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Health Benefits of Turmeric Improve our Life in Natural Ways

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Health benefits of turmeric can turn your health from red to green light. Turmeric has many nutrients that aid to lower risk of health problems. But, what is it really mean to have turmeric?

Health benefits of turmeric can be traced back to South Asia history. At that time, turmeric has been used to cure many health problems. It includes asthma, rheumatism, and fever. Further studies have been able to unlock other health benefits of turmeric. Most of the diseases that it can prevent from developing are cancers, gout arthritis, liver, and digestion problems.

Given that, you are wondering about the safety of using turmeric as medicine. Yes, it is safe to use turmeric. You can have it in the form of capsules, tea, tablets, and extracts. However, there are precautions for taking turmeric because of the side effects. You need to choose the right amount and follow the suggested daily consumption. With that, you can enjoy the health benefits of turmeric.

What are turmeric and its health benefits?

First, let us describe the turmeric. What is turmeric? Are the uses of turmeric only involves in medicinal purposes? In what way can it change our lives?

Turmeric comes from the root of the high plant. Also, you can call it Indian saffron or the golden spice because of its bright yellow color. Turmeric and ginger come from the same family plant. However, turmeric has more beneficial use than ginger.

Provides anti-inflammatory

One of the benefits that you can have from turmeric is to aid the inflammation between your joints. The curcumin in turmeric acts as a pain reliever with the same effect as ibuprofen medicines. But, the catch of curcumin is not like an ordinary pain reliever.

According to a study, turmeric is one of the most valuable anti-inflammatory food sources. It has a significant contribution to managing pain from different circumstances. You can have turmeric to help you control pain from an injury, burns, and dental and gum problems.

Adequate amounts of anti-inflammatory can help ward off the early symptoms of brain dysfunction. It has been proved that curcumin in turmeric can undo the neurotoxins in our brain. The presence of neurotoxins in our brain may lead us to early signs of brain abnormalities. You can prevent this by consumption of food that rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves liver functions with antioxidant nutrients

Another nutrient that we need is antioxidant to protect our vital organs such as the liver. The antioxidant properties from turmeric keep our liver in good shape. The liver has a significant role in cleaning out toxins from our body.

These toxic substances are dangerous. It can lead to the formation of cancer cells in our body. Over time, it can increase the risk of developing cancers.

Cancer patients usually undergo chemotherapy treatment. During the treatment sessions, the radiation is not killing the damaged cells alone. But, it also destroys healthy cells. That results in weakening the immunity system of our body from bacteria and viruses.

Eventually, it will take a toll from our body. The complications will be the problem as the chemotherapy continues. However, to avoid this from happening, our body needs turmeric as an antioxidant to create healthy cells. It can provide support to our immunity system and resist complications. Then, it can prevent the spreading of cancer cells. Even the aggressive form of pancreatic cancer can be avoided because of turmeric curcumin.

So, it is fundamental that our body can flush out every toxin to prevent serious health problems. Sufficient amount of antioxidant empowers our liver to regenerate. It will keep us disease-free and cancer-free individuals.

Normalize blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity

In case you are wondering about other health benefits of turmeric, this part might interest you. Most of us happened to be conscious of sugar intakes. It is because unconsciously we might be included among the type 2 diabetics.

Our current eating lifestyles can increase our chances of having type-2 diabetes. It occurs when your body has abnormal insulin sensitivity. You can observe some symptoms to know that you have high blood sugar level. These symptoms include frequent urination, wounds too long to heal and blurred eyesight. If you have one of these symptoms, getting a blood sugar count will be your next step.

Type-2 diabetes is a silent threat to our health. The complications of having diabetes can result in being blind and getting tired quickly. It can also affect your kidney functions, which can lead to kidney failure. Once you have it in your body, it will take time to revert and normalize your blood sugar level.

