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Walking, A simple exercise but has a lot to offer to your health

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Walking is the simplest form of exercise that you can enjoy all the time. Many people consider walking as the most natural exercise to do. How about you?

Walking can get your whole body working – your heart pumping, muscle working and even your fat burning. All these things can be done just by walking. So you don’t need to do some strenuous activities. Who would not love that?

By only moving around, you are already doing exercise. When we say exercise, it does not need to be complicated. A simple movement like walking can be beneficial to your health.

Since it is less complicated and everyone can do the walking, for sure, it has many health benefits. So what are the significant healthy changes that it can give us?


It keeps your heart and lungs healthy.

Walking pumps your heart. And when you get your heart pumping, you know you are burning your calories. Especially when you have to walk for 30 minutes, you will notice the difference in your heart rate. For this reason, it maintains the health of our hearts.

Aside from our hearts, walking is useful to our lungs. When you do it for about 30 minutes, it increases the capacity of your lungs. Meaning, you improve the circulation of oxygen in your body.

It helps to burn some extra calories and body fats.

The most common problem of many is controlling weight. And for most people, walking is their best option to burn some extra calories and lose some fats. If you are doing 30-minute walking, then it will not cause any harm if you have 45 minutes of brisk walking around your neighbor or at the park.

However, with all the walking, it is essential if you are doing a healthy diet meal plan. Regular exercises that come along with healthy eating will give you the results you want in weight loss.

Walking makes your muscles and joints stronger.It makes your muscles and joints stronger.

Walking can be beneficial in our overall daily performance. It improves the flexibility of your joints, and your muscles get stronger than ever.

Since walking is part of your daily routine, it helps you minimize the stress in your joints and muscles. Your body parts like ankles, hips and lower back are the most prone joint areas that we need to look after.

Feeling the excellent effect of it in our whole body, it can be contagious. At first, you might feel tired and bored. But when people see you are looking great with all the muscles and joints working out fine, they will grab the chance to do the same routine as you did.

Walking puts a smile to yourself.

Only going outdoors and smelling the fresh breeze can make you happy. So with walking, it can switch your mood from feeling bored to getting alive and kicking. And this addresses the depression and stress that we have in our selves. In other words, walking makes us happy. Feeling a bit lonely, you may need to take a walk outside to boost your mood.

Thinking and doing creatively.

On the other hand, walking has another benefit that can reveal a side of you. That is being creative. Thinking and doing things original can be one of the excellent benefits of it. The convergent and divergent thinking of an individual is the key to being creative. But this only works when you do some exercise even as light as walking. Then don’t take it for granted.

Walking fires-up your metabolismWalking fires-up your metabolism

So when we say exercise, it is not about heavy lifting and high-intensity training. Sometimes, doing a little exercise prep our metabolism to do more. And that is why we are doing a short walk from time to time. In this way, it can prevent and reverse the damage of slow metabolism.

Finally, you are getting good sleep.

After walking, like a regular workout, it can add to your sleep. The more walk you take, the more you will make your body less stress. And when you have a good rest, you can see it in your skin.

You may be aware that stress can make your skin look wrinkled and sometimes you have to use many creams to look younger. But little did you know that exercise can make your skin look youthful.

Walking relaxes our body and mind

Since walking gives us many health benefits, some of these are keeping our minds at peace. Exercise does not only improves our physical health but also makes our mind at peace. Cortisol or the stress hormones in our body causes us to react negatively and quickly get irritated. So it decreases the levels of cortisol and making you less agitated. It has never been an excellent feeling of less worrying around you, isn’t it? And my suggestion is to take a walk down a street to relieve you from stress.

Uniquely regenerate brain cells through walking.

Another excellent benefit we can get from walking is uniquely regenerating your brain cells. Other than eating healthy foods, you can do some exercise. Brain functions are essential to our daily needs, such as memory, cognition, learning and reading. Therefore, it decreases your chances of getting cognitive illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Walking regularly strengthened bones and jointsWalking regularly strengthened bones and joints

Exercise strengthened our bones, joints and muscles, so does walking. Over time, getting strong bones and joints can make you avoid some accidents like fractures, sprains and worst spine shrinkage. How to get strong bones? It’s simple. You need to be consistent in doing exercise related to weight-bearing. According to research, adults who walked regularly can still have an advantage in avoiding accidents related to bones, joints and muscles.

What can we say?

Indeed, exercises are one of the best things to do if you want to destress. But little did you know that it has many good things for you. For example, it can make your eyesight better than before. Maybe you don’t realize it instantly, but according to study, walking can reverse retinal degeneration over time.

So, for starters, you can do some walking for an average 30 minutes daily so you can have your heart work, muscle stretches, and joints to move.

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