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Asparagus Health Benefits and One of the Best Weight Loss Foods

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Asparagus health benefits come in many forms like vitamins and minerals. We all know that in general, vegetables are rich in fiber. But, if you are not familiar with asparagus, you may be missing some vegetables that have unique nutritional components.

Asparagus health benefits promote reducing cholesterol levels. Besides, it contains fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients like potassium and folate.

Vegetables are the main choices of people who are in a calorie-restricted diet. Having a low energy density food intake can help you reduce your consumption of calorie. It can be the perfect combination with fruits if you are trying to lose some weight.

The combination of fiber, protein, and low-calorie content can make a difference in your metabolism. It can give you vitamins, and minerals in burning fats to your body. Aside from the advantages to lose weight, vegetable nutrients are very useful in fighting cancers and other diseases.

Vegetables can be the winner in a high-fiber diet. As one main factor in calorie-restricted diet, almost everyone is trying to have this diet. Given this, asparagus calories are only a small percentage of its content. When combined with high fiber content in vegetables, asparagus is one of the best sources of weight loss foods.

Origin of Asparagus

For over many ages, asparagus has been cultivated around the world. At the beginning of time, asparagus originated in some parts of Africa, Asia and Europe. Later on, it spreads widely to become popular in North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

The current largest asparagus producing country is China, with almost 7-million metric tons production. The following countries are Mexico and Peru. The asparagus production reaches about 175,000 to 400,000 metric tons. Therefore, asparagus is one of its priority crops.

Varieties of Asparagus

Production of asparagus affects its varieties. The farming methods for asparagus develop two varieties. The green asparagus grows with more exposure to sunlight. On the other hand, white asparagus is covered with soil to hinder sunlight exposure. Different types of asparagus include purple varieties. Purple varieties tagged as one of the healthiest variety of asparagus because of its flavonoid phytonutrients.

You can have the Purple Passion, Sweet Purple, or Pacific Purple. While for green asparagus variety, you can choose from Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight and Mary Washington.

Asparagus Nutrition Facts

Asparagus nutrients come in many forms. It is a good source of vitamin and minerals for digestion and immune system. It also reduces the risk of chronic diseases like heart attack and diabetes.

Vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B9, C, A, and E can be found in asparagus. It has some minerals like manganese, phosphorus, choline, protein, and potassium. Both vitamins and minerals are a good source of dietary nutrients, combined with the fiber in asparagus. Aside from fiber, asparagus contains phytonutrients that have anti-inflammatory components.

Having an adequate amount of these nutrients can increase the overall health of our body. It is essential that we maintain to be fit and healthy. It will prevent our body from infectious diseases and other health problems.

Asparagus Health Benefits

Is asparagus healthy? What are the asparagus health benefits while consuming it daily?

Asparagus offers low calorie but high in protein, and an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and provides 0% fats. It also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory component. These nutrients help our body to lower blood pressure as well as weight loss.

One of the most amazing benefits we can get from asparagus is, it slows down the signs of hangovers. According to a study from South Korea, the extract of asparagus leaves have a significant effect on our liver cells by providing anti-oxidants. The asparagus leaves increase healthy cells by up to 70%. These two essential enzymes can excrete alcohol out of your body.

Asparagus may give some side effects to our body, but it has more health benefits. Asparagus health benefits can be determined in different aspects. Like other vegetables, it can target the central functional systems of our body.

Asparagus health benefits contribute to our overall health. Adequate eating and proper cooking of asparagus can lead us to a healthy lifestyle.

Asparagus Protein

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