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Sugar Detox Diet: Your Free Ticket to a Healthier You

Sugar Detox Diet: Your Free Ticket to a Healthier You

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The sugar detox diet has been the latest news, which you need to pay attention to if you want to cut down sugar in your body. As diabetes is one of the most common health problems nowadays, it is wise to know how to cut down sugar intake.

Sugar detox diet, aside from decreasing sugar level, it eliminates sugar from your diet. Yes, your so-called diet meal plan consists of sugar, which our body cannot digest properly. Consequently, it results in diabetes, overweight and other sugar-related diseases.

So how do you perform sugar detox diet the fastest way? There are many ways on how to sugar detox. There is a simple diet that can eliminate sugar in no time. But, there are different ways that you will need to count days to gain the result of the sugar detox diet.

The benefits of a sugar detox diet are promising. No one can deny that their health improved after they finished their sugar detox diet successfully.

The ‘Quickest’ Sugar Detox Diet

Do you want to prove that the sugar detox diet can happen as quickly as possible? Not only adults but children can also benefit during a sugar detox. And it is more important that children can control their sugar intake so the chances of having diabetes will be lessened.

We identified this sugar detox diet because of the difference being observed before and after the intake. According to the study, an individual who has undergone sugar detox has feeling better than before.

One way to cut down sugar in the diet is to choose the right fruits, vegetables and dairy to mix with your meal plan. Most of the time, we forget that all foods have natural sugars that we should consider when making a diet meal plan. Make sure that in your diet meal plan, you will avoid starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes and squash. You will need to add more protein and healthy fats.

Watch out for the calories and artificial sweeteners in your meal plan. Artificial sweeteners are one of the deadliest sins because it can be addictive. Also, when too many artificial sweeteners are consumed in our body, the tendency is to store more fat to increase energy storage. Therefore, you can be overweight when sugar and calories are combined.

Some Shortcuts in Detox

There is no shortcut in any form of the diet, but the secret is in the way you manage your eating lifestyle. Because one of the problems in the weight loss program is our cravings. Craving for food, especially sweets, is one of the factors why the sugar intake of many is beyond the regular daily intake.

Here are simple ways that you can do for your sugar detox diet.

avoid drinking soda.

Choose water and avoid drinking soda. Soda has been tagged as one of the beverages to have more sugar levels. Other than soda, iced tea has the same component of sugar. To flavor your water, you can add fresh fruit or cucumber sliced with mint to your glass.

If you want to secure your salad from additional sugar intake, you can roast your vegetables. The best examples are parsnips, carrots and tomatoes. These veggies can cut down on your sugar level.

Another alternative for your sweet snacks is popcorn with no sugar added or butter. It is perfect with smoothies, no added sugar.

For those who are going to have a sugar detox diet, you should look for spices that can add flavor to your food. Most people enjoy their food because of the flavor. The plain or natural flavor of food is dull in taste, so the tendency is to look for food that is sweet so you can enjoy eating. Some spices can be in the form of pumpkin powder or cinnamon. These can give a twist to your food without sugar flavor.

Another way to enjoy your sugar detox diet is to add some toppings of fruits like blueberries and strawberries. Berries are known to have vitamin C and natural sweeteners that can add excitement to your food.

Alternative for Sugar


Sugar is needed by our body to have energy, but there are different kinds of sugar. Some foods have a high content of sugar levels in your body. You cannot avoid this because almost all foods have sugar.

But there are the best natural sweeteners. Here is the list of best natural sweeteners.

Stevia for Beverages

Who would have thought that you can use stevia, a leafy herb from South Americans? The extract from stevia can be compared as much as 300 times sweeter than white sugar. But the components in stevia has no direct effect on blood sugar levels and consider as low glycemic. Also, it has lower calories. The dosage of stevia that you can mix with your beverages is 2-4 drops to have enough sweetness.



Honey is the most reliable natural sweetener. Though it is sweeter than sugar, the health benefits of using honey are amazing. You can have honey, which contains nutrients like enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Also, honey can have benefits in fighting allergens in your body, building up immunity in your system. So many opt to use honey as their alternative sweetener for white sugar.

Organic Molasses

If you are looking for an organic natural sweetener, then you have a good catch having the organic molasses as your sweetener. Where can you find molasses? You can find it in from sugar cane or beet; then, it undergoes the processing of extracting and blending of juices. When you use it, make sure you will add the right amount because it has a very distinct flavor to your food.

Maple Syrup

When there is honey, maple syrup always follows the list. Natural maple syrup comes from its tree sap, and the nutrients you can get from using it are manganese and zinc. It is useful in baking and additional flavor to food. Finding the purest form of maple syrup is different. So better make this syrup your least priority when finding an alternative for sweetener.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar

Other than white sugar, you can use coco palm, sap or crystal sugar. Compared to ordinary sugar, coconut sugar came from the sweet nectar of flower buds. The process of making coconut sugar involves drying and grounding of nectar into granules. Aside from sweetener, coconut sugar provides potassium, iron and vitamins. Though it tastes sweet, the glycemic index or sugar level is lower compared to white sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Our Sweet Thoughts

A sugar detox diet is a challenging part of a weight loss program. This diet is useful if you will also skip eating carbohydrates and foods with high glucose content. Make sure that if you are doing the sugar detox diet, you will use organic sweeteners as we have mentioned some of them.

Aside from getting back in shape, the health benefits of the sugar detox diet target those who want to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and lowers the glycemic index to prevent having diabetes and being overweight.

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