However, in 2009, according to a study, turmeric curcuminoids or curcumins can reduce the risk of getting type-2 diabetes. Our body’s glucose levels can normalize if we have an adequate amount of turmeric curcumins intake. Further studies will develop treatments to reverse the occurrence of diabetes fully. Also, turmeric can prevent the failure of your kidneys. Kidney failure happened because of the diabetic neuropathy caused by a high sugar level. So, taking turmeric can help reduce the risk of diabetes as well we kidney problem.

Promotes normal cholesterol levels

On the other hand, you may be asking again what is the health benefits of turmeric. Another health benefit of turmeric is getting our cholesterol levels healthy. The anti-inflammatory feature of turmeric helps reduce the risk of high cholesterol levels.

According to a study, the curcumins in turmeric dramatically affect the level of cholesterol in an individual. It can also suppress the factors of being obese. Being obese is a result of having many health problems that need to address each one at a time. To alter obesity, a special diet that includes turmeric should be prepared.

While turmeric addresses the cholesterol levels as well as obesity problem, it targets the prevention of stress and inflammation that causes other health problems. The daily consumption of turmeric can prevent the growth of fat cells.

Increase blood circulation

Further included in the health benefits from turmeric is lowering the risk of thrombus formation. Thrombus formation is the blood clotting due to improper blood circulation. If you want to avoid this condition, you have to take prevention right away.

Over time, if thrombus formation has not been appropriately addressed, it will worsen. You can use turmeric to prevent further complications of blood clotting. Symptoms of acute thrombus formation are leg pain, cramps, and swelling. It can be commonly seen in your arms and legs.

Other use of turmeric to lower uric acid level

You may still be wondering about the benefits of turmeric. You will be happy to find out that it is excellent against rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition similar to gout and both caused by the increased level of uric acid in our body. So how does turmeric helps out?

Curcumin in turmeric can reduce the uric acid level by restraining the production of cortisone in our body. According to a study, turmeric can prevent the circulation of xanthine oxidase, which is responsible for the production of uric acid. Once it is controlled, the swelling in joints due to gout attack will lessen little by little over time. Your body can flush out the crystal form of uric acid in your blood.

Therefore, curcumin in turmeric is a healthy alternative way for gout treatment. As anti-inflammation, the pain in the gout-affected area can be reduced.

Turmeric is good for the digestive system

With all the health benefits of turmeric, it has great significance in our digestive system. Consuming it in any form can provide us with all the nutrients. It has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory, which are useful in our health.

Turmeric supplements come to be beneficial in preventing digestion problems. Common problems in our digestive system are irritable bowel syndrome disorder and gut inflammation. You can experience symptoms like abdominal pain, stomach cramping, bloating, and either diarrhea or constipation.

Treating digestive disorders need to be in the long term. You cannot address it with a snap of a finger just like that. So, make sure you have a proper diet and healthy lifestyle with recommended turmeric intake.

Address health problems with anti-depressant

Turmeric has other health benefits aside from what already discussed in this article. Since it used to improve brain functions, it can also address the emotional imbalance. Extreme mood swings have been one of the challenging health problems to deal with.

With anti-depressant properties, turmeric triggers the nerves in the brain to deal appropriately with your emotions. It has a connection for preventing brain dysfunctions. It has the same effect with fluoxetine compound that used for depression attacks.

What can be the source of emotional problems? The psychological issues have a connection with the lifestyle of the individual. For example, if you have depression, you need to have an outlet to release your depression. It goes the same with anxiety and stress. These are common situations with professionals. Therefore, you need to take a break. You can have some turmeric tea to ease the tensions in your life. Also, you can also have turmeric capsules to take as prescribed by your doctor.

Gives you the radiant skin

When you have stabilized your emotional health, you can have radiant and glowing skin as a health benefit. But you can still make some home remedies for skin care using turmeric. You can achieve this beauty in your skin using a paste made of turmeric.

You can also use turmeric paste in calming your pores. It has a soothing effect that will make your skin hydrated. You can use it to avoid acne and can cure scabies in less than a month.

