Benefits of Lemon

Benefits of Lemon give you a Refreshing Quench of Vitamin C


Benefits of lemon can be enjoyed in lemon water and juice. Freshly squeezed lemons are one of the best remedies to ensure optimal health. Lemons in Limonoids can aid in fighting off health diseases like cancers and diabetes.

Benefits of lemon are promising, and the effects can be seen very useful. It was about 2,5000 years ago that lemons had been found in China and India. From then on, it is believed that lemons provide nutrients that fight off cancers and other health problems.

According to a study conducted by the US Agricultural Research Service, our body can handle the limonoids from lemon and other citrus fruits. The compound has recently discovered in finding a cure for cancers. The nutrients that it contains are the same nutrient like vitamin C.

Prevention of cancer has long been a struggle. Many food supplements show anti-carcinogens compound. But lemons can provide powerful anti-cancer nutrients. With its limonoids compound, it can prevent damaged cells from multiplying. Damaged cells or cancer cells caused inflammation in our boy. The inflammation can trigger health problems to develop over time.

One of the lemon nutrients is vitamin C. We all know that vitamin C provides anti-oxidants that counteract bacteria. It prevents inflammation and swelling in our body. Also, the importance of a sufficient amount of vitamin C is to promote a robust immune system. It can also keep our self from having rheumatoid arthritis. You have a low risk of developing arthritis if your intake of vitamin C is adequate. But you need to avoid vitamin C if you have osteoarthritis. The component of vitamin C can worsen this condition.

What are limonoids in lemon?

So much talking about limonoids and vitamin C but we need to know what lemons fruit are? Are lemons healthy?

Lemon comes with the yellow outer skin and oblique shape. You can find its inner flesh divided about into ten sections at most. The tastes of lemons are bitter sour, but it has a stimulating effect if you mixed with water or made into juice.

You can distinguish the juiciness of lemons by its peel. You can tell that the lemons have thin-skinned has more juice. While lemon with thicker skins, you will have less juice. Choose lemons with bright yellow to have a refreshing taste.

To keep your lemons fresh, you need it to avoid direct sunlight exposure. You can keep it in your refrigerator and be amazed that you can still use it after storing for a month. You can also save the pure lemon juice by putting it in your ice cube trays. From then on, if you need a squeeze lemon juice, you will get a cube from the tray.

The benefits of lemon water in our health

The health benefits lemon can be experienced by making lemon water. It is one of the refreshing infusion of sliced lemon in a jar of water. The benefits of lemon in this form can provide detoxification, which is suitable for your liver. It promotes flushing out of toxins from our body that makes our liver vulnerable to infections. Over time, lemon water improves your skin health because of the re-hydration components.

You can have the full benefits of lemon in lemon water if you will drink it every morning. Lemon juice in a glass of warm water can make the pH balance in your body at a reasonable level. It promotes healthy digestion; therefore; you can have better results for your weight loss. Also, you will have proper regulation of your bowel movement. Further, you can have improvement with your dental health with the prevention of gingivitis occurrence.

You can have a twist in your lemon water aside from the classic sliced of lemon in a jar. You can add ginger, strawberry, and cucumber to your infusion for more exciting taste.

What are other health benefits of lemon with the presence of limonoids and other nutrients?

Now that you have a glimpse of what lemon can do in our body, let us go back to the complete, juicy picture of lemon fruit. Aside from vitamin C and other nutrients, we have limonoids compound in a lemon fruit. It is the game changer among the nutrients from the lemon.

With our eating lifestyle, we need a neutralizer in our body. We need to prevent the effects of eating unhealthy foods. Proper eating habits can affect our overall health. A glass of lemon water every morning can make a difference in our health. Other health benefits of lemon will be revealed in this article.

Empowers kidney functions

Let us not forget that our kidneys are one of the vital organs in our body. Together with our liver, the kidney is responsible for flushing out waste material through urine. Therefore, we need lemon to support our kidney functions.

