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The Infamous Miracle Fruit - Pears, and the Amazing Health Benefits

The Infamous Miracle Fruit – Pears, and the Amazing Health Benefits

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The health benefits of pears are unknown to few. But around the world, pears have been widely used and savored delicious flavor years ago.

Health benefits of pears can be seen in many ways that it has significant effects on our body. While eating pears, we can lose some weight, improve digestion and heart health. Also, it regulates our body fluids that will reduce blood pressure.

For pregnant women and newborn children, the health benefits of pears can prevent congenital disabilities and health problems during pregnancy.

But to know the health benefits of pears, we can look back why many years ago ancient Chinese choose this fruit over others. The health benefits of pears that we can get, we take it for granted.

Why chose eating pears?

As I mentioned, the health benefits of pears are unimaginable. Pears are one of the right sources of fiber and antioxidants. And this is why many prefer to eat pears rather than other fruits.

Because of antioxidants

With the antioxidants in pears, it can save us from free radicals. Antioxidants in pears consist of vitamins and copper, which are useful in fighting damages to our body cells. Aside from fighting free radicals, pears also boost our immune system. It will help us to get better and protected from various diseases.

Since antioxidants came from vitamins, pears can be used to prevent some coronary diseases. It starts with the presence of fiber in our blood that reduces the cholesterol in the body. The daily intake of fiber can reduce factors related to heart diseases. One of which is to lower blood pressure.

According to the study, the health benefits of pear can be seen by including it in your daily meal. It will prevent breast cancer from women primarily after menopause.

The antioxidants found in pears can provide cooling effects which can cure fever quickly. Also, combined with anti-inflammation, pears can reduce the risk of having arthritis, muscle and joint pains.

Including as one of the health benefits of pears, it can reduce the causes of allergic reactions. It can also be given to children to prevent the occurrence of allergies in their bodies.

Good Source of Fiber

In our body, an adequate amount of fiber can get from eating pears. With enough fiber, it can regulate blood sugar levels in our body. Though you might find some sweet taste in pears, this is still healthy, and you should not worry about it. The slightly sweet taste of pears will not spike your blood sugar level.

While we have enough fiber in our body, it means that our digestion will work properly. Because of the insoluble fiber content, it helps our body to clean the passage of our colon. It will prevent us from getting digestion problems and colon cancer over time.

And it is like a domino effect. When we have proper digestion, our body can get enough energy from the food we eat. It is suitable for pregnant women.

Folic Acid in Pears

Yes, pears are versatile fruit when it comes to nutrients. It offers vitamins and minerals, including folic acid. It is the nutrient that can be found in pears, which will help you during pregnancy.

Why pears for skin?

Aside from the health benefits of pears to our body, the effect can be seen to our skin. With the fantastic nutrients we can get from pears, there are many ways on how to make use of pears to our bodies.

If you think you need lotion to make your skin softer and rich in collagen, you might need to consider eating fruits. Primarily, when eating pears, it controls our sugar into the bloodstream, which affects the collagen in our skin. It means low sugar means smooth skin and a plumper look.

Aside from getting dry, one of the many enemies our aging wrinkles. Wrinkled skin can be prevented. But you don’t need to use lotion and anti-aging cream. From anti-oxidants to vitamins, these will keep your skin younger and more toned up. Especially around your eyes and lip areas, skin aging can be seen in these areas more often.

When you have oily skin, you can turn yourself to pears. The health benefits of pears include treating oily skin. You may need to have a pear and smashed it. Get some fresh cream and honey. Then, mix them until paste in texture before applying to your face thrice a week. This home-made face mask can prevent your skin from excreting too much oil.

And it is no joke to maintain your skin smooth over time. Even you use creams, sometimes it failed. But if you have pears at home, you can use it as a scrubbing agent. The natural enzymes present in the fruit will make your dead skin cells wash off. The fruit extract can also be used as a gentle peel to accelerate cell turnover.

Health Benefits of Pears to your Hair

Hair, like our skin, needs to be nourished. Using conditioners and shampoo is not enough sometimes. And to ensure that all the nourishments our hair needs should contain natural sugar alcohol. Luckily, pears have this component called as sorbitol or glucitol. These nutrients from ripen pears provide our hair from roots to tips, including our scalp, to keep moist and healthy.

During summer, your hair gets frizzy and dry. You may wonder why this is happening? Because we lack moisture to our hair and reduce dryness to our hair, pears can act as a natural source of antioxidant to keep our hair conditioned. Imagine your hair with no tangles and no freeze at all. Manageable hair is a good feeling.

Having the hair that shines naturally is the most attractive part of an individual. If you want to try the health benefits of pears to your hair, you can do it easily at home. Get two pieces of pear, fresh and ripe, to prepare. Extract the juice from it and mixed with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water. Then you can have a solution to revitalize your hair and restore the lost shine.

If you want to maintain your curly hair and colored locks, you can use pears as one of its health benefits. To prepare, you will need pears. Peel and smash it while adding soybean oil. Spread the paste all over your hair and evenly. Leave it for an hour and wash it with a mild shampoo.

What can we say?

The health benefits of pears are the most amazing thing that fruit can do. From hair to skin and our vital organs, pears can do more than it shows.

Also, we would like to share some recommendations for the pears. For instance, when you are suffering from shortness of breath, you can eat pears. During summer, pears can be your trusted ally to catch up with your breath. Also, it can help you to prevent throat problems when summer strikes. The humid temperature around you can cause dehydration and throat problems.

Indeed, eating pears can provide your body with the benefits you need. And with it, for sure, you can enjoy every moment of eating pears.

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