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Your Lucky 7 Best Ideas for Date Night

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Ideas for date night should be remarkable and will fire up each moment. So, what should you keep in mind for your first date?

Ideas for date night have one rule, and it is ‘the first impression lasts.’ Take it from me when I had my first date a few years ago. It is still fresh, though, because memories from that time taught me many lessons.

Let me share with you my experience when I have my first date night. Since it was my first to have a date, I came prepared and list down all the things I should do and refrain from doing. Also, I know that whatever happens in my first date night will stick in my head forever.

So here it goes. My ideas for date night will start from the top of the list.

Your Lucky 7 Best Ideas for Date Night

Rule no. 1: Top of the Ideas for Date Night – Honesty is the best policy.

Yes, it is good to make impressions because it is the one that lasts. But to make a good impression, it is better, to be honest. Pretending to be someone or keeping secrets from your date on the very first date, you have will start an unhealthy relationship.

Making lies to your date will also making yourself looks like a fool. It is better to spill the beans than your partner will find out eventually. Otherwise, you are not looking for a second or following date with the person. But, finally, when the truth will come out, it will be awkward, and the main issue when lying and later on finding the truth is the trust your date has for you.

During first date night, even the little details are essential because, at this moment, you are trying to know the person and assessing if the person is worth the time to spend with.

Imagine a person who is always honest and open to you, without offense, can make the relationship sails smoothly. This rule applies to all relationships because being honest is a golden rule in every situation.

Rule no.2: Don’t fake it.

The second rule I have in my list coincides with my first rule – don’t fake it.

A simple lie can lead you to fake everything, and when you pretend to be someone from the very beginning, you will depress and frustrated. Don’t get pressured with someone who you think is better than you. Each individual is unique and has qualities that outshine others.

So you have the unique qualities that others don’t have, and you have to use it to fuel your confidence. Let your date know the real you not based on your outfit, makeup or hair. But make sure that your way of showing confidence is not offensive or making yourself too much recognition. You can also talk about past experiences and the challenges you have in your life. Sharing ideas are good during first date night.

Rule no. 3: Focus your attention on your date.

Showing you are interested with your date is one of the ideas for date night if you want to lose the chance of knowing your date better. Focusing on someone is giving them value and interest that shows how important they are also, if you keep away, whatever distractions like cellphones will make them feel that you respect them.

Rule no. 4: Learn to communicate.

One of the ideas for date night is communication. If you learn to communicate effectively, there will be no dull moment on your date. No silent moments that will make you feel awkward.

By showing interest in your date, you will not answer a simple yes or no. But you can elaborate it and make the topic more free-flowing. During the date night, there are no right or wrong answers. It is a kind of conversation about getting to know each other.

You can be witty, not flirty during first date night because one thing each of you expects is respect. In many ways, respect begets respect, so try to be witty with the conversation. And this is your limitation.

Well, communication is not only talking, but one way to communicate is learning to listen. By listening to every detail of what your date is saying will make it shows that you are giving importance to each word you are saying. And your partner will be glad to you because you remember everything you said.

Rule no. 5: Don’t dress to impress; just stay cool to your outfit.

Wearing comfortable clothes is one of the best ideas for a date night that we have for you. The first impression is essential, but if you are not satisfied with your outfit, it will be a disaster for the rest of your date night.

You don’t need to dress to impress but make it a way that your outfit will reflect your inner you. Make sure you have no annoying feeling to your outfit because your date will notice it eventually. You can look good without feeling uncomfortable. A simple outfit can suit your style with accessories that will fit best to your character.

Also, don’t overdress even you feel comfortable with it. Your outfit should complement the venue and your date’s clothes as well.

Rule no. 6: Modern fashion way – Share the Bill

During the modern fashion way of dating, splitting the bill does not get the approval of everyone. It is one of the arguments if you are going to your first date. Well, this idea depends on the individuals during the date night. For some, it will be convenient to show that sharing is acknowledging the capability of each other about finances. On the contrary, splitting the bill has a negative impression.

So before splitting the bill your date, you can ask politely, or you can observe if he/she’s the kind of person who is willing to share or not. You watch and make the verdict afterwards.

Rule no. 7: Getting drunk is not a good start.

Showing your date, your true self, is one of the best ideas for a date night that we have for you. But it does not include getting drunk. Learn to control your alcohol intake for the first date, especially if the other one is not drinking.

Know your limits so you can still make sense and go with the conversation fruitfully. Don’t forget to drink water in between your drinks so you can always stay hydrated.

Ideas for Date NightOur Insights to Ideas for Date Night

Now that you have my lucky seven best ideas for date night, you will still need some bonus tips to make it a 100% success.

After your date, you can anticipate for a second date. The second date will be the verdict if you want to know better your time. Also, this will be your chance to act more of yourself and avoid making the same mistakes you had from your first date unintentionally.

What about the three-day rule? Recent days like now, if you are sincere with your date, you can at least thank her by calling or sending a message. It will make her feel she was appreciated and valued.


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