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Tricep workouts for Perfect Toned and Strong Arms

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Tricep workouts to build more muscles are essential for upper body movement daily. You can find tricep muscles in your upper arm, opposite of your biceps muscles. Tricep muscles start below the shoulder blade, downwards to the upper part of your forearm. Therefore, it is the primary muscles used to lift heavy objects.

Tricep workouts make the muscles firm and strong for quickly pushing objects. Workout routines can build your tricep muscles in condition to do the significant lifting of objects at home or in your workplace.

Since tricep workouts are essential, it makes the muscles in your arms to be toned and in shape. Having strong tricep muscles is one of your upper body assets.

To achieve toned and robust tricep muscles, you will need regular tricep workout. The routine workout should include sets of exercises that create movements in every angle of your tricep muscles.

How to build muscles using Tricep Workout

Well, here in our article, you will learn the ultimate tricep workouts to make strong upper arms. Tricep workouts can be done, not only at the gym. You can also try some Tricep workouts at home.

At the gym, you will be using some equipment and machine to build your tricep muscles. While at home, you will need some basic workout material, and you can already start your routine.

When doing tricep workouts in the gym, how about you try our best pick ultimate workout routine.

Close-grip Bench Press

You can do the close-grip bench press if you want to develop muscles of your chest and core. In this workout, you will need more force in your grip to support your arms. Place your hands together to work your triceps and get some strength.

How to start this workout?  Get a grip to a barbell with overhand, making your shoulder-width apart. Then hold it above your sternum with your arms completely straight. Keep the position for a few seconds then lower the bar straight down. Stop for a moment to press the bar to your starting position.

Rope Tricep Pushdown

When doing the rope tricep pushdown, it should only involve your tricep muscles. This workout, if too much weight will be put in the load, may contribute to a sore back and shoulder muscles. Therefore, make sure that the pressure will be light enough for your tricep workouts.

How to start this workout? You will need to attach a rope handle to the high pulley in the cable station. Bend your arms and grab the bar with an overhand grip and your hands shoulder-width apart. Then keep your upper arms tucked next to your sides. You can push the bar down until your elbows are locked and without moving your upper arms.

Overhead Tricep Extension

Another tricep workouts to build strong muscles are the overhead tricep extension. This workout affects the movement of the muscles in your tricep, the lateral, medial and long head muscles. Among the three muscles of your Tricep, the long head part is sometimes taken for granted. Therefore, this workout can help your overhead tricep muscles to be stronger.

How to start this workout? Your starting position is sitting on a bench, form a diamond shape with both hands to grip the top end of the dumbbell. Then raise the weight over your head and keep your elbows up and your core tight. While your arms are extended, pause for a minute. Slowly, lower the weight down the top of your back by bending your elbow. This will enable your chest and shoulder to be stronger.

Bar Pushdown

For bar pushdown, this workout is similar to the rope pushdown. You will need a cable machine to complete this workout. Also, using the machine, you can achieve the tricep exercises with cables. But it can be set up at home using an exercise band, and a small pole or bar threaded through the handles.

How to start this workout? Stand in front of a cable machine and hold the bar while your elbows are bent about 90 degrees. Maintain the elbow at this position. Then, push the bar down and contract the tricep as you extend the arms. Afterwards, bring the bar up to your chest level without moving the elbows. There will be a tendency that your elbows may come forward. So, keep the elbows stationary as you push the dumbbell down.

Tricep Workouts at Home

Not toned triceps, or what many called as Lunch Lady Arms, is one of the common factors why many opt for tricep workout. Untoned arms are those that wiggle and jiggle as you use your arm.

Doing tricep workouts at home is your choice if you have limited time to go to the gym. So we are giving you our best pick tricep exercises that you can do at home.

Tricep Extensions

The tricep extensions can be done at home. It is one of the most natural exercises for the right muscle in your tricep to work out.

How to start this workout? Stand with your feet apart, aligning at your shoulder width. Then get the weight with your both hands and place behind your head. Aim between your shoulder blades. Afterwards, lift your arms, so they are straight above your head. Make sure your elbows don’t flare outward too much. You can repeat this routine for 4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Tricep Kickback

While doing the tricep kickback, your position can be compared to a crouched over, speed skater-alike position. Another position you can make is kneeling on a bench with your leg opposite the arm lifting. Also, you can try it with one of your arms placed at the back which gives easier to this position. If you place your elbow straight, this exercise can be a bit easier than tricep extension.

How to start this workout? Your position should be standing with your feet together; knees are slightly bent forward, including your waist. Next is holding the weights with your arms and let it hang straight down at your side. Then lift upwards, keeping your arms close to your side. Bring your forearms back, staying close to your body. Repeat this routine for 4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Tricep Dips

When you are doing exercise at home, it doesn’t mean that it should be easy. You can also try some of the Tricep workouts, which is more intense, like doing the Tricep dips.

To achieve the best result of tricep dips, you will need a low chair, table, or bench, as long as it is secure. Then place your hands on it while your feet in front of you with a slight bend. Without locking your arms, straighten your arms. Then bend your elbows slowly and lower your body towards the floor. The measurement of your elbow is about 90-degree angle. While your gut is close to the bench, you may straighten your arms to push down on the seat. Repeat the routine about 3 sets of 15 reps.

Safe Tips for You

Safe Tips for doing tricep workouts

Doing tricep workouts or any forms of exercises are not easy, especially when you are beginning to make it as a routine. Therefore, we have identified what the standard errors are and provide you with the safety tips to do it.

Tip # 1: Perform the tricep workouts as you mean it.

Since our tricep muscles are made of different portions, you will need to work on those. Complete tricep exercise can make your arms toned evenly. When you outwit one of your triceps muscle, it can make your lateral heads overemphasized. On the other hand, your long and medial heads will be underemphasized. Therefore, you will need to work out your triceps in complete sets for each muscle part.

Tip # 2: Prepare your exercise routine for more effective results.

Doing tricep workouts regularly with routine in order can make your tricep muscles strong and in shape. Otherwise, you will begin to notice that you are not achieving the best results, especially when you compare yourself with those that have discipline in doing their tricep workout.

Tip # 3: Find alternative training equipment for your workout.

As you are doing the tricep workouts regularly, you will need to find some alternatives for your workouts. For instance, you should lessen the use of machines and cables. You can have v-bar or rope pushdowns if you want the same result as using the traditional workout equipment.

Tip # 5: Maintain good posture while doing your workout.

The perfect form if you want to focus on your triceps muscles is to maintain your elbows locked in place. If you start moving your elbows, you shift the emphasis of your workout to your shoulders. To avoid this, do some partial pullovers which give your triceps less weight and reps.

Tip # 5: Doing training more than your body can handle.

Overtraining means doing exercises more than your body can handle. Unlike other parts of your body, your triceps have the most natural muscle affected by overtraining and doing different workouts change the triceps like when you are training for your chest and shoulders. So, make sure that you are doing the correct routines for your tricep workout.

The conclusion.

Indeed, workout for triceps will make our upper arm to be in better shape, stronger and firmer. But, before and while doing this workout, you must not forget to emphasize on the long, lateral and medial heads. Also, perform compound lifting first before the two-hand free-weight and for final routine, finish it with one-arm or cable exercises. Make sure that you will include the free weights in each of your methods. Further, limit your routine with 12 sets each. And don’t forget to rest at least two days between your tricep workouts and your chest or shoulder training.

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