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Burn Calories

Burn Calories and Lose Some Weight with these Effective Healthy Juices

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Burn calories from Yoga to Zumba and ditch the high calories food. Many are trying every possible thing to shed their pounds. Different pieces of studies have shown several ways to lose weight, and people are following them crazy.

Burn calories by drinking healthy juices is one way to lose some weight. One of the most common stories of many is that they start counting every calorie they consume. But soon enough, they eat the chocolates kept in the fridge, and there goes the “diet over” guilty feeling. So, the better way is to adapt few healthy switch-ups to your daily meal.

Moreover, if you do not want to indulge in workouts to burn the calories, some healthy juice can be a good choice for you to cut some pounds.

Certainly, healthy juices like fruit juices and vegetable juices are tasty as well. Replacing one or two meals daily with healthy juices will help you to curb the extra weight. Also, fruit and vegetable juices are rich source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fibers that contribute to drop little sizes. Find some easy to make juice recipes here to incorporate into your meal to burns the calories.

Some Healthy Juices to Burn Calories

Apple and Grape Juice

Take half portion of an apple, 5 to 6 green grapes, and a half grapefruit. Then, blend them well and sprinkle some salt and pepper according to your taste. Stir the juice and drink it.

This juice is a rich source of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, and natural sugar. As it contains a significant amount of natural sugar, you do not need additional sugar for this juice. It will help you to shed the pounds, and keep you hydrated.

Cucumber Juice

Take half of the cucumber, 4 lychees, 2 kiwis, 1 tablespoon flaxseeds and salt to taste. Then, blend all the ingredients except flaxseeds well. Add the flaxseeds over the juice and stir them well. Sip the goodness of this juice.

The ingredients used in this juice are a rich source of many micro nutrients that help to clean your system. Thus, it assists to burn the fat.

Kale, Lemon, and Orange

Take 2 leaves of kale, half cup of lemon juice, half orange, half peach, and 1 teaspoon ground pumpkin seed. Chop the kale leaves and peach. And blend all the ingredients. Stir well and sip the drink.

Kale contains two powerful antioxidants called kaempferol and quercetin. Moreover, this juice is full of micro nutrients that improves the digestive system. Furthermore, it decreases the cholesterol level and helps faster weight loss.

Mango Juice

Take 1 piece of ripe mango, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and half cup yogurt. Chop the sliced mango and put it to blender. Add lemon juice and yogurt to it. Blend the ingredients and refrigerate it for 15 minutes.

Mangoes are jam-packed with nutrition and assist in preventing several diseases. Though mangoes are high in calories, adding yogurt and lemon juice will make it perfect for weight burn.

3 More Healthy Juices to Burn Calories

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