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Yoga, Effortless yet Effective Exercise to be Best of Yourself

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Yoga is the key if you want to improve strength, flexibility and breathing without lifting and doing cardio exercises. Though yoga is an exercise, it does not need weights and workout equipment to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga is simply a routine for good posture and proper breathing.

Yoga, nowadays, is common in leisure centers, health clubs, schools, and even at the hospitals. Many enjoy doing yoga because they find peace of mind and physical relaxation while doing it. I, for example, practice yoga, and it makes more significant changes in me.

At first, I practice yoga to calm my mind after a week of work at the office. A friend of mine recommended that yoga will help me lessen the stress and that feeling of burn out from working 5 days a week. I did not believe about the goodness of doing yoga, but when I tried it, it relaxes my mind and later on, calms my body.

That is one of the reasons why many opt to do yoga even they have busy schedules. It was believed that because of the deep concentration while doing it, comes inner peace, creativity and that feeling of being one with nature.

Over time, demands about yoga sessions rise because of the perspective of medical professionals about yoga. Aside from calming your mind, they enlisted other health benefits of it.

Health Benefits of Yoga

According to studies, doing yoga is the safest and effective way to improve physical activity in terms of strength, flexibility and balance. Medical professionals advise their patients, especially those with rheumatoid arthritis, to undergo yoga sessions.

This exercise is also suitable for people with high blood pressure, chronic diseases, lower back pain, and emotional problems. Also, yoga improves brain functions, and as a result, you tend to have a good sleep and prevent insomnia or lack of sleep.

Moreover, yoga health benefits contribute to our muscle strength and making it firm. It improves respiration, energy and vitality given that your cardio and circulatory health also improve its function.

Aside from that, when you do yoga, you will feel the difference in your metabolism. If you are experiencing abnormal metabolism, you will feel the lighter because of weight reduction.

When it comes to mental health, all exercises improve brain functions, and one of the best activities to do to manage stress and depression is yoga.

Instead of drinking anti-depressant and supplements as stress suppressants, try to enroll in yoga sessions. This exercise can relieve stress that affects your back and neck muscles, sleeping problems and headaches. Extreme side effects of stress can lead to drug abuse and losing focus at work and unable to do regular daily routines. Psychologists also recommend it for a more positive outlook on life and cultivate the inner self for creativity.

How does it work?

Since yoga does not need lifting and equipment, you can do this conveniently at home. Basic yoga is all about meditation and proper breathing. Doing this will prepare yourself for some movement to practice flexibility, strength and balance. Believe it or not, when you do it, you can also channel the early detection of physical problems. In that way, you can prevent it as early as possible.

Point taken that yoga improves flexibility, strength and balance, aside from improving mental health. But, how about those persons with joints problems such as rheumatoid arthritis? How will you do it to prevent this medical condition?

Well, problem solved because we have listed below the yoga poses you can perform if you are too concern for your joint problems.

The Cat-Cow Pose

The Cat-Cow Pose

This pose focuses on your spine. Stretching the spine is a good start, and you can do this using your hands and knees. Also, you can do it by using a chair. You can use a wedge under your wrists or blankets to under your knees for protection.

How to do it: First, sit on the chair, ankles under your knees, and shoulders over your hips. Then draw your belly in toward your spine. When it comes for the cat portion of the stretch, you need to arch your back toward the back of the chair. After that, reverse the motion, letting your spine push your belly forward.


 Extended Triangle Pose

 Extended Triangle Pose

How to do it: Using a block and a wall for this pose, stand with your feet about 3 feet apart, facing forward, back to the wall. Then, raise your arms straight out to the sides. Turn your right foot, so your heel is at a 90-degree angle to the arch of your left foot. Make sure you place a block inside your right foot. Afterwards, push out over the right foot with your arm and bend at the waist. Make sure that your left arm is reaching up and your right is reaching down. Next, place your right hand on the block for balance. You can repeat on the opposite side.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Why chose this yoga pose? If you want to improve your balance and core strength, you will need this one.

How to do it: From standing, pull one foot up to rest on your ankle, calf, or thigh. Next, hold your hands, palms together, in front of your chest. Make sure you’re balanced before raising your hands above your head. Then, let your arms spread wide, like the limbs of a tree. That is why we call this a tree pose. Moving on, switch to the other foot and repeat. You can do this against a wall for balance.

What can we say about it?

Indeed yoga improves our health, both physical and mental. It is one of the practical and safest ways of doing exercises, and it is a convenient way to develop balance, flexibility and strength.

Other than that, doing yoga reveals our creative sides. It happens when our mind and body are calm. Given that, we have a more transparent mind setting, and we can make decisions with a proper perspective.

In terms of physical health, yoga will be the favorite exercises of those with health issues with their joints. And while doing this, you will not worry about having injuries afterwards.

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