However, if you have a history of skin allergy, you need to test little amounts of turmeric in your forearm. Observe if you will have reactions within two days. If you have no adverse reactions, you can apply it to your face and other skin parts that need medications.

Is turmeric good for anyone with no side effects?

What is turmeric health benefits that appeared to be effective with adequate daily consumption? Without professional medical advice, the results can be the opposite. You can be more satisfied if you take precautions before taking turmeric. Like other healthy foods, supplement is not advisable to consume at large amounts. It will be risky and can create the following harmful effects.

Large amounts of turmeric, when consumed, can aggravate underlying health problems in your digestive system. Turmeric can increase the production of gastric acid in your stomach. It is a case-based situation. Meaning, other people can feel no side effects, even consuming large amounts. But, other individuals have totally different reactions that can lead to serious health problems.

There was also a belief that turmeric aroma can make childbirth delivery earlier than expected. Long ago, there have been incidents of pregnant women to give birth after smelling the turmeric aroma. However, pregnant women have been advised to keep away from turmeric. The thinning properties of turmeric can affect pregnancy. There are studies that turmeric can make your blood thin. In this case, you can be susceptible to bleeding easily.

Turmeric can cause allergic reactions. Usually, it happens after exposure of turmeric in your skin. The symptoms are similar to rashes. Other side effects are nausea and diarrhea. If you experience all of the side effects mentioned above, you need to stay away from turmeric. More importantly, you need to have medical advice before taking turmeric.

How can you be précised in turmeric selection and proper storage?

Health benefits of turmeric can be achieved with organically grown turmeric. Turmeric, like other herbs and spices, needs to be free of radicals from the start of their cultivation. You can find many quality and fresh turmeric in local spice stores mostly. Ordinary supermarket and grocery stores have plenty of turmerics. However, most of it has low quality. Also, the freshness is not the same as what you can find in a spice shop.

Also, you need to remember that turmeric color has no relation to the nutrition it offers. It has the same health benefits but different hues.

For proper storage, you need the turmeric powder to be sealed container. You need to place it in a dry area with room temperature. On the other hand, the fresh cut turmeric roots should be placed in the refrigerator.

How to enjoy home remedies from turmeric?

After you have selected the best quality turmeric, you can prepare your own recipes as home remedies. The most common turmeric home remedy for gout is made up of turmeric, lemon and apple cider vinegar.

You can add some turmeric in your favorite almond milk. Your salad can have a more vibrant color if you add turmeric in your egg. Spices like turmeric can make your rice to have a more pleasant taste and look. It will go perfectly with your curry dishes — just a pinch of turmeric powder over your curry to increase the aroma and color.

Our Insights

As simple as it looks, health benefits from turmeric are promising. The use of turmeric in recipes and as supplements can be beneficial to our health. As one of the herbs with many nutrients, high-quality turmeric supplements should be made from organically grown turmeric.

With all the benefits of turmeric, the first people who use the plant for medicinal purposes are the Chinese. Centuries ago, the Chinese already used turmeric for their medicines. They discover the powerful combination of turmeric and black pepper. These two spices are significant for more comprehensive health benefits that our body needs.

Piperine is a significant compound in black pepper. This compound has the capacity to breakdown the curcumin in turmeric upon reaching in the gut and liver. The curcumin has to be absorbed in our intestine. Our body with a combination of healthy fats and oil can digest it fully. Therefore, the best way to absorb all the nutrients of turmeric is making it a part of your recipes. But black pepper has no role to take for the absorption of curcumins in our gut. The only thing that piperine does is to retain higher levels of turmeric compounds in our body. If you are taking medications, it also affects breaking the compounds of other medicines.

Taking turmeric in your diet or considering it as one of your food supplements is your choice. After all, you know yourself better than anyone does. If you agree with all the benefits and take all the precautions seriously, you need to consult your medical doctors. It is essential to have a healthy life in natural ways.



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