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Weight Loss Motivation: What keeps you going on?

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Weight loss motivation has a real effect on people who have disciplined and focus on achieving their goals. When you are less motivated with your workout, then you should look for more reasons why you need to lose weight.

Weight loss motivation starts in you. Though there are many techniques, these can be effective if you know how to maintain what you have started. It is common that your first trial, you are energetic and motivated by more than 100%.

But what happens when time passes by? What makes you less motivated and eager to achieve your goals? Can you identify what makes you less focus and no discipline at all?

What keeps you motivated?

Distractions are everywhere – food, lifestyle and peers. These are common factors that contribute to your weight loss program. What should you do then? Well, here are some ways to increase weight loss motivation. Also, with these, you are creating healthy habits.

Motivation 1: Keep telling yourself that there this is the right time, no more adjustments.

When you are doing your workout routine, you need to focus on completing the method. Also, when you have a workout plan for the week, you should not skip it. Even when you are late for a minute or five, you should keep doing it. Many people have lots of excuses so that they will not do their work out exercises for the day. Remember that every single movement can add to your weight loss motivation.

Motivation 2: Exercise is fun.

Don’t think that exercise is tedious. It is the most fun activities that you can do for your body, especially to your heart and arteries. By doing exercises, your body will feel the difference. Compare to the days that you are not doing any weight loss motivation. The benefits of doing exercise are keeping your arteries elastic and flexible. Also, it regulates blood flow and reduces the chance of having blood pressure. With enough training, it makes our tissues to be more sensitive to insulin. So you will observe that you are getting slimmer because you have weight loss motivation.

Motivation 3: Walking for five minutes extends life.

Don’t hesitate with the 5-minute walk daily. Actually, walking is beneficial to our health. It is also one easy and effective weight loss motivation. You should not be pressure even when it comes to doing the walking. Remember that it is better to have five minutes rather than nothing. According to the study, people with lesser activity have a high risk of cardio diseases and diabetes. So walking is essential for weight loss motivation exercises.

Motivation 4: Complete the workout repetitions and sets at pace.

Getting slim has no shortcuts unless you do medical surgery for your fats. But when you deal with it by doing exercises, then you have to finish the repetitions and sets at pace. What can make you disturb in completing your workout? Distractions come in many forms like from the television and social media.
According to the study, a person who spends two hours in front of the television has a higher risk of becoming obese. Also, it increases the chance of developing diabetes.

But you can do a workout even you are watching television. It’s a multi-task ability to finish your workout at pace while watching your favorite television series. You can do a few sit-ups and pushups. You can also do some exercise using a dumbbell.

Motivation 5: When you motivate yourself, you are doing favors to people around you.

Motivating yourself for weight loss program can be done in simple ways. When you also achieve the results, you are kind to yourself. Even small acts of doing exercises like walking to your favorite shopping mart or walking your dog around the corner can make a difference. And if you can have less than 10-minute walk from your workplace going to your place, then you should grab it.

Ultimate Weight Loss Motivation    

Our ultimate motivation for people who want to lose weight has only one rule. Weight loss motivation starts to you and not from the others.

A. Think of being an athlete rather than a person who always wants to rest.

We understand the need to take your day off and make a good rest. But what you don’t observe is your mentality on this scenario. Resting can be done if you have eight hours of sleep, which is recommended. Then you add some exercise to sweat off your stress. Having morning exercise is one of the keys to having weight loss motivation. With enough pumping of your heart to make your blood flow regularly, you will feel the adrenaline in your veins. And this is how you can cause weight loss motivation starting to you.

B. What is your goal?

Every motivation has its goal. But make it realistic so you can see future milestones at the end of the day. If you are motivated, then you can work hard. Then you can reach your goals, and you will be proud once you achieve it. Focus on the things you want to achieve. And if you won’t finish it according to your plan, have a list of the things that will make you complete your goal. Write it, define it and check it daily to monitor your progress. To keep your goals on the track, make sure you do weight loss motivation consistently.

C. Have fun and enjoy

For sure, having fun and enjoying workout can give you weight loss motivation. Try to add some spice and individual routines to your workout. Some activities that you can add are those you enjoy doing and improve your personality as well. You can do your exercises with the tune you love to dance with. Or the song you love to sing along.

What can we say?

Weight loss motivation does not easy for those who started with no goals to achieve. One thing that keeps a person moving towards is the goals that achievable. Without these, you have no reason at all.

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