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Top 4 Excuses People Make Not to Do Meditation.

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Meditation has lots of health benefits that ensure the betterment of your mental health. There are thousands of reasons to start meditation, but there are plenty of excuses too for not to do it.

We always tend to find thousands of excuses for not starting any healthy habit. And because of some lame reasons, we often overlook the benefit of the right practice. However, if excuses are also hindering you from meditation, try to ditch them to ensure a healthy mind and body.

We can’t deny the fact that we all tend to avoid things that are uncomfortable. We like to adopt traits or habits that are easy to do. However, if you want to achieve something good, then you first have to have the determination and find out what it is that is holding you back from doing it. Once you figure out the excuses, it will become easier to overcome it.

Let’s have a look at how you can let go of the excuses not to meditate.

Lack of Time

No time for meditation is an undoubtedly common excuse for many things. It is also the truth that managing 1 hour for meditation is challenging for many of us.

You can still manage time for yourself if you want to. Just settle your mind that you will spend little quality time for the betterment of your health, mind, and soul. That is it. This thought will help you to manage time. You do not need 1 hour of meditation. At first, try to spend only 10 minutes. Gradually, try to increase the time.

This is not for me

We have a stereotype that people who meditate have particular body type; they do not think about the world, they are always busy with the spiritual world, and so all. It is not true.

Now a day, people who practice meditation are busy with their work as you. They have family problems like you. They dress like you. Simply, they care more about their well being and mind and soul.

I mean to say you do not need to think about the spiritual world through meditation. People of different ages, different body types, and different thoughts can practice meditation, and you too can do it also. So, stop thinking about it.

Feeling Tired

There is another lame excuse feeling of being tired. It is one of the most popular excuses. If you are too tired that you can’t think anything without going to bed, then it is okay to take rest. If you are considering of spending time on social media as you are tired, then being tired is an excuse. So, if you are exhausted, it’s best to take rest instead of ruining your time and health otherwise.

Lack of Availability

It is the most significant excuse. There might be no meditation center around you, or you are not finding any meditation instructor. That does not mean you will not start meditation.

Additionally, there are lots of videos available on the internet which you can learn from. You can talk to any meditation instructor over the phone and by email. It is true that being around meditation teacher physically is always recommended, but it is the fact that you might not perpetually have that facility.

We are living in the era of technology. When virtual world is so strong, why you will leave behind to take help from it?

So, you can see from the above that it is not hard to let go the excuses once you set your mind to it and start practicing the meditation daily. Ditch the excuses to keep your health, mind, and soul fresh.

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