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Weight Loss Drink for Achievable Results in Less than a Week

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Weight loss drink in the form of supplements is replaceable by natural and healthy beverages. Are you thinking of making some weight loss drink? Just remember, home-made weight loss drink comes in green and yellow.

Weight loss drink is not a complex mixture of different vegetables. For instance, I tried to mix some of basic spices, herbs and vegetables and come up with a fantastic weight loss drink.

In just seven days, I have lost some weight, especially in my belly area. It started when I decided to make my weight loss drink. It began with cleanser and detox. Then later, I experiment to reduce fats around my belly and other body areas.

As you read along, I will give you some of the weight loss drink that I drink to maintain what I have lost in a week time.

Ginger + Lemon = Cleanser

Every morning, it becomes my habit to mix ginger and lemon as my cleanser. Why I chose these two?

Well, aside from many health benefits of ginger, it becomes one of the spices that prevent digestion problems. Then, limes are rich in vitamin C, which helps regulate satiety and body weight.

How to prepare:  Chop 1-inch ginger root and put it in a blender. Then add 1 cup of cold water and give it a spin. Then pour out the blended ginger water into a glass. Get the half sliced lime, already squeezed the juice. And pour it in the blended ginger. Stir well before drinking.

Honey + Lemon = Detox

Since detox is best to do during the morning, you will need to start your drink right. Detox is essential if you want to lose some weight. With natural ingredients like honey and lemon, combining these can improve cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation. It also flushed out toxins, maintaining a normal pH in our body.

How to prepare: Get a glass of water with warm temperature but not too hot. Get the 1 whole lime, already squeezed the juice. And mix with the water with one tablespoon of organic honey. Stir well before drinking.

Refreshing Lemon as Weigh Loss Drink

If you observe my previous weight loss drink evolves with lemon. So why should we skip making lemonade for our dear self? Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system which our body needs.

When I started reducing weight, I needed my immune system to keep my body protected while adjusting to new metabolism. Yes, drinking pure lemon water without sugar or anything is not enjoyable.

So, I started to look for an alternative sweetener that will not distract the health benefits of lemon. Also, I tried adding some cayenne pepper for improving my metabolism.

How to prepare: Get a glass of water and mix one lemon, already squeezed the juice. Add 1 teaspoon of maple syrup and a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Stir well before drinking while sprinkling a pinch of salt.

Tomato + Lime = Loss Some Fat

I think the best way to burn fat is to have good cardiovascular health and regulate blood sugar level. Then I found out that tomatoes are loaded with phytonutrients against diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So I tried looking for drinks made of tomatoes. And luckily, I found this one and tried it.

How to prepare: First, fill in one cup with sliced tomatoes. Put it in the blender and pour out half sliced of lime, already squeezed into juice. Add a pinch of salt and stir well before drinking.

Black Coffee = Weight Loss Drink

With the right amount of coffee, flax seeds and dark chocolate, this is the weight loss drink that you can enjoy if you are a coffee drinker and chocolate lover.

As we all know, caffeine can induce fast metabolism; flax seeds decrease insulin resistance, and dark chocolate prevents the absorption of fatty acids.

How to prepare: Get a cup of hot water and put one teaspoon coffee in a container and add hot water. Then add 1 teaspoon ground flaxseed, and half teaspoon grated dark chocolate. Stir well and top it off with grated dark chocolate.

Green Tea + Mint = Slim Body

One way to make it happen is by drinking green tea and mint. According to the study, green tea contains catechin, which helps our body works on those fats. While our body works to mobilize fat, mint can prevent digestion problem, allergies and gives off antioxidants.

So knowing these facts, I tried making a drink using green tea and mint. So here how to prepare it:

Prepare a cup of water and let it boil for 5 minutes or reach its boiling point. Once it boiled, add 1 tablespoon green tea leaves and let it soak for 5 minutes. Then add 5 pieces of mint leaves. If you smell the mint and green tea, strain the boiled water into a cup. Stir well before drinking.

Celery w/ Apple Cider Vinegar = Recommended Intake of Calorie

Weight loss drink made of apple cider vinegar and celery improves our body metabolism. Increasing metabolism can easily digest our food intake. Also, apple cider vinegar lowers bad cholesterol levels and improves heart health.

After knowing to lose weight needs to have the right intake of calorie, I look for natural ingredients to make a weight loss drink. Then I found out about celery as one of the factors to increase metabolism, which means lesser calories.

How to prepare it: Chopped and prepared a half cup of celery and blend it with a cup of water. Pour the celery juice into a glass and add half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Stir well and add some ground black pepper before drinking.

Kale w/ Apple Cider Vinegar = Regulate Blood Sugar Level

Losing some weight means to cut sugar intake. Decreasing sugar intake is one of the hardest parts of weight loss. Sweet foods like chocolate, ice cream, cake and other desserts are very tempting. So I decided to find a weight loss drink that can regulate blood sugar level.

Luckily, I have found a way to use kale, which is rich in dietary fiber and helps reduce the blood glucose levels in our body. By doing so, it prevents obesity and diabetes. Here’s how to do it.

How to prepare: Prepared one cup of kale and put it into the blender. Add half a cup of water and start a good spin. Then pour the kale juice into a glass and add one teaspoon apple cider vinegar. Stir well before drinking and add a pinch of black salt.

Wheatgrass + Grape = Good Cholesterol

Good cholesterol only means that good health. Then weight loss drink that gives good cholesterol, meaning flushing out toxins and lowering bad cholesterol. So I tried doing the wheatgrass and grape weight loss drink. Other than anti-ageing properties, it regulates blood sugar levels, which help weight loss.

How to prepare it: Chop wheatgrass to fill a cup and then pour into a blender. Add half a cup of grapes and half cup of water before blending. Then pour the juice in a glass. Stir well.

What can we say weight loss drink?

Weight loss drink can have different effects on our body. And choosing what kind of drinks depends on what is your target. You can have weight loss drink if you want to cut sugar, calories or make detox and cleanser for your body.

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