inner core of your eyelids should have the light shade, and then the middle will be the medium one. The outer corner of your eyes should have darker shades. But don’t blend too much so you could maintain the look of mystical.

Step 3:

Don’t forget your brow bone after finishing your eyeshadow. You have to build the layers of color around your eyebrows, which complement the shade of your eyeshadow. One way to guide you in choosing the right color is the rainbow makeup. So, you will not get lost in choosing the color combination, mix and match.

Step 4:

Your lip will have to do something with your unicorn makeup. You can choose from too-bright and the subtle one. Look for the shades of your eye makeup so you can decide which completes your unicorn makeup. You can also layer your lipstick color if you want to keep off from applying now and then.

Step 5:

To finish your unicorn makeup look, you will need to use mascara, shimmer, and glitter. Choose high contrast for your highlighter to have some bold look in your makeup. Glitters can be useful in your inner corner of the eyes and even above your eyebrows. Be creative in the application of shimmers and glitters to have the perfect unicorn makeup.

Your Style, Your Image

Doing the unicorn makeup is like unleashing your childish heart with creativity and being playful. This fashion makeup is more exciting and alluring if you know how to twist the makeup ideas. There is no right or wrong in doing the unicorn makeup. What makes this perfect is how you childishly project your personality through composition. If you are tired of doing some conventional fashion makeup, you can try the unicorn makeup for a change. It gives you a feeling of freedom. The colorful makeup, like a rainbow, encourages you and everyone to feel joyful. Indeed the unicorn makeup is one of the unique makeup looks.

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