Citric acid from the lemon and other citrus fruits alleviate twice the urinary citrate levels in our kidneys. The increase in urinary citrate has no side effect other than eliminating the possibilities of kidney stones formation.

Other nutrients from lemon protect kidneys from cancer cells caused by free radicals. Also, complications in organs can be avoided with a daily intake of lemon. The limonoids compound in lemon prevents cancer cells from destroying healthy cells in our body.

Promotes good digestion

The next thing we need to know about the benefits of lemon is the promotion of proper digestion. Our eating habits are one of the common factors that we need to address. Sometimes we have underlying problems in our digestive system that we let to pass by.

Lemon juice can make a difference in your digestion. You can have lemon juice as a tonic drink to be an alternative to your iced tea or juice after meals. The tonic is a combination of either of mint leaves, fennel seeds, or other spices for more flavors. This drink will aid your digestion. You will have no issues of constipation or diarrhea. But one thing lemon can do in your digestion system is to help you suppress your cravings.

Potassium in lemon for a lively heart

A healthy heart is crucial for us to take each activity daily with energy. Lemon helps our self to be energized by pumping out potassium. Potassium is an essential nutrient for the heart.

Lemon has many nutrients, including potassium, which is right to our heart. It strengthens the heart to fulfill its duty 24/7 for 365 days. An adequate amount of potassium in our body can prevent abnormalities in our heart. These symptoms can be identified as high blood pressure, nausea, and dizziness.

The aroma of lemon can calm our self. Usually, heart problems occur when we are in distress and pressure. By smelling the leaves or peel of lemon can lighten our mood. It proves that we can have benefits of lemon peel.

Other than that, lemon can keep our body to suffer from coronary diseases. For example, we can prevent the ischemic stroke that most women suffer from this condition. The fact is ischemic stroke is caused by blood constraint and cutting off the oxygen supply to our brain. According to a study, regular consumption of lemon can lower the risk of ischemia to happen.

Defeats cancer with a healthy immune system

As mentioned earlier, cancer prevention is a long battle for us. It is one of the health problems, which we are trying to avoid now and then. Most of the cancers are not able to detect beforehand, and that is the sad reality.

As prevention, we ensure our food intake has all the nutrition that our body needs. We also have other options like supplements from prevention to strengthening our health. However, our food intakes are not enough, and cancer cells prevail.

Cancer is caused by free radicals in our body that left untreated. One way to kill the cancer cells is an adequate intake of anti-oxidants, vitamin C, and limonoids. These nutrients can be found in lemon.

Lemon has more to offer, but these three nutrients are significant to cast out damaged cells in our body. The anti-oxidants and vitamin C contributes to strengthening our immune system. Limonoids, on the other hand, fights cancer cells and keep them away from healthy cells. However, getting rid of cancer cells cannot be done in a snap of a finger. You need to have a proper diet and eating healthy foods, including lemon. It will keep your health in good shape and prevent symptoms of cancer health problems.

Prevents iron deficiency disorders with vitamin C

Another health problem that needs our attention is being anemic. This condition is caused by iron deficiency. A state where our body decreases its capability to absorb iron. Iron deficiency needs immediate treatment to prevent of being anemic.

Better absorption of nutrients like iron is one of the advantages in taking vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes our body to absorb all the nutrients that our body need. It is not a problem if one of your habits is drinking lemon water every morning. It is an effective health regimen that we can do daily.

Brings beauty in your smile

When you feel good, you want to smile a lot. But you have doubt that you have an imperfect smile or having dental issues. You also worry about the color of your teeth and gums.

Maintaining our dental hygiene is one of the first things that we do for our health. We could not let simple dental problems turn into more serious health issues like gingivitis and periodontitis. These are the common dental problem that we have. One of the caused why we suffer from these health problems is because of the low nutrients like vitamin C.

Vitamin C is still essential to maintain our dental health. Lemon can provide all the nutrients in your body, including for your teeth. Home remedies from lemon involve rubbing of lemon juice in your gums to get rid of bad breath. Also, you can have the lemon peel to whiten your teeth. But some other people are looking into toothpaste that has lemon ingredients. Another option is adding a drop of juice in your toothpaste.

