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Anger Management for Men: Handle It in 7-Easy, Happy Ways!

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Anger management is healing of yourself and how you perceive things. If you are overreacting with little things and getting upset quickly, then you have to deal with your anger.

Anger from men is a sign that they are vulnerable when it comes to their emotional lives. Remember that men want to be superior if not all of them well, I guess most of them.

So, here are the things you may want to know about it for men. Also, I have shared some insights on how to deal personally in some situation of the family.

How to do Anger Management

It is hard to deal with people, especially men when they are angry. The reason for people to feel anger varies in many ways. But, regardless of the level of rage, someone is feeling towards you, you can deal with it.

The first approach you can do with someone who has an issue on anger management is to learn different ways of controlling your anger. At first, you will see the early signs of irritation, and you must know what words to utter and actions to be taken. Anger for men has many reasons, and the outbursts of this emotion can harm their children, partner or people around them. So, it is crucial, especially with men, to control it.

The second approach knows the cause of anger in the upbringing. Admittedly, we have that experience that once our anger is triggered, it will be connected with the present situation. So this approach will need if no reason at all, someone will get too angry.

How to Diffuse Anger

Anger management in the family is essential, especially between children and their father. Better dad will need to control their emotions, especially getting angry with the family.

Diffusing anger between dad and the rest of the family will need lots of patience. And when I said patience, you will need to do some techniques. What we have here are some of my experience with my dad when he was mad at me. Of course, time passes by, and our relationship has never been better. That is why we seldom deal with anger in the family.

Step 1: Think a hundred times before saying or doing some things.

Yes, children always test the waters, so getting mad at them whenever they do something wrong is not the right discipline. I guess, keep things in perspective. Whenever my dad’s anger is to the highest point, my mom always said to him that – anger clouds the judgment and would lead to rash decisions. And these decisions might be regret later. So over time, I understand how my dad controlled it. Discipline should be done with a clear and understanding mind.

Step 2: Breathe deeply and say to yourself that “everything will be okay.”

Taking a deep breath in and out, and clearing your mind from anger is a quick relaxation for those who deal with their children. I often see my dad doing this whenever I did something wrong. When I think he will scold me, instead he said that it would come to pass and everything will be okay. This is the time I think about not doing the same mistakes again.

Step 3: Sweat your anger.

My dad’s anger is not all about me. Sometimes, he will come into our house full of tension and anger. Well, I guess it has been the office work. Afterwards, I saw him going outside and getting into his bike. Sometimes, he will just go to the corner around the street. Out of curiosity, I asked him, and he said to me that he needed to sweat out his stress. Our body needs to release hormones called endorphins to keep us in a good mood.

Step 4: Talk about it.

Nothing can make a relationship perfect other than talking. Creating a conversation with your family member about something that pisses you off will eventually go away. It is one of the most effective ways on how to diffuse anger in any relationship. Being honest with each other about the reason for getting mad is the critical factor for anger management. But when it is too deep, maybe a moderator can help to cool things between the two parties.

Step 5: Change your perspective on things.

Getting angry to many things and situations will not make it any better. In short, being optimistic will decrease your chances to get mad about something. And giving high hopes to someone will prevent you from disappointments and later on, anger. So change the way you see things at the end of the road. Make your conclusion based on reality.

Step 6: The doctor is always in.

You know yourself better than anyone, and if you think it’s time to seek medical interventions, then it’s alright. You don’t have to be ashamed of looking for professional counseling to manage it. Instead, be proud of yourself because you know that by doing this, you put first the welfare of your family and the people around you. You are not selfish and an attention grabber.

Step 7: Know the history.

Most cases of anger management come forward with men. Though there are cited cases among women, most happens with men. And looking deeply on the reasons why this case happens, I am shocked that it happens when you have issues with your father.

During my encounter with my group in our community, we identify that anger among men can be side effects of growing without a father. Longing for a conversation with a father is a factor among men why they seem to get angry so fast. I don’t mislead anything on this but itis based on observation and sharing of some experiences from men.

What can we say?

The feeling of anger has many factors. Not just for men, but also it could affect anyone. Anger management is essential, especially for those who get too stress from their work. Also, holding grudges about the past and bringing it out to the present can be a source of feeling too much angry.

So when having the feeling of anger towards someone or something, think twice about the things to say and actions to do.

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