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Benefits of marigold

Benefits of Marigold – Priceless, Incomparable and Distinctive from Others

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Benefits of marigold are priceless. Many used it as a herb ans a medicine. But the common benefits of marigold is as ornamental, of course a beauty of Garden.

Benefits of marigold as herbal is uncommon. What makes it famous is the use as ornamental. In North America, marigold is a common garden variety. Many mostly called as Calendula and used for many purposes. For centuries, marigold has been a priority for herbal healers. During the American Civil War, herbal healers used marigolds for preventing infection.

Indeed, marigold has not only a distinctive physical appearance. It has also has numerous medicinal properties. Though I had minimal knowledge of its benefits, I never appreciated this herb. It was until a few days ago. A friend of mine told me about it. But, experts appreciate using marigold. Here are some lesser known priceless benefits of marigold that you have never known before.

What can you get from marigold?

There are many benefits of marigold. Aside from use as ornamental, benefits of marigold can be found when used as herb. We got you some of the health benefits of marigold.

Treats skin

Marigold contains anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to treat various skin conditions. Some of these are rashes, sun burns and eczema.

Heals Wound

Also, marigold heals wound. Also, it has abundant antibacterial properties. Therefore, it supports prevention of infections.

Reduces Menstrual Pain

One of its uses is to ease menstrual pains and difficulties. It aids regulating the production of estrogen.

Decreases Inflammation

Then, you can use it to reduce Inflammation. It has healing properties. It cures conjunctivitis and other eye-inflammation as well.


Marigold has some anti-cancer properties. Given this, marigold might be proven helpful for cancers. Still, there needs more research on that.

Other health benefits 

There are other benefits also. It aids detoxifying the urinary tract and treats dysfunctions of the liver and gallbladder. Also, it eases toothache, cold sores, stops bleeding, and heals insect bites.

There are many benefits of this herb. It can be taken in many ways such as dried flower. Dried marigold flower can serve as tea. And the fresh flower can be eaten. However, some people might have skin allergy due to marigold. So, it would be better to talk with an expert doctor before using marigold.

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