Benefits of lemon to address a dental problem should not consider as a permanent treatment. These are alternatives if you think that you have no serious dental problems. However, we suggest that you still consult your dentist if you feel that there is something wrong with your teeth and gums.

Healthy skin, healthy life

Being beautiful inside should reflect on your appearance, and that is why having radiant and glowing skin is essential. Lemon promotes the formation of collagen and provides rehydration to our skin.

When consumed, vitamins in lemon make our skin smooth and reduce fine lines in our face. We can also use freshly squeezed lemon juice to treat skin problems caused by fungi and bacteria. It also has soothing properties that can be used for sunburns. Lemon can be beneficial in removing blackheads.

Some beauty remedies from lemon reveal the true beauty of our skin. One of the beauty secrets is drinking a glass of water with drops of lemon and honey. You can have healthy and radiant skin by taking this regularly.

Other optimal benefits from lemon

Getting rid of sickness is what we want to have optimal health. Lemons fruit is one of the healthy foods that we need to prevent complications in our body. As one of the healthy foods, lemon participates in the prevention of diseases.

Lemon juice can aid the treatment for fever by rehydration. It will promote sweating, therefore, breaking the temperatures.

Aside from nutrients, lemon has antiseptic and coagulant properties. These are essential for stopping minor nosebleeds. You can also use lemon juice for curing a lump on your skin. The application of lemon juice should be delicate by using a cotton ball. It will stop the bleeding in your nose as well as soften the lump in your skin.

Other than that, lemon can be used for body relaxation. You can try the lemon-scent room deodorizer to keep your mind and body calm. Just a few lemons drop to prepare a warm bath for your feet. You can feel the rejuvenation effect using lemon.

Ways to enjoy Lemon Deliciously

There are other ways to enjoy lemon. For example, you can use lemon in your cooking. Lemon can thoroughly be enjoyed with fish dishes. You need to put sliced of lemons in the pan, together with the fish. You can have it baked or broiled. Also, you can grill fish and plunge the lemons over it. Lemon has properties that enhance the fish flavor.

On the other hand, you can enjoy your favorite salad with additional flavor using lemon juice. Lemon juice can be used to make salad dressing. You need to combine it with oil like sesame or olive oil. Then, you can add other spices like garlic and pepper. Your salad will not be boring as before with your dressing.

If you are avoiding salt when you are in a strict diet, you can use lemon as an alternative for salt. It is also beneficial if you are considering your kidney functions. Lemon can be a salt replacement because of its tart taste.

Another way to enjoy lemon is by adding it to your favorite dessert and appetizer. For example, you can add lemon juice with your avocado. Lemon can complement the taste of avocado.

These are just a few of the exciting ways of how you enjoy the health benefits of lemon. They are simple ways but beneficial to our health.

Our Insights

Indeed, the daily consumption of lemon water and juice are beneficial to our health. Lemon gives us nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants, and limonoids. These nutrients help us to fight off bacteria and cancer cells.

There are only a few precautions that are important and should be duly noted. Drinking lemon water provides the nutrients with your body needs. However, we have to acknowledge some of the consequences over time.

The acids in lemon water can destroy our tooth enamel. If we let it settle in our mouth, we can experience breakage of our enamels. The prevention that we can do on this matter is to brush our teeth after drinking lemon water. For other prevention, you can use baking soda. It has properties that counteract the acid production by lemon. Try to brush your teeth using baking soda to make sure that all acids are wash away.

Another effect that lemon can have is citrus allergies. Though it is rare, we should be aware of it. The symptoms of citrus allergies are the same as other food allergies. Therefore, before drinking lemon or using for additional health benefits, you need to test if you have allergic reactions with citrus.

Most important with the health benefits of lemon, it provides vitamin C, antioxidants and limonoids that gives our body optimal health.

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