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Summer Beauty Tips – Things You Need this Summer Season!

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Summer beauty tips should be taken seriously. Imagine that you are having your summer vacay, but you have no confidence left in you. And this is because of your dull skin, dry hair and dehydrated lips.

Summer beauty tips are what you need to enjoy your summer vacation. Forget those old traditional ways to maintain your radiant skin, shiny hair and pouty lips. We offer you in this article are the most affordable and easy way to achieve summer beauty. With the tips at hand, you will not regret going out there and enjoying the bliss of the sun.

First, we will discover what you lack with. Your skin and hair are the most obscure signs that summer heat hits you. But don’t worry, we got your back, and we are going to touch up from your head to tips of your nail.

Summer Tips for your Skin

Let us deal with your skin. Each of us has different types of skin. And how do we care for it needs different ways? For instance, when we need to hydrate our self, we need to choose the right moisturizer.

Our summer beauty tips for moisturizer should be water or gel-based. Also, choose a moisturizer with vitamin E. So why do we need a moisturizer? There are lots of claims that moisturizer is what dry skin needs. For that, we can never go wrong.

However, our summer beauty tips provide intense moisture by adding vitamin E to your favorite skincare.

Another tip we have for you is doing the exfoliation in the right way. Exfoliation is one way to keep your skin radiant and glowing. But you don’t need to exfoliate daily. Schedule for exfoliation is essential since you are unclogging the pores in your skin. In this way, you can get rid of your dead skin cells.

So how many times our skin needs to exfoliate? Make sure you only do exfoliation to your skin thrice a week. And when you exfoliate, do it in a circular motion and gently. Avoid too much scrubbing of your skin. If you do this, it can lead to redness, rashes and even breakouts. Especially when summer hits, your skin is extra sensitive because of the temperature.

Your Skin Care Product Tips

Aside from doing skincare, for our summer beauty tips, we encourage you to try our skincare products tips.

Hydrate Skin with Water and Aloe Vera

Hydrate Skin with Water and Aloe Vera

On top of our list is to hydrate yourself from within. Drinking enough water will replenish your body from sweating. During the summer, we cannot avoid sweating too much. So we have to deal with it by replacing what we have lost.

So drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water will suffice our body. Aside from hydrating our body, enough amount of water intake will give us energy. Apart from water, we can try other beverages with a high content of water. Refrain from drinking juices with caffeine content. It will make you lose more water content in the body.

Another summer beauty tips we have for you are using aloe vera. This plant contributes to soothing and cooling off our skin. Especially when summer, everyone turns sides to aloe vera because of its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. Aside from these, when using aloe vera, you provide nourishment to your skin. Some antioxidants can also protect our skin.

There are several skincare products made of aloe vera which you can choose from. You can also try applying fresh aloe vera to your skin and feel the relaxing effect.

Protect with SunscreenProtect with Sunscreen

Since we are dealing with the summer season, we strongly advise using sunscreen, especially when you are going outdoors. Sunscreen is our skins’ shield to keep out from damaging heat of the sun. Too much exposure under the sun can cause many skin problems. For now, it will not be visible to your skin, but it will appear little by little if you are not using sunscreen.

Another vital summer beauty tips that we have for you is choosing the right skincare products that will have no issues in clogging your skin pores. We are aware of many skin problems because of clogging our skin pores. Most likely, we can develop skin irritations, infections and breakouts.

So we advise that you should choose skincare products that will not cause clogging of your skin. Especially this summer season, if you sweat and your pores are blocked, the tendency is transforming your skin into an oil depot.

Who would want that to happen to their skin? One of our summer beauty tips is to ditch out those cosmetic products that can cause pore blocking.

Extra Care for Sensitive Skin

As our skin needs different skincare routine, you have to rely on skincare products that we are endorsing as our summer beauty tips. Some areas in our body are more sensitive than others which we have to give extra care. Like our bikini line. When summer is approaching, waxing our bikini line is a necessity. So after waxing prevents scrubbing and using exfoliation to your body. As bikini line areas are sensitive, so skin’s layer at this area needs some extra care to avoid rushes and darkening.

But not all our summer beauty tips include skincare products. Like I have mentioned earlier in this article, drinking of a glass of water is essential to keep your skin hydrated. You also have to pay attention to your diet. Eating healthy foods will keep your skin looks healthy. Some of the healthy foods that I suggest you start eating are vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals. Avoid from eating fried food and opt for steamed or raw foods like salads, smoothies and juices. Monitoring our intake of healthy foods can give our skin a healthy and radiant look.

Never Tolerate Frizzy HairNever Tolerate Frizzy Hair

Our summer beauty tips come with how you manage your hair during this kind of season. Luckily, we have different types of shampoo that resolve to other kinds of hair problems. So what we have here for frizzy hair is the clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoo is our summer beauty tips for you to wash away sweat build-up on your scalp, which leads to irritation. The scalp is part of our skin, and when it sweats, it also attracts pollutants and dust. This tip of ours goes the same when there is chlorine build-up.

With your shampoo, you will need a conditioner. Hair conditioner can be bought in the market, but you can also try to make some homemade conditioner. The tremendous natural hair conditioner is coconut oil.

Your hair can be curly any time of the day during the summer season. The heat of the sun is not healthy for your hair; believe me. My way out in having curly hair is doing natural hair treatment.

How will you do natural hair treatment? Get a cup of coconut oil and heat it. Make sure the temperature is not hot; just warm enough before applying to your hair and scalp. Gently massage the oil to your scalp. Then wrap your head a warm towel. Rest it for 1 hour before washing off the oil.

When I did this to my hair, the effect can be feel and seen right away. So no doubt I’m going to do this every summer season.

What can we say?

I learned these summer beauty tips during the time I need to feel confident and look fresh even under the heat of the sun. Definitely, I have beauty tips for makeup.

After we maintain our natural skin healthy and hydrated, the next thing we need to do the right thing for makeup. Looking natural is the best way of wearing makeup for summer. When summer season is approaching, prepare your makeup and make sure it’s a waterproof, little or totally waterproof.

Then for your lips, you can also use SPF lip products. Choose lip balm to protect your lips from the sun. Don’t take your lips for granted during the summer season. With just the perfect lips, you can conquer the summer season.

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